Wednesday, January 19, 2022

That eating out EXPERIENCE is Not as enjoyable lately

 Memorable Continentals from The Past:

 The Edsel A nice collectors car, but never made it big in sales competition.

For today:

For a few years now we have enjoyed eating out a couple times a week and always on special days.  BUT lately not so much.  Not so sure why.  For some reason it doesn’t taste as good and the price even for two hamburgers touches $10 - $15, even at a fast food place.

Just the other day at a buffet lunch the Tip and all was near $60 for 3 people. WE can afford it and it is not just the price.  For some reason it is the feel, maybe atmosphere?

We both wear masks until we are seated, of course son Mark doesn’t.  He insists that his immune system can handle anything. (He must get that ‘kiss my rear’ attitude from his mama!)  ;-)


Before I go I wanted to thank you all for the comments on the last two posts. They made my day with the input content (I learned a lot), and I was thankful you took the time to comment …….  OH YES and the kind BD wishes. Y’all are sweet.


 PS:  Just before I was going to post my 'pity party post' awhile back,  I received the nicest card with a letter enclosed. Jack Jr paid about $9 postage to make sure it was here before my BD. The letter painted me much better than what I am. That sure helps to heal some other disappointments. The letter brought tears and some big smiles. Something I really needed. So I scratched the pity party.... LOL


NanaDiana said...

How very wonderful to get such a meaningful letter for your birthday. One that brings smiles and tears says it all.
I don't enjoy eating out nearly as much as I once did....not sure why either.
Have a wonderful night,Jack. Hugs- Diana

Eileen in Fla. said...

Hubby and I were just remarking on the same feeling about restaurant eating. Just not as tasty. Perhaps they are cutting corners on quality ingredients or hiring inexperienced 'cooks'. Many restaurants went under in my town, so I don't mind paying a little more to keep them afloat. And always tip the wait-staff.

betty said...

What a sweet thing for Jack to write you a letter with your card! I'm sure he told a lot of truths in there about you Jack! Don't sell yourself short!

I agree with you, Jack, it is just not the same experience eating out these days. Sometimes a longer wait for food since the restaurant is short staffed and then of course prices have gone up. I rather make something nice to eat at home and save the money and the hassle!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

So wonderful that letter and the comments cheered you up. Keep smiling my friend. Best wishes from over here.

God bless always.

Glenda said...

All of your posts bring a smile....and as an ole lady living alone...that's a hppy thing. I love Jackie, Jr's stories. And that "Mark is one of a kind"! You two blended your sweet family into something very special!

Thanks for the grit to keep on writing; we love it! "Happy Belated" if I didn't send a card! My Doctor's are keeping me going in circles. Next up, hopefully before it hurts more; my sonogram last week revealed a ugly Baker's Cyst behind my left knee ~ painful as can be. I, of course read about it on the 'Net" and my sisters say it's no a big deal, even there's a slight bluing (bruising discoloration on the calf which means it may have burst). So, I'll attempt to get the the orthpdedic surgeon soon - fit it in between the cataract surgeries. Thank God that I found IrmaNee's walker when renovating her home. So happy I didn't donate it to the American Legion (already donated spare items). It's been an asset this past couple of weeks.

Now, I'm gonna strap on that leg brace and call it a night. Love to Sherry, you and yours from Chilly Chobee,

Mevely317 said...

We don't eat 'out' that often -- but when we do, I like it to be an 'experience.' Hard to define, and so disappointing when you feel compromised.

Receiving a personal letter sounds to me like the best sort of gift. Ever! 'Just wish I'd thought of doing that when my own parents were alive.

Dar said...

Bill isn't an ' out to eat ' sorta guy so when we Do go out, I want him to have a nice experience. I'm fortunate he is easy to please. We haven't gone out but twice since covid so he's even willing to chance it. Winters get sooo long. We eat a whole lot of homemade soups, stews and roasts so it isn't like we're going hungry like some folks in our weather ravaged world. Our door never turns anyone away so come on up. It was lovely what Jack Jr. did for you. It brought laughter and tears, a true testament he tugged your heart strings. We love you guys.
love, hugs, n'stuff from up north and Yes, it's still bone-chilling up here. Enjoy your warmth

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even though your dinner out wasn't what you used to enjoy, that letter from your son had to have made everything better. He is such a good son and you are a better person for having him on your team! Good thing you and Sherry are both good cooks. You'll never go hungry there !

My Tata's Cottage said...

I've been out of the loop on blogging so I must catch up. I love a handwritten letter. what a thrill. So cool. SHows how wonderful a son you raised. W O W ! I am teary eyed. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you! Yes eating out is unreal these days. Except for the Outback where we frequent because of Chris. He is the bartender and neither one of us drinks these days but he is so kind, if we could have a third son, we would choose Chris. He works so hard and is so kind to us. It is a long story. I think I may have found a post to write about his kind heart.
Our son Nick told us today we pay $10 a month for Door Dash to get tons of savings on delivery fees. He said since 2020 we have saved over $750 in fees! But we all put on extra pounds so....
Time to join our daughter Rebekah who is eating healthy and lost 15 lbs.
I always love the cars you share here too. Thank you and may you all have a wonderful weekend.


I love restaurants. But boy are you right about the cost. Very pricey these days. gotten use to cooking home past couple years. so eating out is rare but still enjoyable.