Saturday, January 4, 2020

A food that helps ‘Your Senior’ moments!

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  1929 Studebaker house-car

For today,the day before Sunday:
I read the title on one of my ‘news’ headlines. MY first thought was, “It must be Butter Pecan Ice Cream!”
So I asked Miss Google, “What day is it?”
Immediately I hear, “What day would you like for it to be?”
“Well I thought it was Sunday, and I would go down and hear Bro Lacey. He is the RV chaplain here.”
“Well it can be Sunday, but I will have to get to the preacher and tell him.”
“Okay what day would you suggest?” I asked.
“Saturday is as good as any, how about that?”
“BUT, but I already used that one.”
“I suggest you  take a nap and you can wake up later in the day Saturday, BTW you didn’t tell Evelyn you had used that day did you?”
“Well yeah, but not real loud!”
Then Miss Google made a swallowing noise and said, “Then you are probably in trouble. But I will do my best at changing her calendar. Just stick to your guns, today is the day before Sunday. In the mean time, do like Don..... take another nap.
Y’all keep in mind in this world that are some people who are getting old, y’all just try to be one of ‘em.  Even when you must ask Miss Google what day it is.  I have learned Today is always the day before tomorrow. And I am eating a gallon of Butter Pecan Ice Cream!
Nite Shipslog
PS: I keep seeing a book advertised called:
‘You are Dead, Now what?’  I am letting that sink in.


Jean said...

Jack you're still young I really didn't think about being old until this past October and now it's catching up with me. Ha. Jarin and I spent three days this week in Birmingham with me having heart valve test on Thursday. The doctor's said I was good to go for a TARV procedure so looking forward to January 22. You and Sherry take care. Jean

betty said...

I ask Ms. Google what time it is some days in other parts of the country. Calling a business on the East Coast to do business, I do have to double check since we don't change the time here in Arizona. So sometimes it is good to know what day of the week we are in :)


Mevely317 said...

Who needs a dummy (puppet) when you have Alexa? What a funny exchange … you had me smiling throughout. I'm anxious to learn what that 'super' food is; just my luck it would be some kind of fruit. :(

yaya said...

With Christmas and New Year's holidays in the middle of the week it's been a challenge to remember what day it is! I feel like I've had more than one Monday in the week! Butter Pecan is my favorite a scoop for me!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

With being on vacation I'm never sure what day it is. I ws surprised the morning when my son ask me ws I ready to go two church. Id forgotten it was Sunday but thankfully I was dressed.It's easy to loose track isn't it.

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