Sunday, August 13, 2023


  Car of the Day

 The 59 Dodge. Chrsyler sold this car and others with 'no down payment' and 36 months of low $35 payments, but month 36 had a big $$$$ balloon payment. Lots of folks got hurt.

 So for today:

By example, Sherry and I are very conservative. That is conservative in life style and finances.  I guess it is no secret we are conservative politically as well (she more than I, I am sure)

Some of the most liked clothes I wear came from yard sales and thrift stores. It is no secret in my younger life I wore handmedowns from cousins and church members. That never bothered me in the least.  A lot of my shirts were sewn by mama.  I wore out a lot of collars on shirts and mama could reverse one in a few minutes.

Saturday, we needed a couple tires for the car. We decided which tires and the salesman, Roberto said, “The Goodwill is a few doors down, maybe you would like to spend time there.  We did, I got a nice NEW shirt, tags still on it. Sherry got a top and a pair of shoes.  I love this shirt. It looks cowboyish, and since I have been reading so many westerns, I really do like it and wore it to church Sunday AM.


Over the years Sherry and I have paid attention to our income and have always avoided debt like a plague.  I will never forget my girl’s admonishment when I went into building.  She knew there was a lot of money involved, I formed a separate bank account for the business.  She said, “I know you can built, you have built us a beautiful home, BUT PLEASE do not go into debt more than we can pay, if something goes wrong.”

I didn’t and we were successful.  I fear for our grands who might just want more than they can actually afford. Now to be sure we have been concerned about out sons and their handling of finances, but we are ‘hands off’ with the grands,  If someone is to be ‘worrying’ about them it is our sons not us. ;-)


This entry was influenced from headlines I just read, “This generation is more dependent on credit cards than any one previous.”  That concerns me.

When someone buys appliances, they cannot afford to replace good appliances, because the new design is ‘COOL’, that scares me.


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Before I retired I paid off all my debt. I knew I would be abele to afford any of them when I had to live on social security. I've paid cash ever since then. I don't buy anything unless I can afford to buy it. Otherwise it's not in the budget. Ir is scary thinking about all the credit card debt our kids have. I've tried to teach them to live within their means, but they all use credit cards. The only way that works is if you pay off what you owe every month.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I hated having to wear hand-me-downs. It was embarrassing going to school in a dress.

These days I give my clothes to charity shops. They clean them and put them up for sale. I go and buy them again. Cheaper than me having them cleaned.

Seriously though, I agree with you about the younger generation. Over here they change their cell-phones for a new model every 9 months or so. Clothes are discarded after 10 washes. It's the throw-away society. Many are getting into debt using credit cards.

God bless, Jack.

Susie said...

Jack, I fear credit card debt for young people. I always told my daughters, never spend more than you make. If you use a card, pay the bill as soon as it comes in the mail or as fast as possible. I pray my grands know how to run a budget to stretch their pay and save when possible, and enough grit to work hard when they need extras. I also told the ones newly married to have a major card for a replacement of fridge or car repairs. Only use it then. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
P.S. we wore hand me downs too.

Mevely317 said...

I sure wish someone had taken me aside in my 20's -- but then, I wasn't interested in listening. Oh, my parents tried -- and bailed me out of a financial pickle on more than one occasion. Looking back, I'm very ashamed.

Rummaging about thrift shops, estate sales, etc. is such fun! It certainly beats paying these ridiculously high retail prices; plus, if I find the 'right' neighborhood, the quality is lots better than what's being sold these days.

Lisa said...

I grew up wearing handmedowns and hand made clothes too. I always wished to have named brands like the other kids not knowing how blessed I really was. Now days I shop clearance racks and thrift stores and love it.

I do not own a credit card and only pay for what I can afford. The only thing I will finance is a new car and pay them off early if I can. I am really wanting a new Bronco Sport. I have to make a couple more bucks on the hour to make that dream come true so I have applied to higher positions at my work place to get there. Well see.

Kids use credit cards like its free money and to some, it is. They are handed everything too easy and get forgiveness one loans. I’ve stood in a courtroom before explaining why I haven’t paid back a remaining 200.00 on a loan I took out once. Kids have it too easy now days.