Wednesday, January 22, 2020

You are what? Retired!

 That Car:
This Cordoba was new when I retired the first time 1981

Just after retirement (1981-82) I was driving my old 1950 antique truck and it started running rough. I pulled to the side of the road, jumped out raised the hood and began ‘hurriedly’ looking for the trouble.

THEN IT HIT ME, I actually sat down on the grassy bank and laughed. I asked out loud, “What is the hurry? Why do you care if you find the problem quick? YOU ARE RETIRED! You have no place you must be for the rest of the day.” The realization caught me off guard. I was not obligated to ‘anyone’ (‘cept Sherry who was still working & supporting us), I was retired.

My mind ‘flew back’ to a retirement seminar I had attended. One of the speakers said something that has stuck with me from that day on. He said, “Don’t laugh. But listen carefully. Today you can order people around or request things done. You are respected because of your ability or your position, BUT the day after retirement you will be just another unemployed or retired person. The dude beside you probably won’t care what you WERE. Hey, that guy might have been SOMEBODY once himself.  If you expect ‘respect’ in another realm of your life, you are gonna have to earn it, AGAIN!”

Now ol’ Rick over at Life101, is realizing something and is able to put it into words. I like how he said, “I thought I would be forever young!” or words to that effect.

Rick was celebrating a birthday and thinking he is about to be old, but my girl said Rick should relax,  he won’t be OLD until he reads 80 on the birthday cake.

We all have heard the saying, “Age is just a number!” That is a fact, unless you actually START feeling OLD, then you and everyone else knows you are ………. Really Old.

Sherry lurks on FB. Evidently it is COOL all over the USA. A friend said the BIG weather people said no place in the USA was over 70 degrees yesterday. We got into the 30s down here. SOOOO you guys in Ohio, NY, Michigan and Wisconsin must be mighty cold. 

ALSO our sweet friend Jean in Opp, AL is having surgery (Heart Valve) now in 
 UAB keep her in your   prayers, that girl is a KEEPER. One of the toughest ladies I know.

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Chatty Crone said...

My daughter gets me so mad sometimes - my hubs and I are retired (is anyone really retired though) and she'll say - I can't do this - I am tired - I worked all day - (apparently she is the only one who works and brings in $$). I try to let it roll right over me!
Then it does.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll take the retired life any time. You can do what you want when you want to and agendas no longer matter. I haven't worn a watch since I retired. I can do what I love to do and not what someone else tells me too.
I've no desire to prove myself to anyone these days. The minutes, hours and days are mine to enjoy. Sorry you are feeling the effects of our cold weather. Yes until today we've been well below freeing, but take hope, it won't last long. We are to have 36 degrees today and are out of the deep freeze! When it's cold I do feel old, My bones freeze up and don't work so well so I'm hoping for lots of sunny days ahead.

betty said...

Suppose to be 72 degrees tomorrow and I an ready for it lol. I don't like the cold and we don't even get cold compared to where Ma is. Hubby is enjoying his retirement which is a nice thing for him. My next post will be my adjusting to it lol. Stay warm!


Mevely317 said...

I've had more occasion lately to thank God for retirement. All our doctors' appointments leave me wondering how on earth 'working stiffs' manage to juggle their commitments. I'd love to sleep late, but our girls won't hear of us staying in bed past 5. (Good thing they enjoy our afternoon naps!)
We've experienced overnight temps in the 20's the last 3 mornings. Correction: I have; not so much Tom. Because I know it won't last, I'm enjoying every moment!
Prayers for Jean, most certainly!

Woody said...

Retirement came quickly, I was in the Hospital, Just had another Heart Stent, think that was 5th or 6th, (now have 12), Dr. Ashraf came in the room while I was on the Phone Arguing with someone, He took the Phone out of my hand and said, (Your Done Working) ! I could not get a Medical Clearance to go back to work! So Retirement came early, I am surprised at how fast time goes !!!!

Susan Kane said...

I won't tell the temp here in desert-hot California. We retired which means we get to do all the stuff we never had time to do. Going to see the dr. is like a cheap date.

Lisa said...

I just wish the retirement age was 50.
Yall stay warm down there! It’s below freezing again tonight.


Dar said...

We aren't retired, we are RE-TIRED, as in tired again. LOL It doesn't last tho. We have soooo much yet to accomplish since retirement many years ago.
Keeping busy and running around our grandloves, keeps us as young as we feel.
A note to Lisa, I wish I was 50 sweet girl.
As for our weather, it's snowing again but this time it's in the mid 30's and we're loving it.....not the slippery roads tho. Stay warm Jack and Sherry. It could be worse.
love n' hugs from up north of several state borders from you.