Sunday, January 9, 2022

Just here

 Just hanging around in Florida. Life and God  are still GOOD! But  situations locally could use some improvements.


Nationally we need some common sense. 

This is just to keep in touch.  My politics do not matter but logic does.  No matter what party is in control, neither will stop spending.

Got this from friend Jim of Valdese.

Probably a friend of Victors, same accent!
Love from here.

 Comments not necessary, I am just looking at the net Jim & family have always practiced what this man preaches, we have too.  It ain't long but just common sense!


NanaDiana said...

It is so sad that common sense seems to fly out the door when it comes to politics. Just crazy. I pray our country can return to some sense of normalcy. It has turned a huge corner from when I was young.
Happy Floria Day to you. Hugs- Diana

Gary said...

Seems now ah days most Politicians do not have any "Common Cents", there too Interested in Making large amount of " Cent$" !!!! I miss the Old Politicians whoused to go around Shaking Hands, Kissing Babies and asking if there was anything they could Do for you or what was the problems that you were worried about ! Oh Well, Time Marches On !!! Take Care, sending down Love and Cares from the Rainy, Windy, Snow Covered North, Gary and Anna Mae

betty said...

I think common sense has been dead and buried here, especially by politicians. So true how they want to keep spending money that is not there! So true too that God is Good (all the time :)

Stay safe and out of trouble, Jack!


Unknown said...

Wow a politician with some sense. I wish some of ours would get some.

Lisa said...

He speaks on point. I wish politicians would wake up. But they are all in it for the power and money, not for the good of man.

Heading to work (for the Government I might add lol)
Happy Monday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Common sense isn't very common at all anymore. Those that have it are blessed. We all need to use it and pay attention to what is going on. A little bit of common sense is with more than a lot of book learning. Hope you al are keeping warm there.

My Tata's Cottage said...

I look around this crazy world and say Normal is not coming back, but Jesus is. Common sense is dangerous to have cause you have to deal with the ones who are clueless to it. Very sad.
Avery follows all these things and I have heard him talk about all that is happening,just like my dad talked about it too. It is coming and ain't gonna be purdy people.
when our oldest daughter said, people need to read a Science book, I said no they need to read the bible. Then this craziness would not surprise you.
Thank you for sharing.