Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bed and Breakfast??

 That Car:

(Where there is a will there is a way!)

Former Shipmate Frank, now Prtdn Michael Malanowski sent me the above.

 For today:

Mom and dad’s practices have filtered down to our family. WE have never been a family to stay in motels or hotels. The exceptions were church conventions.  Hotels were used if a ‘boarding house’ could not be found. 

I guess ‘boarding houses’ are out and have been replaced by the Bed and Breakfast units that bring in extra income for families who do not mind entertaining ‘strangers.’

Air B&B is big @ 3 BILLION $ last year. We have never used that system but Grands Josh & Megan did a quick tour of Ireland strictly using the Air B&Bs.  They loved it.  That way they met some amazingly gracious local people.  Learning more than they would have versus joining an organized tour group.

Some people are not cut out to ‘be in business.’ Have you ever considered the obligations of a local family retail store or restaurant? My brother started a business of making concrete yard ornaments (bird baths, ducks, chicken, etc.)  It grew and finally incorporated a china shop. His business was closed on Wednesdays, which they used to travel to wholesale houses to renew stock. The only holidays were Christmas and the 4th of July. Their average work day was 12 hours.

I was in business for many years. It was ideal. As a General Contractor I set my own hours, days off and vacations.  The only tight schedules came with ‘custom’ homes which I avoided as much as possible. Life for us was good, I preferred speculative building, because it was my house until it was sold. I did not have to wait for someone to pick light fixtures or room colors, LOL.

I could never have a business that required me present at one location day after day. I ran a roach coach for a few years, good income but it was my BOSS. I admire someone who can. Carroll and Mary White ran White’s Restaurant in Belmont. They had a good schedule serving only breakfast and lunch, but still they had to be there EVERY DAY except Sunday. This Pandemic has done something nothing else had been able to do. It closed them down.

I haven’t talked to Carroll in a couple years, I wonder how they are handling it. Well,  I hope, and enjoying themselves.

When I did work in a business and got sick, someone else would pick up the slack, not my worry. BUT if you are a one horse business, you are the horse….

I imagine B&Bs can set their own days, not sure how that works… Have you ever used or ran a B&B?


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betty said...

I haven't ran a B&B but stayed in a couple over the years. Hard work but the people seemed to like running it! I think the best situation was cabins we stayed in when we were visiting Colorado Springs. An "older" couple ran them but the cabins were only open from May to October, thus they had the rest of the months off. I would imagine they might have been snow birds, lol :)

Sorry to hear about your friends' restaurant closing as a result of the pandemic. There are several restaurants here that we frequented that no longer have their doors opened, casualties too of the times.

Being one's own boss is a good thing sometimes but lots of stress other times!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

It takes a lot of courage to start a business these days. Especially with competition from big firms.

God bless.

yaya said...

We stayed in a B&B once and it was enjoyable. When they were putting gas pipelines here the workers were taking all the house and apartment rentals and folks who ran an AirB&B made off great because the companies paid big bucks for their workers. Rents went up crazy too. I know some who had land would rent out space for motorhomes or even tents for the workers and made thousands a week. Anyway, my Jack is a self-employed Chiropractor and yes it's nice when you make your own hours and be the one in charge but then it's all on your shoulders when sickness comes and you can't work. Bills never sleep! But I know he wouldn't trade it for anything. That horse pulled trailer could have been in my town! We live in Amish country and you never know what you'll see!

NanaDiana said...

We sold our old home to our oldest son. It is on the bay of Green Bay. It has separate in-law quarters so they basically live there and use AirB&B for the rest of the house. Because we are located in Green Bay Packer country they make more doing that than she ever made working out full time. He still works full time but this has been a going business for them for about 5 years. He could retire at this point, I think.

We were self-employed with our own businesses for many years. John went back to school at 50 to become a pastor and I went to work for a hospital. After co-psstoring a church for 5 years-he became a chaplain at the hospital I worked at. We both retired from there. However, I missed working and went back to help my son start a new business which is still flourishing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never visited a B&B but would love to. They are everywhere and I love the hospitality they share. It would be a lot of work, but one you could enjoy with your family. Isn't that why we love days off, so we can spend time with family. I think they'd be a win win all around.

Dar said...

The idea of running our own business only came about after retirement but by then, we were already too tired. lol We did have a 1/2 acre pumpkin patch several years and sold thousands of the large orange orbs every fall off our hay wagons. It was fun watching kids pick 'just the right one,' the reason we did it in the first place. There's a nice B&B in town that's always had my curiosity up but we have the cabin as our get-away. Life changes daily for everyone. Maybe one day we'll fulfill that curiosity about the B&B. We wouldn't mind someone else making our breakfast.
loven'hugs from up north where we went from pleasant snowy weather to bitter cold arctic winds...trying to stay warm again.

Mevely317 said...

I wish I was one-half as adventurous as Josh and Megan! Besides the importance I place on a bathroom of my own (TMI?), I'd be all stressed out about making small talk with strangers. Silly, huh?

Gotta hand it to the remaining 'ma and pop' establishments. I suspect most folks have no idea just how hard it is to maintain a business, all the while keeping the books in the black. Fortunately, most of the time, I was able to leave each afternoon at 5PM and rarely gave my work a second thought until the next business morning.

Anne M Robinson said...

I am with Myra. I am really private. So is my husband Avery. I would rent a house though and we have at Avalanche Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado. Our kids took us there and we rented the medium house. Three couples. two baths and one full bedroom and two open sleeping spaces. But they are our kids so.... They have the natural hot springs. It is a wonderful place. Our oldest son also has a friend John who's grandparents made their money in gas and oil and tobacco. They have a beautiful townhome in Vail, Colorado. On the gold course and we had the luxury of staying there several times, costs free. Just have to replace any wine you drink and wash the sheets and towels and make the beds. We did lots of family trips there so it was fun. But Vail is too ....oh lots of things we are not. But staying there getting rest and relaxation is nice.
I am sorry your friends lost their business. It is very sad. A couple places we frequent made changes and were able to keep their businesses open. One was under a big chain and stepped away, went private and they are very busy. The other place makes their own donuts and have a small breakfast menu. But their baker has been with them 30 years so they changed up a few menu items and it seems to be working. Many others were not so lucky. It is tragic what is happening in our country and it makes me sad. My dad always said when I was old like him I would see the bible prophecies come true. My dad was a Catholic but he knew his bible. So much is happening so quickly. We just trust God, and know it is all going to happen quick.
I know I chatter on too much but I have been out of the blog loop so want to catch up as much as I can.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.


Loved hearing about these businesses. Particularly the concrete yard ornaments. never stayed in a B&B. i need my privacy.