Sunday, January 2, 2022

Guns, gifts, kids

Armed and Dangerous:

For today:

My dad never bought me a gun, but I used his 16 gauge shotgun to hunt. I never was much of a hunter, but I loved being with my dog in the woods.

I did trade around different things until I had a single shot .22 rifle.  It was not uncommon for boys  above 11-12 in my area to own guns.  Most of the older boys I knew had pickup trucks and liked the gun rack in the window.

I never heard a complaint nor problem of boys having them in their trucks when they drove to school.

Sonny Helms, my BIL and best friend, told me that most days in the fall and winter he took his single shot .22 rifle with him to school. He said he leaned it in the corner with two or three other rifles. Those hunters would head for the woods after school to try to get at least a couple squirrels maybe a rabbit for supper. Families depended on it. He only carried 5-6 shells, he said, “I never wasted a shot.”

Over the years woods were further away and schools were more crowded. BUT in my entire life, I NEVER heard of a kid having or being given a pistol as a gift.  There was no use in it. No one hunted with a pistol.

There are many folks still today who depend on harvesting wild animals for their meat. Old Woody up in NY got his this year for their winter meat. Dar & Mel's families in the North Woods fill their freezers every year. It is a way of life that has been brought forward for hundreds of years.

I said all that as back ground.  In today’s world I cannot imagine any family, even country folks, allowing a kid to have a hand gun.

Now we have an entire family in Michigan, Mother, dad and son who have ruined their lives, and many others by giving their son a handgun as a gift. That boy carried the gun to school and killed 4 of his class mates.

Amazing, that humans, can cause so much havoc by doing something stupid. A decision such as that, killed some and caused untold pain in the lives of many.

Now I just read that two students ambushed and killed one of their teachers in the 'calm' state of Iowa.


I had a simple lesson once during my driving license, I ‘rolled thru’ a stop sign. My Testing Officer said, “Stop! Back up.”

I did.

“What does that sign say?”

“STOP, I replied.”

“That is correct. You did not STOP. Head back to the station. YOU FAILED!” I nearly cried.

I had never failed any test in my life. I learned something.  I already knew ‘manners and respect’ they were taught at home. But I learned well a simple legal lesson. I did it right the next week. ;-)

Has our society lost the importance of TEACHING respect for others at home?


PS: EVEN SADDER! I just read today of a Father in TEXAS driving his son (14 yrs old) to a convenience store to kill 3 people.  Then with his son back in the truck, sped away from the murder scene.

 LORD, PLEASE, we need guidance and help!  Amen


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember when I was in school, the boys used to get a day off when hunting season began. Everyone hunted with a shotgun. Never a hand gun. I don't know what this world has come to with so many shooting human beings. It is not open season. We definitely need to be teaching more love and respect for everyone. There is a lot of difference in hunting animals for food than shooting people. I don't own a gun and don't need one, we have police and military to protect us. They are trained to do their duty to protect us. I'm praying people come to their senses.

Mevely317 said...

I'd not heard of this latest tragedy. Heartbreaking!
I'm a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but these cases are so far removed from its original intent they make me sick. We were just talking this morning in Bible study about all the rage which exists. Praying -- and preparing.

Gary Wood said...

It's a crazy world, I remember the first day of Hunting Season we got the day off from school to hunt, Most Pick up trucks had a Gun Rack in the back window with 1 or 2 long guns there and they were not locked. Pistols were not common unless it was an old Civil War Pistol ! Hope things are well with you 2, Stay Healthy and Safe, sending down regards and love from the bitterly cold North !! Gary and Anna Mae

betty said...

I blame video games on some of the gun violence. Kids are desensitized after playing those games for hours and they don't realize sometimes the impact of their actions. Heck, if they get "killed" in the video game they can just reset the game and start again. I think they need to learn to be respectful of life! It is sad what the world is coming to and really nothing surprises me too much these days. In the case of the Michigan story, that student should not have been allowed to continue at school that day, should have been suspended, and everyone should have thought to check his backpack. Just so sad!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

We need to pray more that people will turn back to God.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I blame it on the video games and what kids watch on the internet. I know a 6 year old that told me about a video he likes to watch. It is about killing people and he said it’s cool. I was shocked at this sweet little boy. The parents do not watch and pry in on what kids do now days. The kids think everything is a game and have lost compassion. It breaks my heart.

Funny, I failed my driver test for the exact same reason you did. I did not come to a “complete” stop at the stop sign. I think about that day all the time when I stop at a stop sign. They are too easy on kids now days.

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