Friday, January 31, 2020

That permanent job

Wow I like this car:
                                        1935 Doreen

Now this:
This loan approval for the buyer reminds me of the first home we sold many years ago. The first offer came from a young couple. They had been approved for their loan and just before the ‘closing’, he took another job, it was a promotion. When the Bank learned of this they rescinded the approval. He did not meet the criteria of having been in his present position over 2 years.  We were all disappointed, but the bank stood their ground and we waited for another buyer.

That is when we were educated. We learned that no house is SOLD until the money changes hands; there are ‘variables.’

We are a mobile society. Very few people even own a house for more than 5-8 years, before they sell and relocate. In our early life people around home stayed at jobs for a lifetime. Boys left the South took jobs in Detroit and stayed 20-30 years, we were before our time, we have been mobile since we married.

So like everything else, lending institutions had to change their approach to home loans. They had to change to continue to serve a ‘mobile’ customer, or lose business. Many people will not buy, they do not want roots. They do not want to ‘get to know’ their neighbor. The draw back to the mobile life is the kids, they start roots fast, gain friends etc whether the parents want to or not. Then their lives are disrupted with the moves.  I know that because I was moved a lot as a kid, therefore I did not take that into consideration with my sons, because I disrupted their lives by moving them.

 I was so busy with my life, I did not think of the boys.  I really regret it. With my life style I don’t know how I could have done different, except be more aware and understanding.

Now in my later years I see the difference. We associate with Sherry’s friends that she spent her first 17 yrs with.. At times she talks to me like I know everyone she does. ;-)… The most I spent in any one school was 3 years.

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Lisa said...

Kids do seem to take it hard with moves. We moved a couple times with our daughter but stayed in the same town so it was no big uprooting. We made sure to stay in areas where she could stay in the same schools.
We are ready to uproot and move to the beach.
My parents still live in the same house I grew up in. They talk about moving to a smaller house now that they are in their 80’s. I can see a sense of disappointment on my brothers and sister’s faces when thy mention it. I guess the roots feel deeper with others.

Happy Friday.

betty said...

It is hard with kids and moving, but they are resilient for the most part and most do adapt to their new surroundings. We moved our kids a lot but stayed put for 8 years to get them through most of the high school years. I think we do the best we can at the time and try not to let the regrets get the best of us. I know I have a few myself with the moves, but in the long run the most of them had been good moves. So true too with the autonomy these days with people and houses. It is rare to hear of someone still being in the house for 30 years much less 40 in some cases!


Dar said...

I grew up in the same home Mamma still lives in. We had deep roots, all of us still ' coming home ' often. In this house, we've lived for near 40 yrs., all the kids growing up here with the exception of our first few years. Roots do run deep being in the same area so long. Watching the kids grow and leave is now like watching the trees around the lawn loose branches and grow new ones as they age with us. Our son sold a house here went through several approvals, then rejections. It finally sold. Life sure is full of changes. I don't see us ever moving from here unless it's to the cabin where I'd love to live. It gets harder as we get older..........gotta ponder that one.
loven'hugs from up north where we replaced the half log steps at the cabin with ' safer ' ones....not as pretty but so much safer than the narrow treads. Have a relaxing weekend

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you U WAS MOVED AROUND A LOT AS A KID AND I HATED IT SO MADE SURE MY OWN DIDN'T LIVE LIKE THAT. I moved 21 times by the time I was 21, but after we married we only move 5 times and now as a widow, I moved for what I hope is the last and final time. My kids only ever knew of three homes. The longest we lived in any one place was 27 years and that's the place most of them remember as home. The moves were made we mostly of necessity. With for more room or because of financial problems. I couldn't afford to stay in that place after DDH died. An now I've downsized in order to make life easier as I grow older.My family all have their own homes and families to care for now.

Mevely317 said...

What a blow to your (first) potential homeowners. Banks are weird.
This last loan process was such a headache; stupid questions and 11th-hour requests for more information ... I nearly lost it.

Methinks (2-cents worth) there's plusses and minuses to both scenarios. Through no fault of my parents, my childhood wasn't particularly enjoyable. Perhaps I'd have had opportunities to 'reinvent' myself in a different place. In large part, that's why I chose to leave the state when I went off to college where no-one knew me.

Glenda said...

What was Yogi Berra's quote? Something like "it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings"? This girl ain't singing, got an online refi with Quicken and not enough information was disclosed :( Cost and methods changed, interest rate increased while the FED was lowering, HELLO? Lesson learned. Have a great weekend, hugs from Chobee :)


we've lived in our present house for 34 years. but my husband only worked here in town for 5 years. since then we have lived in two places, here and in michigan, pennsylvania, illinois & indiana. i would commute during the weekdays and he would commute on the weekends. it became a way of life that finally ended when he retired at 3 years ago. now health issues keep us both grounded here. so i understand what you're saying about being mobile.