Friday, January 31, 2020

Closed, and on the road

The 1937 Coupe

 The Chevrolet above Ford below

The closing for the home in Deltona was set ‘late in the day.’ I don’t think I ever had a closing in the afternoon, most all were on Friday morning.

WE got a call from our realtor, Kathi, she told us that the new owners would be here last night for the final ‘walk thru.’ So we got to meet them. WE knew that with the closing in Orlando, it would be dark before we pulled out of Deltona. I don’t like driving at night. I asked the owners about us staying parked until Sat. Morn. They graciously said, that would be no problem.
The closing went well, that check is NEVER as big as it is supposed to be. LOL

So we left early in the AM. I kept thinking and mentioning that the traffic was going to be rough in Daytona and Jacksonville, and each time my wife (the one of us with a memory) kept telling me it was Saturday, not a workday! LOL

So we plan to drive north and overnight in South Carolina.  WE might just stay two nights and relax.

That little house has been great for us, but it is not where Mark would like to have a home, so he decided to sell.  There was no-strings attached when we gave it to him. He keeps telling his mom and me, “You can come down and park in my yard in New Port Richey!”  We will see what the future holds and our plans.
Right now we are headed home and will see some grand kids, grand dogs and the feral…STORMY DANIELS (I hope)  ;-) I have already bought her cat food, I am assuming she weathered the few months. LOL

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Lisa said...

I just love that little house!!! That closing was quick huh? Im glad you have a home away from home.
Stormy may have more kittens or at least expecting some when you arrive. Haha.

Safe travels

betty said...

Glad that the closing went well and you are on the road again! I really can't wait to hear if Stormy is around! She might be a little mad at you since you "up and left her." Safe travels!


Mevely317 said...

Ya, yours is/was sure an attractive property. I hope the new owners find the neighbors as welcoming as what y'all experienced. Pretty nice of them agreeing to let you stay parked overnight! We, too, sure dislike driving at night. Wishing you dry weather and safe travels!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Prayers for a safe and happy trip. Hope everything works well and no troubles. This is not the trip you expected but it may be where you need to be. We never know do we? Somethings least expected turn our for the best.

Woody said...

Congratulations on the Closing, As Willie Nelson sang; "On The Road Again, Just Cant Wait To Get On The Road Again", I can see you now, all Puffed up behind the wheel trucking up the Highway with that Pretty Little Lady sitting there beside you, Well, close to you anyway, I would have to move the Passenger seat in the Coach and rebolt it down closer to my seat, I like reaching out and touching My Honeys Hand, (or Leg), LoL ! Safe Travels and Enjoy the trip, Love from up North, Gary an Anna Mae and Tipper !

Glenda said...

Have a safe and happy trip "home"! Love and hugs, Glenda

Dar said...

So good to hear the closing went well and graciously. I do most all our night driving since Bill's one eye situation but I don't mind. We don't go far from home anyway. I'm sure Stormy D will be glad to welcome you back home. Nice too that you still have Mark's place to park when down south. All in all, as things change, new adventures await. Enjoy them.
loven'hugs from up north where we are predicted in the 40's this weekend. Nice as the eaves are dripping and snow and ice are sliding off the rooftops.
I'm anxiously waiting on green grass and budding about 2-3 months.

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you closed and have a safe trip. Hope Stormy is there to greet you!

Susan Kane said...

Willie Nelson says it well: On the road again. How awesome to get the house settled. Happy journey to you and Sherri.

yaya said...

I'm happy your closing went well and happy trails to you and Sherry on your way home. I hope that sweet kitty is there to greet you!


Godspeed. I'm glad you settled. Hope Stormy is there to greet you when you arrive. Take care

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