Friday, January 21, 2022

THE Executor and money….

 Memorable continentals from The Past:

 This is an Oldsmobile, but the angle is terrible!!!

For today:

Money and ‘things’ have an effect of people that is hard to understand or explain. I have been the executor of more than one Will. Only one turned complicated.

In that one I had been put in an untenable position. At the event of the death, I let it be known that I had been assigned as the executor and informed the ones involved I was turning it over to an attorney, I would only sign papers not make any input. It still caused a riff that was NEVER healed, it hurt because I truly love them all.

I knew of one family that argued over a TV, the only thing of value their father had when he died. 

Once in conversation with Sonny (My best friend) he mentioned that since his brother’s death that the  family was arguing about his fishing boat. I had seen the boat many times, it was nothing special, just a flat bottom Jon-boat with a motor.

“Why in heck would they argue over that?”

“Jack Allen gave over $22,000 for that thing!”

“Oh.” (I had no idea the value.)

I ran across this graphic the other day that hit home. Only twice have I ran into ‘family’ problems that cut to the bone. One was related to the will mentioned above.

 Have you ever had a tough pill to swallow?

 I hope you never experience this.....



yaya said...

This really hit home. I won't go into details but an action of a family member caused a huge rift with Jack's family. He was
personally attacked and it put a wedge between him and a brother. That brother passed away last week. Sad thing over a stupid circumstance and no way to fix it now.

Mevely317 said...

What an unenviable position you were thrust into!
Your accounting makes me realize SOONER rather than later I need to strong-arm Tom into drafting a will. (He's been in denial ever since I've known him.) Like YaYa, I won't go into detail, but there's been recent unrest with Tom's daughter; I suspect she's showing her true colors.

PS - Ya, I've had my share of bitter pills. Sad to say, that last graphic resonates.

Eileen in Fla. said...

No one can hurt us like family.

betty said...

I think we can all relate in one way or another to that last graphic. I try to not let it bother me and know others enjoy having me around and I'm God's favorite :)

Always sad when parents pass and there is fighting over items, money, etc. My sister's MIL is still alive at age 99. A few years back she had her children come up to where she lived for a weekend and they went through all her stuff and delegated who would get this or that. She wrote it all down as part of her will. I hope they continue to honor that after she passes. I'm sure they will.

Sometimes its better not to have much. Less fighting that way I do believe.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a sad situation you were in. So many people losing focus on what is important in life.

God bless, Jack and Sherry.

Dar said...

We've always felt that the 'value' of 'things' is nothing compared to lasting, undeniable love. We can only do our best. We finally did have a will drawn up because of our land. They all will get it together and what they do with it after we pass, is entirely up to their best judgement. All of them already agree to keep it in the family. I know LIFE throws curveballs so all we can do is 'trust.' We can't take anything with us so dividing things now makes so much sense. I'm sorry for those that don't 'get it' to the point of hurting others. Good entry Jack. It makes a person think.
loven'hugs from up north where the winds are still tickling us with the chills BUT, the sun is shining thru the crystals in my windows like heaven.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully, I don't have much so my children won't be able to fight over anything I have. Sadly I'v spent on my money and can only hope there is enough to bury me. I've known some that went to their graves harboring bitter pills over their in hesitance. Not me we shared everything equally when my parents died. I have 2 sisters and we divided everything into thirds.

Anne Robinson said...

Fighting over ridiculous things. So very sad. My nephew Brian's ex wife once told my SIL Cheri's mom that when she died Tammy was going to take this and this and this. It was sad because Tammy was tragically killed in a traffic accident and Maxine, my nephews maternal grandma lived to be in her 90's. We have nothing to leave anyone. Our home will be divided between the two kids that still live here. The others have their own homes and lives.
My husband works for the suits on 17th Street as his friend, a bankruptcy attorney calls them. I am not not much of a corporate suit gal and we raised one. Makes me kinda sad. ;-( My hubby works hard all day, standing on his feet most of the time and he never had the desire to move up their corporate ladder.
When my MIL passed away we noticed all the land Grandpa B had that went into the state of Kansas disappeared. My husband had an attorney find all the land deeds and then they disappeared when my MIL had Alzheimers. Her youngest brother told my husband his 2 older brothers robbed her of that land. It is really sad what people do for money.
I am sorry you were in this situation. It is a hard pill to swallow for sure.
On a positive note I LOVE that car. Picture Perfect. Take care Jack and Sherry.


Been there done that. your story and you are not alone. Responsibilities mount abdwe do what we have to , to handle them gutwrenching as they may be.

salemslot9 said...

Lawyers should tell people to be more specific in their wills.