Thursday, January 20, 2022

Gift Credit Cards

Memorable Continentals from The Past:

 Then came the Pontiac..... 

For today:

Have you ever had a problem using a gift card from VISA or any Credit Card company?  For some reason it has happened to us at least 4 times. Three times at a WALMART and once at a major Drug Store.

Each time a manager had to be called to get it to work, once she could not get it done and I told them to forget the card and I paid cash for the purchase. I did the same at the drug store.

Then about a month ago I was next in line when the poor fellow in front of me hit a brick wall with his VISA gift card.  He kept apologizing to me about the hold up and I assured him I knew EXACTLY how he felt.

Jack Jr. gives us gift cards at times for places like Red Lobster and Subway. Those have NEVER been a problem. BUT for some reason the VISA Gift card I hold, has a black cloud over it. CASH-REGISTERS sneak a look at my hand and see the card and Yell electronically to the other registers, “WATCH THIS!”

The clerk looks at the screen like, “WHAT IS THIS GUY TRYING TO DO!”  One said “You should have told me that was a VISA GIFT card before I started ringing up your purchase!”

So that was on my mind today. Sister Shirley, God Rest her soul, was the one that would give us VISA GIFT Cards on special days. Dadgummit, there should be a way to switch them for cash…..

Speaking of Gift cards, did you know that yearly $15.3 Billion ($15,300,000,000.00) is left on gift cards, lost, not used, or thrown away with a small amount left on them?

My thoughts for today.  Now I will hit reset!


PS: Did I do the figures for $15.3 Billion correct? I wonder because there are times I go weeks without writing a check for that much!!!!! ;-)   …

And then there is a Corgi in trouble.

I never met a Corgi until Betty introduced us to Koda and Winslow, now when I meet folks OWNED by Corgis I tell them about Betty and Koda!  Koda definitely owned that family!!

Love ya Betty!


Susan Kane said...

I have heard that they are feisty little dogs. The Queen no longer walks them by herself.

Not the sock monkey! Noooo.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I am so sorry for the sock monkey. Gift cards are a clever invention from the business point of view. They take from you real cash, (which can be used anywhere), and exchange it for a store gift card that can be used in only their stores - e.g. their bookstores, or restaurants or whatever.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, never gave Corgis much mind --besides the Queen, that is-- until I met Betty.

I'm sorry to hear about your challenges with the VISA gift cards, but glad you've alerted us. And here, I was just about to buy one at Christmas. Not happening in my lifetime!

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack! Love Sherry and you too!! So true about corgis. They own their families, not the other way around!! Koda definitely did run the roost here but Winslow is proving he is quite capable of picking up the reigns!

I too have had trouble with the Visa gift cards. We haven't gotten many but the few we did there was a special way they had to be run at the registers. It usually did require the manager to come over and like you, sometimes I gave up on the card for that purchase and paid cash or used our debit card. So true too that other gift cards work just fun. So whatever the glitch is with those Visa ones, I hope it gets fixed sooner than later!


Unknown said...

I have two Visa and one Master card gift cards that we haven't used. Just been sitting there for a couple of years. After hearing about the trouble you had using yours I really don't look forward to using them. I really should though, seeing that people were nice enough to gift them to us.

yaya said...

I follow Betty also and always enjoy her stories of her corgis. I agree with the Visa card thing. I won one at our Christmas game and it hasn't worked in any place I've tried it! Lesson learned and I usually always give Amazon cards and I sure hope they have worked! Have a good day Jack and Sherry!

Dar said...

I'll have to alert our kids about the VISA gift cards...sounds like their own kind of fraud to me. We usually are gifted either the Kohl's or Cabela's gift cards with no problems. I wonder why VISA is so stubborn other than making a mint off of's a crime. The ragtop Pontiac is gorgeous but Bill wouldn't like it. It's red and he doesn't care for red vehicles for some reason....I don't mind tho!
loven'hugs from our very, very bitter north air....we woke to another minus -35 wind chill and it's going directly to my bones and chattering 🦴😬teeth...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully I've never had any trouble with any gift card. Although I was told at one time to always keep the receipt for the gift card in case someone has trouble with one. So I figured some have had trouble. I miss Betty's corgi posts, I haven't seen one from her in a long time. Most dog lovers have dogs that own them. My daughter is always telling me about what her dogs do and I go crazy thinking about it. Must be why I no longer have a dog.

NanaDiana said...

Wow! I get gift cards but they are usually for specific stores. I don't like that VISA or MC charges you about $5. to activate the card when you buy it as a gift for someone.
It is an awful feeling to be standing in line and not have your credit card work.

I hope you both have a lovely weekend- Hugs- Diana

Lisa said...

I think you have to call the number on the back and activate them before you use them but I could be wrong.
I found one on the road this past summer and it had 15.00 left on it. (I called the number on the back to check). I have no problem using it in the vending machines at work. I think its weird to use a card in a vending machine but thats what it has come to and I refuse to use my debit card in that thing.