Monday, January 13, 2020

Daddy would be 117

Autos of beauty
   This is the first car I ever remember riding in. 1941 Chevrolet 4dr.

For today:
Daddy did not hear well towards the end of his 69 years here on earth. But his birth January 14, 1903 made him the first child of the farmers, Lonnie and May Etta (Hilly) Darnell.  They lived in the community of Red Hill, Georgia. That is just outside Toccoa, just across the line from South Carolina. They raised cotton, potatoes and peanuts.


 Grandpa and Grandma with Daddy  1903, washed out picture, but I love it.

Dad enjoyed the beginning of paved roads then saw the use of automobiles, airplanes, computers and space travel in his SHORT 69 years. He also lived thru 2 World Wars and the great depression; amazing stuff. However things change so fast now, that our older generation cannot keep up.

I am lucky, I have a sweet lady who had that figure of 117, she stores info like sponge holds water. I knew it was dad’s birthday, but not his age. Three days after dad’s BD, I was born. It is hard to believe he has been gone 48 years.
I asked Sherry once what her Birthday was She said 

“November 6th.” I asked “But what year?”  Her smart ---- answer was, “Every Year.” Lemme tell you don’t mess with wimmin, young ‘er old.. (I’m readin’ a lotta  Westerns, memmber?)

A couple people asked about a brand of hearing aids. I don’t even think the one I bought had a name. But it was made before 2006 because that is when I bought it at a yard sale.  I am betting that the newer ones are better.
A lady let me see one she had bought lately and it was very small. She liked it.

My head-bands arrived today,  one from Tough Outfitters and the other from Temple Tape.  I am not sure if I like them or not, there is no strip of rubberized non-slide on the inside’. I am hoping to wear the headband when it is windy, wind really gets to these.

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Lisa said...

I love that old photo. You was a cute baby. You haven’t changed much. Same hair. [grin].
I hope the headbands work for you. They should be ok without any sticky side. But if you want to know how to ad some grip. You can get a glue gun and put a strip of glue on the inside of the band. When it dries, you will have a rubbery texture strip to hold grip.

Heading out for a walk. Its warm here.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. What a wonderful dad he was to you and I've enjoyed hearing about him many times in your posts. That Sherry is very good at keeping you on track. Hope your headbands do help. Thing is if you don't try them out you'll never know. We never get too old to learn something new.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, love that olden photo. Your grandmother's expression just cracks me up. That and Sherry's retort, "Every year"!

My dad passed at 69 y/o as well … same as I am now. Funny, the thoughts that cross my mind reflecting on the frailty of life. Thanks for the info of those headbands; I'm going to look it up.

betty said...

Happy birthday to your dad!! I saw a story on the news about a lady who recently celebrated her 108th birthday! She looked fit as a fiddle! Great picture of your dad with his parents. I would cherish it always like you do! Sherry is sharp with being a bit evasive with her age :)


Dar said...

Love the photo.....always wonderful, the black and whites with age. Also would have loved that, a real gem. But the best of all was Sherry's response......still laughing. Bill just got a pair of hearing aids that are working well enough for him that the tv is no longer blaring. That's always something. He'll be able to hear my mama's thought on her next move in the card games. lol
love n' hugs from up north where it's drizzling, then snowing, then both. The roads are ' iffy '

Glenda said...

Lisa's solution sounds like a good one; a friend once told my my slightly slippery rugs and runner would benefit from clear silicone and a caulking gun. It worked!!! I do so love hearing tales of your Father. He was an amazing man and he helped make some great children. Take care, enjoy your Florida days and please answer my emailed question! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

yaya said...

Happy birthday to your Dad! I'm sure you still miss him after all these years...I miss mine too! My Dad would have been 100 this year. Hard to imagine since he was only 56 when he passed in 1976. Happy almost birthday to you!

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful old photo and I expect your birthday reminds you of him. My brother was born 5 days before my father's birthday. My dad asked mom if she could just hold on a bit longer. She didn't think that was funny. lol

I still miss my dad. He died when I was 21. He was 74 when he passed. I was his first child-born when he was 53 and my brother was born 4 years later.

Have a wonderful week in warm weather. Snowy and cold here. Hugs-Diana


love that photo of your dad and his parents. this was a lovely tribute to him. i'm more likely to remember the date of someone's passing or birthday. but ask me how old they are or would have been, and i'm completely lost, like you said. glad your headbands arrived. hope they do the job. take care.