Friday, January 21, 2022

THEM Birthdays, kisses, gifts and tolls!

  Memorable car of the day:

 1959 Chevrolet with a distinct Continental.

(Continentals' of the 50s, Sent from friend Buddy, I believe this body is extended 16 inches!)

        (Update: WE are at 'Three Flags RV REsort'.  WE enjoy getting a chance to meet with friends from NC .  Don & Evelyn are here for the winter. We will be here about 2 weeks, we hope)

(The Welcoming committee, Sand hill Cranes!)

For today:

Over my life I met people who were never given gifts at BDs or Christmas.  I have met men who said mess hall food was much better than they had back home.

I have known people who did not know their father and some who did not like their mother.  One lady I knew said, “If she wasn't my mother I wouldn't even like her!”

That is sad. Growing up I always received a present at my birthday and Christmas. I was always loved.  Later I even received GIFTS!. I don’t remember much to-do bout mom and dad’s BDs, BUT they always did something special for Shirley and I on ours.

Presents are always nice, but I already have everything I need. However, each year I almost catch up with my sweetheart in birth years.  BUT the girl is always one number ahead of me and for a couple months she is 2 numbers ahead of me. LOL .. I am fortunate to have the love of my life with me, her presence can LIFT me over all other obstacles. BUT………..

I didn’t even get a kiss for my 83rd Birthday.
But I did get this Breakfast!!!

It is still hard to comprehend still living in our 80s, much less still having each other.  NOW I want to fuss.  Remember when I said she had to pay a toll when we passed? HA!  She has refused to pay a toll for WEEKS now. Kisses are as lost as dry bones in the Southwest deserts!  This keeps up I will forget how to kiss! To top it all when you can’t kiss, that also prevents the other accompanying benefits and thrills.

 If our family was around they would KNOW a divorce was in the offing. LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: Sherry refuses to give me back my cough!!!  No matter how hard I beg, she wants to keep it to herownself!  (Sorta selfish don’tchuthink)


Glenda said...

Awe, you two have always been huggin and kissin'ever since I've known you and Jack, Jr. was a little guy!!! STOP with the story telling about Sherry. She could kiss your elbow, how 'bout that???
Love that red car, omg!
With regard to presents, we sometimes got a pair of sox and slippers for Christmas and were thrilled, for real. So, I truly did "spoil" my nieces and nephews as they came along. And, my brother Kenny when traveling to Chobee and on his way home, call and say "look under your keyboard, Pineapple tray or where he'd slipped something under". Always would find several $100 bills. He'd say "I brought too much cash with me to Florida." Go get yourself a present!!! Love guests like that :) Stay warm and snuggle even if ya don't get kisses...Lots of love from Chobee.

Lisa said...

Well they say, making up is fun and I believe you two have a lot of making up to do.

From cold NC! We had two snows in one week. Both covering the roads.

betty said...

Sherry is wise to stop the kisses for a bit! We learned long ago when one or the other was sick and we kissed, the other one always got the germs. So we too don't kiss if one is under the weather. I think we are healthier that way :) Your birthday food does look yummy!


Mevely317 said...

You had me going there for a minute, Jack! Couldn't imagine Sherry holding back on your 'sugar.' With this crud spreading like wildfire, people I'd never suspect are masking up and laying low.

That breakfast looks like something I'd try and steal when you weren't looking!

Enjoy your getaway and time spent with good friends!
'Til next time!

My Tata's Cottage said...

You and Sherry are too cute. My Avery tells people he married an older woman. I am 7 months and 20 days older. He can be so ornery. will kiss and make up.You can't be together this long without some kisses and hugs heeheehee...
Oh the breakfast. My goodness, I would love it. Keep your strength up, you will need it for those make up kisses (wink wink)
Stay safe and warm and healthy. The weather has been so odd this year. It is terribly cold here.
Praying for safe travels for you and please take care.

yaya said...

When my Jack had a head cold a few weeks ago it was a no kissing zone for sure! I never did get it so it was worth the wait! I laughed at that breakfast! Way too funny! Growing up we always got gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I'm sure with 6 kids it was hard but we always got a cake, or party and gifts. I was blessed with a loving family.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for Sherry's and your good health, Jack. Enjoy your holiday. I see Niles and Frasier Crane came to welcome you.

I never had a birthday or Christmas cards or gifts from an elephant. And they say elephants never forget!

Keep well and take care. God bless you both and your family always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a cute breakfast plate. You just gotta know your girl loves you. Better she doesn't share the germs and of course that would mean no kissing. Silly you. Hope Sherry gets over the cold soon. I know you'll be a happier guy because she can share some kisses with you!


love that breakfast platter. certainly brings a smile. and jack kissing is like riding a bike. you never forget how...