Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Coffee or Tea

 Memorable Continental of the day:


 Looks like a '56 Ford......  And the last of the Continentals. There are some fads that hang on and some don't.                                                                                                         

For today: 

I was raised on Sweet tea, I never knew of ‘hot tea’ until I was grown and away from the south.

I have often wondered why the USA is a coffee drinking country vs Tea?  BUT Since we are, do YOU know good coffee? My girl does!! ME? Not so much. Mama allowed me to have what we called ‘soakies’. It was coffee with cream and sugar and I could dip biscuits (southern style biscuits) in it. I loved it.

I drink my coffee now black. I can drink day old coffee or some that has sat in the pot for hours. I guess sailors might get ruined on MID-Watch coffee.  My girl can tell the difference and many times during the day she has ordered coffee at a restaurant, “ Only If you have a Fresh Pot!”

(I saw this and knew Lisa of gtown had been here! She crochets everything!)

I don’t think I am addicted to it, if I miss coffee in the AM I do not get a headache, Sherry seems to if she misses morning coffee. (Between you and me, she is grouchy at times when I forget to prepare morning coffee the night before, just joking Sweetheart!)

 I like hot tea with my oriental food, for some reason.

 When I visited London I don’t remember seeing ‘Tea houses’,  Of course when I was there Starbucks did not exist. The one thing I did do in London was ride a double decker bus, but I had no idea where I went. The driver was nice enough to this ignorant Yankee and told me how to get back to Piccadilly Circus. Anyway I did not see any places advertising Tea as a specialty; we have coffee and coffee houses ‘pushed’ here in the USA.

I ‘accidentally’ went into several bars in the areas of Spithead and London. I watched and learned. EVEN if you think you are good at the game of darts, NEVER challenge a British Sailor, YOU WILL LOSE!  Many a US sailor has bought rounds of ‘warm’ ale for their British counterparts.

That is another thing. Beer is warm or room temp, over there! I did see a US sailor once ask for a cold beer and got one with ice cubes in it. ;-).


 Oh yes, another thing about over there.  They have a 13 foot tide in some areas, vs our 1-2 ft tides.  (Important to know if you ride a liberty launch ashore.)

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Susan Kane said...

Ice cubes in beer? Oh well, they're English.

Darts are a sport not to be put down. We were stuck in London during an ice storm, had to stay in Eros Hotel. The only program we could get was the annual dart tournament. The excitement was non existent.

salemslot9 said...

My Mom used to make me hot tea w/sugar & cinnamon sugar toast when I was sick.

yaya said...

I don't drink coffee and I only have herb tea...orange spice! However, I do like a diet Pepsi! (caffeine free!) One of the things I will always remember about working in surgery are the patients who came into the operating room with a bad headache and only wanted some coffee when they woke up! I guess I'm glad I don't have that problem! It's a hot drink day today as it's only about 15de. outside so I think that herb tea is calling my name...or perhaps some hot chocolate?

NanaDiana said...

I am a coffee gal through and through. My gramma used to give me coffee when I was a little girl with evaporated milk and sugar. LOL. Now I drink it black and can drink my own a day or two old. Everyone thinks I am nuts. However, if I go out to eat I want fresh-brewed because on those high-heat holding burners it often tastes bitter or scorched if it has sat for a while.

Happy week to you two. xo Diana

Lisa said...

Yep that be one of my creations in that photo.
I like to drink my coffee hot with cream and my Tea cold and sweet.
I remember mom letting me put coffee in my play tea set when I was little .
I drink a cup in the morning and take a big travel cup full to work. I sip on it until noon then water the rest of the day.


betty said...

That had to shock the sailor to get ice cubes in his beer! I would wonder if when the ice cubes melted if that made the beer taste weak. I like coffee over tea but drink decaffeinated tea in the evenings during winter to warm me up. I do like some type of creamer in my coffee, currently I'm liking a vanilla caramel one - yum! My mom used to enjoy drinking cold coffee. I would brew a pot in the morning and what was left she would drink it for lunch.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

There was a time when London had a lot of Lyons (corner) tea houses where people went and had a pot of tea and cakes. They were called tea corner tea shops because the company Lyons & Co always sought corner premises where two roads met to open their tea shops. The company started business in 1894 and closed in 1981.

Pubs now do have some bottled lagers in fridges. But beer is usually sold from a barrel warm or at room temperature.

Whenever I drink coffee or tea I get a sharp pain in my eye. The doctor told me to take the spoon out of the cup first.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Fun recollections! I don't remember the term 'soakies', but yes. My dad let me dunk hard cookies in his white, sugared coffee.

I'm never learned to enjoy tea -- either hot or cold. I suspect it's on account I've not found anything strong enough to suit. While Tom likes his coffee 'ordinary', I prefer mine dark and BOLD. Not a fan of their stores, but I've a standing monthly mail order for their French Roast pods.
Yes, I well remember the time while in an Athens hotel we kept calling down for ice and they'd bring up the bucket with maybe a CUP at the bottom. Obviously, they couldn't (or wouldn't) understand why we kept asking for more! Different strokes!

Mevely317 said...

My bad, I forgot to put in Starbucks monthly mail order. Guess I was supposed to leave that to your imagination? LOL!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my I had almost forgotten about the soakies I used to have at my grandparents house. They were deliciou and sometimes the only sweet thing they had to offer unless you had honey on your biscuit. I can't function well unless I have my morning cup of coffee with my donut. I'm addicted to both. I like my coffee black. I tried it with milk and sugar but preferred the plain. Tea is good once in awhile especially iced sweet tea. I do like a hot cup in the afternoon when it is cold outside with honey and lemon. Very warming and refreshing at the same time.