Friday, January 10, 2020

Solitude, Alone in a crowd? #1

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 That Chrysler Cordoba, I can still hear Ricardo Montalbán  doing the advertising.

For today:
I chose 100% deafness to 90% loss one in ear and 97% loss in the other. I had corrected hearing of about 20% with constant noise and misunderstanding.  Now with my ‘devices’ attached and implants my ‘understanding’ is better.  As I lost my hearing my ‘understanding’ was terrible. Imagine, while driving, the importance of distinguishing between “NO” and “GO”.

Withdrawing from crowds and conversations becomes normal with hearing loss. Many associate hearing loss to dementia. It is hard to explain but unless you are totally deaf, you honestly have no idea how noisy the world is. The hearing world cannot completely stop noise, unless possibly with ear plugs and underwater.

 It is actually ‘funny’. I have been deaf now a few years and with my devices not attached, I actually hear nothing, the world is quiet. At times I even forget I can talk and won’t speak without my devices. I feel silly when I realize I am motioning to Sherry without speaking. I cannot hear my own voice. ;-)

As I was losing my hearing there were times I wanted to live far back in the mountains; away from my ‘understanding’ problems. I went from enjoying talking to neighbors to preferring ‘waving’ neighbors. You can laugh at this, but to this day I will not go into a public ‘two seater’ restroom until I watch the door long enough to know it is vacant. I am not sure about women, but men tend to talk in toilets. Toilets ‘echo’ and flushing is terrible. I am weary of standing at a urinal and explaining, hey I'm busy, I have no idea what you are saying, or I am deaf, etc. YES, I still watch toilet doors. I also realize it is MY PROBLEM not the other guy.

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PS: Maybe  I will continue this tomorrow.;-)                


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The world really is a noisy place and it never stops even at night lots is still going on. It' not a thing any of us would want for our worst enemy. I'd say you really do well with what you've got. Thank the good Lord for those implants. It's good that you share what it's like it maybe helpful to someone else going through the same.

Lisa said...

I suffer temporary loss of hearing in my left ear. The Menier's is winning. When I have a flare up, it will be completely closed off to sounds for weeks. Then I will have a couple of week where I can hear out of it some. It is very bothersome around background noise trying to hear out of one ear. It also makes me tired and grumpy and makes things confusing. When someone speaks, I have to turn my head to hear them from my good ear. I hope one day I will clear up for good. I can only imagine what you go through with deafness in both ears. I’m glad you have the implants.

It’s cloudy and 42 degrees here today.

Mevely317 said...

Again, I really appreciate your candor. I always vow to be more tolerant of Tom's hearing loss. Then, before I know it, that little devil on my shoulder goes acting out.
I'm a bit apprehensive what will happen if they elect to go forward with his valve replacement; who will put them back in. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when we get there.

betty said...

Its good that you can talk freely about your hearing loss here on your blog, Jack. It might be helpful to others down the road. I like the sound of silence but even with no one around there is still the noise of appliances, etc.


Glenda said...

I'm so glad you started blogging and writing books, it's a great way to get your thoughts out to others and YOU'RE REALLY GOOD AT DOING SO!!! Hugs from Chobee,

Dar said...

Jack, you do wonderful things with your words to help us understand what your world is like. Bill and I both have horrible age related hearing issues but cannot imagine being completely deaf in both ears. Since my stapes replacement in my right ear, I was fortunate to regain hearing a few years ago but now it's going down hill again. I don't know what to think. I do understand speech yet so consider myself very blessed. Bill just ordered hearing aides that we hope work for him....another chapter in our lives. Thanks always for sharing your story. It does educate and help us.
love n' hugs from up north where, for the first time in awhile, we have sun shining throughout the house. Feels comforting.

Woody said...

My left Ear Drum is a mass scar tissue, I had 4 tubes inserted thru it, each one lasted about 3 months, The last was a surgical implant of a metal disc that was going to last 5 to 6 years, It lasted 3 months and fell out, That is why I stand usually to the left of those I play music with as I can hear out my right ear ! 40 degrees and Raining now, was - 4 below zero yesterday !!!

Rick Watson said...

My hearing is getting worse. Especially in restaurants or other enclosed places where there is noise.
I’d never considered the bathroom issue or missing driving queues. Jilda is the copilot and I never even look to the right at an intersection when she’s with me.
Interesting, Jack.

yaya said...

My Mom has struggled with her hearing loss and has a very hard time in restaurants. We pick where we eat out so it's not too irritating for her. Her hearing aides don't always work very well and my sister and I got her some headphones to wear when she watches TV so she can understand what's going on. I know I'll be there one day. It runs in the family! Anyway, thanks for being so open and honest on this topic that I'm sure hits home for many folks. Have a good weekend!


my husband has hearing loss and it's getting worse. i am happy you were able to get the devices to give you back your hearing. sometimes the best times are silent ones, though.

Rosie said...

A really interesting blog about your hearing loss. My husband and I both have age related hearing loss but we are reluctant to get hearing aids as many friends have spent a lot of money on them and are still not happy with the benefit they give. I think that tinnitus is a very annoying part of hearing loss and never seems to go away completely. We do live in a noisy world which probably gives us hearing problems as we age. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jean said...

Grover and I both had hearing loss, I can hear but sometimes what I think I hear is not what I'm suppose to hear. If I don't understand I stay quite it might not be the best thing to do. Glad that you're able to hear better now.

Jackie said...

My hubby doesn't hear very well at all. He has almost complete hearing loss in both ears. Hearing aids don't help him.
I have learned to get his attention before I speak, differentiate each word, and be very patient with him.
Quiet is good.
I send you quiet hugs,