Monday, January 20, 2020

YOU DID WHAT? The Look I will NEVER forget,

Autos of beauty
 This 1964 Corvair was new about this time in my life.
For today:
Woody was nice enough to say that I probably ‘overbuilt’ as a contractor, and yes I did. BUT before that, when I thought I was a preacher, I did the biggest NO-NO  in building.
But first in 1956 on Parris Island. One recruit from NY reading a letter from his dad said, “The city refuses to let dad add on to our house!”. At 17 yrs of age I knew a lot, I commented, “ I bet you one thing, in North Carolina they will NEVER tell you what you can and can’t do on your on property!” Imma prophet HA!.
OK life rolls on, I finish a hitch in the Corps, then a hitch in the USAF, and then decided I was a preacher.
 Kids from the Missouri church,Carolyn, Staples, Melba, Glenda holding J Jr.

Carolyn Chamberlain & Glenda, Lil, and Mary Conrad 
I pastored a little church in Missouri with some wonderful folk. One family was the well remembered and loved farm family The Conrads. Glenda (the oldest daughter) was a member of that church comments here, believe or not.

We then moved to Rutherfordton, NC to pastor. The church had never had a fellowship hall nor Sunday School rooms, With the agreement of the church members  with we Built them. An old man told Kenneth Hensley and I how to lay the block. HOWEVER we did not pour a foundation. Shucks it was NC red clay, hard as a rock, LOL

WE finished the building. I wired the building. Even dug a septic tank, with a TEN FOOD DRAIN FIELD! I finished the drywall and painted the inside. Two old men, I didn’t know, actually walked up and volunteered to paint the church and new building for nothing, if we would supply the paint.

When the building was finished, I went down town to have the power turned on. The head man said, “No problem preacher, give me your permit numbers.”

“MY what?”  After THAT LOOK, he asked, “You mean you have completed a commercial building in this town and did not get approval and permits?”

“Yes sir, I guess I have.”

“You have completed a 3000 square foot building and NO INSPECTIONS?”

“I guess I have.”

“We have a problem here. You may have to strip that drywall, remove the elect wiring and doors...... I have never heard of this.”  He called in 3 inspector. They introduced themselves, then we met out at the church. I heard a lot of laughing as they walked thru.

In the end they said, “Preacher, go downtown and pay $35 for the permits. WE are deacons at the Baptist church down the street, and know the problems churches have. WE are gonna approve this building, but please do not let it burn in the next year.”

That is the gospel truth……
 The preacher and his family, church behind me the new building just barely in the picture on the left. I can't believe I cannot find a picture of the building!

Nite Shipslog 
 You can see why I did not make it as a preacher.!  The building still stands and in use today (without a foundation! just like many buildings in that area.) I did get permits for the next church!


jack69 said...

As a contractor, I remember back to that story and palm my face. But times were different then and much more human friendly, today they would just shoot me or send a bulldozer out at my expense.. hahahahaha

Mevely317 said...

Oh.My.Word! I love the way you tell this story, Jack. Even more so, those generous inspectors. God's red-clay foundation must be something else!

Only this morning, blog-friend Victor (Time for Reflections) shared a tongue-in-cheek story about city authorities. Like I told him, I'm surprised mankind has lasted so long before those 'authorities' penned their sometimes absurd rules and regulations.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack you are a man of so many talents- and you have done so many things with your life successfully.
Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

betty said...

LOL, Jack. Glad it all worked out in the end and that the building is still standing! Somehow I thought it would be with your expertise! Bet you got wiser after that to make sure you had the right permits!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

God created people in authority to test our patience and love for the fellow man.

God bless.


what a great story. you were one lucky guy. my dad added a bedroom to our house back in the day. he did all the electrical himself, drywall etc, never got a permit either. he told everybody he knew to keep the secret. then got scared it would leak out, had an electrician come out and have a look-see. guy was impressed with what he had done. said the work was perfect. told my dad he could tell anyone who inquired, that he did it and just forgot the formalities. nobody ever got in trouble.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How glad I am that all things worked out for the best. I cannot imagine that happening in this day and age, but then those days didn't have as many rules and regulations. It goes to show you put your knowledge to good use for the people there. Nt everyone does that to begin with.