Thursday, January 30, 2020

I was Wrong or Good ideas gone wrong

That Car Wreck:

 The attorney below  will let you sue someone, even if you are killed.

There was a time attorneys could not advertise...

There was a time companies were limited to the size (too big to fail). Congress decided ‘too big’  could monopolize the market MA Bell was the one example I remember. As a child our class was taken on a field trip thru a phone company.

(Note: were you ever a phone operator? Blogger Paula has asked "Number Please?" many times)

Lemme tell you, I never before nor since have seen so many wires. Watching the operators, Ms “NUMBER PLEASE”, in action was daunting.  Anyway back to MA Bell. The majority of my life I questioned, Can anyone compete with the “Bell Telephone Company Inc”? Now I know.

There was a time Detroit ruled the world in Auto production.

Yep there was a time….. I actually agreed with congress. There was a debate about that first sentence of this blog. Yep Attorneys were limited to ads like the yellow pages. When I read that congress was going to change that, I didn’t care. I thought what can that hurt? I have learned that at times I only think SMALL….

You may not remember when Attorneys were referred to as “Ambulance Chasers.”  Referring to lawyers who built their lives finding accident victims and helping them sue someone, for ‘half the fee’ it was said.

Well if you lived in Florida you would understand why some wise person thought the attorney should not advertise. Our roads are literally “LITTERED” with ads like those shown here.

NOW I understand why someone felt this was NOT a good idea. As I say many times, “Like Jim Bakker” I was wrong.
(Forgive the over load of bill board pictures!)

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PS: YES! I know there are times a lawsuit is NEEDED but these signs do become litter!.

PS2:  About Smells, Myra you are right! The smell of Buttered popcorn draws people like a magnet!


betty said...

You know, I just thought of this. There seems to be (at least here) so many commercials for law firms. It is like in the old days when cigarette companies advertised on TV. Nowadays they have been replaced with lawyers :) Lawyers are great if you need them. And so true they are notorious for charging so much money for so little time given but then they have to pay for law school :) Myra will remember these commercials but there is a husband and wife law firm here that advertise a lot on TV. Her voice is a bit grating to me, but they always say how much their clients love them. Obviously they have money to advertise on TV so that might be a good thing????


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Due to all the lawsuits that are praline today we are paying out more money for doctors and medical care. The cost of their insurance is over the top so we get to pay the difference There may be good times to use one, but there are many ways they've been harmful too. I'd think twice before I called one. Like all things, there are good ones and bad ones. You are so right about all the commercials. I hardly ever have the tv on with out seeing a commercial for one or another kind of lawyer

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

prevalent today, not praline ...opps

Mevely317 said...

Another entertaining read! (I've got to share with Tom!) He's convinced there are more crazy loud (stupid) commercials and advertisements for 'shyster' attorneys in Alabama than anywhere else. Unfortunately, I suppose there's a whole bunch of people who've fallen for that hard sale, or they wouldn't still be in business. Perry Mason where art thou? :)

I sure do remember those phone operators! Our Brownie troop toured one such facility … I was awed.

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed that. I have to say Ma Bell never played fair as far as I was concerned and milked people for money - I won't have their cell phone now.
Gee I hold grudges a long time don't I? lol

Rick Watson said...

Most reputable lawyers still don't advertise. It's an ethics thing. The ones that do advertise usually farm out the calls to reputable lawyers.

They get a bad wrap, but the lawyers I know have good hearts. They fight for the little guy.
Obviously, there are some that do things that make us cringe, but I could say that about politicians, preachers, teachers, and the regular guy.

Lisa said...

I remember when my daughter had a car accident that was not her fault, we had a slew of letters in the mail from lawyers. I thought people sought out lawyers when they needed one, but it seems the lawyers have a way of finding you. Wont be long before doctors will be doing this.

I like to read billboards but some are annoying.