Sunday, July 24, 2011

There are times, I just don’t care

Caring was a part of my raising. My family cared if folks were starving.  That meant anywhere in the world. We never wasted food, because folks elsewhere were starving.

On the road, as we were many times,  when there was a wreck. my dad always cared, and he stopped to help.  I don’t remember a time when my parents did not care. Our house was the place folks came when they needed food or clothes, my mom always kept something for folks because she cared. As a kid I thought  it was because she was the pastor’s wife, and she was supposed to do that. But I found out later it was just her nature, she would have said ‘Christian Nature’, but I must say it was her nature, because growing up I saw Christians, whose nature that was not. My family just cared.

Once in my Jr. Hi years, we lived beside the school. I never went to the cafeteria, I jumped the low rock wall and I was home. One year a boy followed me home, TRUE. I went in the back door and he followed me. I sat at the table, he did to. Mom fed us both all year. I did know his name (I don’t now) but I did not know him. I never saw him any time after school. Reckon he thought that was a small school cafeteria? But my mama talked to him and fed him like he was hers. She just cared.

There was no condolence committee at a death in our church (‘til the last one), mama was IT! She would prepare a big meal for the wounded family and dad would load it in the car and deliver it.

Once an over bearing father ran his daughter off from home, she came to live with us for many months. She was a couple years older than Shirl. My folks cared.

But now, I am not sure I care enough.  As a matter of fact some times I don’t care at all. We passed our home church today, there was a huge sign, “FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES”. They have been raising funds for this for awhile. I could see a couple cars leaving, New Cars, much newer than we drive. (Not all but most were)

We passed a house that is being rented by folks who have just lost their second BIG home to foreclosure. In the drive was a huge new Red double cab truck and a new Audi. Something in me just don’t care.

I knocked on a door Saturday to try to find the man who was drunk and tore down our chain link fence, $1000 in damage. No one would come to the door. We went to the Police Station to try to find out if he had insurance.

As most of you know I cannot hear, so Sherry is stuck with doing the communicating. The final note was, he had retained a lawyer, the lawyer will not let him give the information to the Police. WHAT?

His truck is wrecked, he just moved here from Texas, etc.

I don’t care. He tore down our fence, I want it paid for.

Is that enough? Thanks for stopping by, I do care that you took the time to read this @#$%&^+%%$..

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I know, you probably think they could have rented a U-Haul for the price of the duct tape. They don’t care, they are moving! These are moving a family:


These are moving a village:

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are a lot of caring people in the world. It's too bad the guy that tore down your fence isn't one of them. Surely he has insurance that will take care of it. Hope you can get some reimbursement for repairs. Quiet Sunday here, staying in to beat the heat once again. Take good care!

Paula said...

Yes Jack it's hard to care now days. I hope you get your fence repaired, hope it won't be you who has to do it.

betty said...

Horrid that the guy who wrecked your fence wouldn't stand accountable for his actions. Somewhere along the line (or he never did) he stopped caring. Your mother sounds like a very wonderful woman; caring is a great gift to have and to be known to be someone who cares and to leave a legacy like that, truly a blessing!


Y said...

Much as it pains me to admit it, there are few who want to act with compassion once they have what they want. In today's social climate, your parents could lose everything they had if someone broke a tooth on a free chicken bone. You and Sherry are to be commended for all you continue to do.

shirl72 said...

People today want everything free and hand outs.
If a person is working and trying to make a living and spending wisely I feel more like helping them. If they spend all the money on
foolish things and then want help. God Help Them.


Ken Riches said...

I hope you can get back to caring, there are more than enough that do not.

Sheila Y said...

I hope the guy comes through and fixes your fence,...How did you get that picture of us moving...ha. Have a great week, Love from up the road a ways, Sheila

Fred Alton said...

I don't care either! Oh. Sorry. I do care that someone tore down your fence and won't have th guts to face you. It's a symptom of our times though. I know I'm not as sensitive to others needs as I should be. Like you, I've seen so many take un-due advantage of charity - whether from a big-hearted person like your Mom or from a church or from a government benevolence program that it's discouraging. It creates dependency. Many have lost their desire to work for a living. I could say "because" and go into a diatribe about some things - but it won't help. Nevertheless, I'm with you - "I don't care! I want my fence mended"!!! ☺

Anonymous said...

I hope the drunk sobers up and you can get him to pay for your fence. I wouldn't want to get started on what I just don't care about, lol. I understand why your upset just take care and don't let your blood pressure get to high. Love from South Alabama, Jean

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jack, you just don't like to be made a fool of. Most of us don't. False oppression & need is thrown around too carelessly at times. ~Mary