Tuesday, January 7, 2020


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For today:
I started reading seriously in my 50s. I picked a book, Clancy’s “Executive Orders.” The book was hardback 2.5” thick. Thinking it would take me MONTHS to read, I had some time to kill. I read it in less than a week reading part time. I not only enjoyed reading but was shocked that I could even read a book that thick. LOL

Now I have read thousands of books, BUT lately I find I have become lazy. I am reading Westerns that average 125-200 pages. At times, one a day, I love ‘em.

Sherry and I were just talking about the technological advances. Paul Thompson, the writer I am now reading goes into day to day activities I never thought of too much.

It was important to remove the saddles to allow the horse to cool down. It was important to feed them grain to give them stamina (I always thought grass was enough).

When a cowboy took a train with his horse (it was loaded on a cattle car) it was his responsibility to feed and water it on the trip (I had never even thought of that.) Most towns even in the late 1800s out west, did not have a telegraph, the lines usually followed the RR lines. Any cowboy traveling had to have a couple days food in his saddlebags. In these books it seems every cowboy carries a coffeepot and enough coffee for a few days.

Thompson goes into more detail than Lamoure but there is also more ‘Gunplay’ and deaths. One aspect that is covered is family. Families left with no father, thousands of miles from kin, due to accidents (mining, guns, animals etc.)

He covers women who were real cowgirls and those who felt forced to work in saloons to support their family. The bad crops and bank failures, including crooked bankers and land managers.

 (We have one cowgirl (Pauline) who reads here, and a few that rode horses in their youth)

Anyway I am enjoying the ‘easy reads.’ Probably like someone who is hooked on the Harlequin Romances,

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love easy reading like that, it certainly help to relax one. There have been times I've ready those harlequin novels like that. They fill the mind with happy endings when one is anxious or rired.To,ews were not easy in the west and I admire cowboys and cow girls as they made a happy life for themselves.

betty said...

I haven't read many Westerns but it is interesting to think how the cowboys had to take care of themselves and their horses and make sure they had supplies for both of them. I like quick easy books when I'm on the treadmill so I don't have to think too much about them :)

The good thing is to keep on reading; I think its good for our brains!


Jean said...

Grover love to read western books until a few years before he passed. I have probably close to 500 books he wouldn't let me throw out and they're like new. I have my times I like to read and it doesn't take me long to read a book, but I have to be in the mood to get started. Take care.

Woody said...

When we lived at West Side Terrace my Old Neighbor and Shipmate David Brown loved his Cowboy books, he had box's and bags of them, he would read 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon,, Mrs. Auberton would read those big 4 inch thick books, after she left West Side to go to the Nursing Home she now reads Romance Novels !. I was an avid reader in early school, all the classics ! Now, Not so much !

Mevely317 said...

Here I considered myself a cowgirl … rather, an EX-cowgirl. But this information is all new to me! Things they didn't tell you in Roy Rogers. (*smile*)
I can't recall who dubbed it, but I like someone's term for these 'easy' books: Chewing gum for the eyes.

Chatty Crone said...

I recognize the write - my hubs reads the same. When he was little he LOVED cowboys and Indians - the kids nowadays have no clue.

Susan Kane said...

Having a big thick book means I won't read all of it, unless it is reallllly good.

We are western fans. Open Range was our most recent favorite movie. Need to have more.

yaya said...

Everyone has their favorite reads. It doesn't matter what if it makes you happy. I've read some really good novels, some really bad ones, and some easy reads that you would take for a day at the beach or just wanting something to make you smile. I'm not a book snob! I do enjoy a good cowboy movie if it has Sam Elliot in it! Ha! Have a great day tomorrow!