Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Smell This!

Autos That Smell!


For today:
Sherry just mentioned the fresh smell just after a summer rain, yep, sweet. As I get older my sense of smell isn’t as good as it should be. I smoked for many years; I think that might have dimmed that sense of smell some.  But this morning I am smelling pinto beans cooking.

So I know later today I will smell ‘canned Salmon’ and we will have salmon patties.  I always wanted to eat a salmon caught in Alaska and cooked on the banks of the Kenai. Sooo I actually did catch a king salmon on the Kenai river. I was fishing with my BIL Dick. Dick was a great cook. He could do fish like no one else. BUT when he cooked my dream fish, I was disappointed. 

You see my mama required canned Alaskan Pink Salmon for her salmon patties or our breakfast of Salmon and eggs. Sherry and her mama was the same.  I could eat that whole can of salmon. So when that salmon, caught in the wild and cooked on the grill was served; everyone bragged on it, I stayed a little quiet. It was not as good as the canned salmon I was used to. I still cannot believe I had trained my taste buds and smell so well. But back to today, later I will smell corn bread baking.
There are smells good and bad humans cannot forget. You will never forget the smell of SMOKE once you are trapped in it, even briefly. You can smell a skunk hours after it does a spray, even if you are not the victim. But then there is fresh baking light bread. Oh yes, I smell Chanel #5 all I can think of is my Sherry.
There is a BIG class action law suit against baby powder. With that in mind, I remember ONE OF THE BEST SCENTS of my life. Following our son Jack Jr’s bath, Sherry dried him and used ‘baby powder’. Just seeing him lying on the bed kicking up those little legs, grinning, laughing in a clean diaper and I relished that smell. That was one of the top moments of my life, bar none.
How is your smeller? 
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PS One last fish car:


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is something a little fishy about your post. I grew up with canned salmon too. And rarely have had fresh salmon. Sounds like you have a great dinner coming your way. Pinto beans are a favorite of mine as well as corn bread but never thought to pair them up with salmon patties. It's a very healthy dinner too. Enjoy!

betty said...

I have to try canned salmon again. Hubby had a lot of canned salmon patties growing up; we had more tuna in my family. I do like salmon not in a can, LOL. Any way that it is cooked has tasted great! Its been years since I smelled baby powder, but I can still conjure up the scent in my head! My smeller is okay; especially for sweet things like cookies!


Mevely317 said...

I don't recall ever tasting salmon in a can, but you've convinced me to add it to my shopping list. Salmon is normally my 'go-to' meal when we eat out -- it took me nearly 50 years before I summoned the courage (lol) to taste it. Imagine our disappointment when, on an Alaskan cruise, they didn't once offer any. Said it was too early in the season.

Sometimes my 'smeller' undermines my best intentions not to snack. Hot buttered popcorn comes to mind ….

Chatty Crone said...

Fortunately or unfortunately I have a darn good smeller. It leads me at times to smell problems in the house my hubs doesn't want to fix! lol I can't believe you smoked for a long time - that surprises me! I smoked for one year.


years ago i had my nasal cavity cleaned out by a shoddy doctor. i lost my sense of smell from that day forward. as time has worn on, every now and then a little whiff of something comes through. i have memories though. loved your post.

yaya said...

My smeller is pretty sensitive. I'm always saying to my Jack: "can't you smell that?" He just looks at me and says: "You and your nose!" Never had canned salmon but I did have fresh salmon by the river in Alaska..delish! People always ask me how I can stand seeing all the blood in surgery. I tell them that the blood isn't bad, but the smells can make you gag!

Susan Kane said...

My sense of smell is phenomenal, no seriously. Having migraines has made my senses super sharp, which is not always a good thing.

Growing up on a hog farm was pure misery.

boromax said...

Makes a lot of scents, Jack. My smeller also is not as fine-tuned as it once was. But - cornbread and pinto beans? I think I can smell that from here, and it is making me hungry. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

The smell of warm bread and fresh babies are great.
I love the smell of bread baking too. I also like the smell of campfires in the Fall and fresh mowed grass in the Summer.
Nick made salmon patties last night for dinner. I remember mom always made salmon patties with black eye peas.
We had them with a baked potato.

Remember, “the smeller is the feller”