Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Why did they Pick on the little guy?

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 My friend Buddy sent me a few pictures from the 50s with that signature 'Continental Kit'  This one a '56 Ford

I know it is hard for many to believe, but that rear extension was the 'cat's Meow' for  few years.

For today:

You know Dancer and Prancer…….etc but do you recall? Rudolf!  Of course everyone knows him. Gene Autry made the dude famous.

But surely you remember this guy….  The most famous doggie of them all!

Let me regress:

I even remember the Howdy Doody Time with Buffalo Bob, Princess Summerfallwinterspring, Clarebel and Howdy Doody!

I have told this before and it is a special memory.Me nor any of my buddies in 1948-49 had a TV. BUT the Firemen at the local fire station allowed us to come in and sit on the floor in front of their B/W TV and watch the Howdy Doody Time. WHAT a thrill to have a little movie screen and not be at the local movie theatre. And it cost’d us nothing.  There were rules and we abided by them perfectly.  Anything to watch a TV! WOW.. Yessir, a REAL TV. We had heard of them.

It is something special when grownups take time to make  memories for kids who are not even kin.


About 1955, following Howdy, came the Mickey Mouse club in about 1955, along with them came a dog named for a planet, he was Pluto.  I liked Pluto and his little dwarf planet. Once NASA flew a camera by his planet and……. 

THERE it was, Plain as day (to Pluto lovers) an image of Pluto the dog on the planet he was named after. Both began their history in 1930.

And then some so called scientists come along and say the little guy Pluto is no longer a planet. He was discovered in 1930 and has been in our solar system a long time. Mrs. Grill  taught me that he is the ninth planet. He has paid his dues, stayed in orbit with no fuss, why kick him out now?

It just ain’t right. I hear a wiggle lately. Some WISE scientist wants to restore Pluto to his rightful place, the smallest planet….  Good on the guy, and good luck.




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was a treat to watch TV back in those days. I'll never forget the first one we had. And I remember the Mickey Mouse Club in the 50's. We'd watch it every day after school, along with American Band Stand. TV has certainly changed over the years, Now instead of 3 channels I have so many choices I could never watch all of them. I got a new TV for Christmas and it is smarter than I am. It's a challenge for me just to change the channel. Ha!

Mevely317 said...

Fun factoids about Pluto! Poor maligned Pluto! What a generous 'gift' those firemen gave you boys! I don't NOT remember having television, but laugh when I see old photos (ca. 1951) with my parent's itty-bitty TV and rabbit ears in the background. Who'd have guessed one day we'd be watching a 55" screen in 'living color'?

PS - Let the whizz-bang brainiacs aruge, I still consider Pluto a planet.

NanaDiana said...

I have the same memories of those old TV Characters. Weren't we lucky to have them as part of our childhood? I think we got 3 channels on a good day in the mountains and had to hand crank the antenna outside to see them sometimes. lol
I hope they restore Pluto to planet status, too.
Love the bouquet throwing idea. I may steal that! xo Diana

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I used to love Pluto and Mickey Mouse and the other Disney cartoons. Good times and good memories.

God bless always.

betty said...

Pluto is always going to be a planet to me, no matter what the scientists or the like say. And Pluto will always be my favorite Disney dog :)


Dar said...

Our first tv was when I was 7. I thought it was pretty cool when Sat. morning would roll around and all of us wee ones would gather in front of the tv to watch cartoons. It was a highlight especially in the wintertime. Loved the Disney characters too. So did Dad. lol
loved your bouquet idea.LOLOL
love n' hugs from up north where Bill plowed another 9 inches of snow out of the way...now it's blowing and drifting...we're in for another round of it as usual.

yaya said...

We didn't have color TV until the 70's in my house and then Jack and I only had a small black and white number until the 80's! Somehow we survived! My favorite Disney character was Snow White. I had jet black hair growing up and as a kid I noticed all the nice princesses had blond hair and blue eyes and the wicked witches were all brunettes..until dear Snow White! I even had plans to get a job at Disney World when it opened in the 70's as Snow White. I never did but I keep it as my dream job! Ha! You are too funny with the funeral! Jack says he wants his headstone to say: "Yes, I'm still dead but thanks for visiting."

Glenda said...

What a fun read to start the day!!! Yaya made me recall that I always wanted to be a blue-eyed blond....only time I ever got close was when I asked the salon gal to "frost" my hair and it got really lightened! It was when I had my little red convertible and the boys driving by "liked" it, ha ha! Blonds do have more fun :) Love from Chobee, Glenda

Susan Kane said...

Lots of memories there. We had a box of a TV, which did us just fine until 1960s. My folks bought another B/W tv, which they had until I was out of the house.

Our lives were shaped by those shows. The moral message was there: behave, do what you're told, follow directions, be a help around the home.

Lisa said...

I do not remember Pluto that much but knew he was a Disney Character. I always likes Donald Duck.
I can’t recall any of those tv shows you mentioned. As far back as I can remember was Fred Kirby.
The funeral meme is cute and made me giggle.