Thursday, January 6, 2022

He IS TOO a Friend of mine!

Memorable car of the day:

         Another '56 with a continental kit!

For today:

(I came to the keyboard to make an announcement, and found this entry I had already prepared, so I will publish it and announce at the end, thanks for your support....)

Conversation across our table:

Sherry, “Today is Butch Harris’s Birthday!”

Me: “No one told me!”

“You are not his friend!

“I AM TOO!  We’ve been buddies since he was born, Jan 2, 1956!”

Butch is Sherry’s nephew, a son of Lefty and Willena. He is a great guy.  Funny he is not my ‘friend,’ he seems to like me.

(I even have an autographed picture of Butch,  when he played for the Cincinnati Reds Farm team, Sherry's family were big sports fans, they are rightly proud of Butch.  And he is a friend as well as a nephew!!!)

I missed that word when I ‘blogged’ about changes in the meaning of words. I am not belittling the ‘real internet’ friends I have met. Especially the ones I have met on Bloggerville’s pages.  I honestly consider you guys ‘friends’.  But I think like me, many folks have friends and don’t even recognize their names.  I get ‘friend requests’ many times and have to check to see if they are already friends or not, Now that is a funny question right there!

I read an obituary of a sweet person once, one line in the obit YELLED truthfully, “She never met a stranger, just a new friend!”  She was friend Newt’s daughter.

In my personal opinion, FB needs another name for what is referred to as ‘friends.’ I doubt if there is any ‘regular’ person who realy has 4,382 ‘friends.’  Some people on FB must ‘claim’ friends like kids used to collect baseball cards.  Doing this they can ‘brag’ how many friends they have.

Anyway, if you read this Butch, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and you are a real friend and a great nephew whether FB knows it or not! LOL

(Me, Joe and Lucy. I found Joe's obit awhile back, but cannot get anything up to date on Lucy, she is a little older than I)

I just checked, I have 329 friends. I am a friend of Jehovah Jireh! Oh YEAH and I noticed I am a friend of Lucy Horky…….. 7 times!  I do love Lucy. We were driving thru Lincoln Nebraska once and stopped to see her and Joe (and Spunky). She was/is a mess. I even ran across one name among ‘My Friends’ I do not even like, I don’t know how we became friends. I know he ain’t crazy about me.

I am sure one can be a Christian and ‘not like’ someone because their personality is obnoxious. That doesn’t mean you HATE them. I don’t like that word very much when it comes to humans.

There have always been FRIENDS and acquaintances; in life at times, we are surprised to learn the difference.

Nite Shipslog

PS: I will be absent for a few days (maybe).   I will read and  comment when I have time.  I just might  be getting ready for a big snow fall here in central Florida. (or some other earth shaking event??) LOL


betty said...

Oh oh, Jack! Hope all is well with the snow or whatever else is happening in Central Florida!

I think it is possible to be a Christian and still not like everyone (but definitely love them). I have a coworker who is a bit brash and it is hard to like her but I'm trying (and praying a lot about her lol).

Happy birthday to Butch!

I agree with you too about Facebook changing their wording for friends. I get a lot of friend requests for people with corgis since I'm in a lot of corgi groups. I usually accept their requests but they certainly aren't friends, if you know what I mean!

Stay safe!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends; but in their worth and choice.

Take care, my friend.

God bless you and your family.

Mevely317 said...

OK, mister. You gave this blogger a bit of concern when I didn't see anything from the Log in 2 days.

So glad you brought up this business of 'friends.' Yep, for a while in the early days, I think it was a race to see how many someone could boast in their portfolio. Oh, and then came the 'politics.' One doesn't want to say 'no' to a casual acquaintance, a friend-of-a-friend -- then be thought of as uppity. (*grin*)

Offhand I can't recall how, but I did discover a neat feature where you could differentiate friends by "close" or simply "acquaintenances." Also, something I've used on many an occasion: When I go to share someting that might be offensive to someone, I change that post's audience settings to read, "Everyone except xxxxx."

Hope this helps ... enjoy your day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh No ~ Snow in Florida??? not supposed t happen there. Hoping you don't get any there. Folks go there to get away from it. Stay safe and warm! Glad you consider yourself a friend of mine!

Gary and Anna Mae said...

Hope everything is OK with you 2 ! Keep you both in my Nightly Prayers with others ! You can have all the Snow you want, we have over a foot of new fresh snow ! If you get too warm come on up, we are gonna be well BELOW ZERO for a spell !!! Take Care, Sending down Love from the Snowy Cold North !!
Gary and Anna Mae

Susan Kane said...

You have been missed. Keep warm and well in Florida.
There are some bloggers I have enjoyed and shared. though it would be awkward to meet for coffee, it would still be fun. You and Sherry? Definitely.

Lisa said...

I just went through my friend list on FB and deleted a lot people I did not know. I usually will not even accept a friend request if I do not know them unless we have a lot of other friends in common. I have over 500 friends on facebook and I only thought I had 3 friends. Haha.

Bracing for snow in NC too.