Sunday, January 26, 2020

Those dirty words

Car and one expecting:

Now this:
Mama did not like by-words. I would get a ‘swat’ for using Shucks or Dang. It is sorta nice now that ‘baby bumps’ are popular and not a ‘shame.’ Older ladies sometimes don’t appreciate the advertising of the BIG BELLY!
When I was a kid ‘Pregnant’ was not used in the presence of kids.  A woman was ‘In a Family way.’
My girl in Biloxi Mississippi, she was carrying jack Jr.
I know you ladies do not remember Maternity clothes. I remember they were passed around like baby clothes. LOL
It would be hard for this generation to believe that pregnant wasn’t used in public.

Some of us remember the Sears and Roebuck catalog and how it was recycled, long before we knew it was recycling, LOL. WE all use toilet paper but no one talks about it. Our toilet paper doesn’t tear evenly and makes me up set.

 Most troops had one of these on their dog chain a great little can opener.

In the USMC when out in the field we ate ‘C’ rations. For a day there were 3 solids (pork n beans, sausage patties, etc), and one fruit can. There was also a can that had a cookie, chocolate disc and 5 crackers. There was also a pack of cigarettes and 3 small napkins in the box. We received a long lecture on how to manage your day’s supply of food.

Explaining the use of the napkins brought on the laughs. Basically you were told, if you made the mistake and used the ‘napkins’ with your meals, you ain’t gonna have toilet paper and you will have to use that letter from your girlfriend or mama.
Some instructors were great comedians and had some great lines about the use of toilet paper and how to make the most out of three little napkins. 

There is a discussion whether the roll is mounted over or under. When I replace a roll it is ‘over the top’ and I fold the first sheet into a point. I saw that once in a motel and I have done it ever since. We both do. LOL
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PS: We all know that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end, the faster it goes, so use it wisely.


Mevely317 said...

Ooooh man! I can't relate to the military rations, but that's so funny about the 'napkins.' You're the only one (besides me) who's admitted being annoyed if toilet paper doesn't tear evenly. Maybe that's why I pay a few extra cents for the Charmin. We've an over-the-top household, too; but I don't do that fancy point.

Truth. I never recall hearing anyone say "pregnant." The closest? "She's PG." (Shhhhh.)

betty said...

I remember there being shops for maternity clothes; wondering if they have gone out of business LOL since the people I've seen who are pregnant seem just to wear basically what they want regardless if it is truly "maternity" style or not :) I'm the "get it on the toilet paper holder" type of girl LOL. Sometimes is under, sometimes its over. I do see it folded to points in fine places :) Frankly I'm just glad its on the roll as I've been to some places where there is no roll on and none where I can find them :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How times have changed. It seems we have everything we need in today's day and age and things that were once forbidden to talk about are now every day occasions and it seems nothing is taboo. I remember well the days of maternity clothes. Yes we did used to pass them around as no one had the money to go out and buy a new wardrobe that would only be worn for a few months. Like Betty I'm always glad to see there is a roll of toilet paper available. I'm thankful we have it when we need it and don't mind which way it's on. so true about your last quote. The shorter to the end, the faster life seems to go. I only wish it would slow down a bit.

Susan Kane said...

I think my mom used that term. She and her friends passed the maternity clothes around and around. I made mine they were ugly, but oh well.

I visited a military museum in my hometown. The contents were all contributed by local vets. Fine eatin'.

Rick Watson said...

I have a p-38


i remember my maternity clothes, most were unfortunately ugly. didn't make me feel pretty. i'm glad women today feel better in their pregnancy skin than i did. when y2k was a worry, we bought military rations. we had enough for a couple months. when the scare passed we ate some of them. they weren't as bad as we thought they would be. but we did give the rest away. my hubby likes his toilet paper to go over the top. i like mine to go under. depending who changes the roll it ends up one way or the other. 3 little napkins to take care of business. wOW. don't know how you did it?

Lisa said...

I remember swapping maternity cloths with a best friend that was a few months more along than I was. When I was finished with them I passed them along to another friend. We did the same with most of our baby clothes. I never saw the point in buying a lot of new things to just wear for a week or two.
Toilet paper has to be over the top in my house or there will be arguments.

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