Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fishing license and nature walk.

Grassy Pond 006

We went down to the dock to buy our license like other years and the girl just handed me a phone # to call and find out where I could get them. To be honest she must have been having a bad day. She did say Walmart has them. That is 12 miles up the road, surely some place in town sells fishing license. But at the hardware store the kid was very nice and said the State did not let them sell them anymore, but that I could get them online, surely ‘OUR’ young lady knew that.

Have they gone up? you betcha. $22.50 for 3 days plus $6 for the lake permit. OUCH!  Since we won’t fish but three days, we took a walk around the lake. It is 3 miles around.

Naturewalkgrassypond 001

(I mentioned to Sherry and Mark about the trees down up in Mel & Dar’s neck of the woods. And Down here Don and Evelyn have lost a lot on the farm, trees down everywhere)

At the trail a sign read, ‘Nature Trail Closed Due to Wind Damage’, there is a lot of that going around this year.  We went anyway, I figure wind damage is part of nature, right?  We met a trail’s keeper soon after we started. He said go ahead but there are a few trees across the trail.

Naturewalkgrassypond 002

(Our Son Mark and Sherry ahead on the trail)

The trip was mostly shady, one river walk was completely closed. And one pier was closed, but we went out anyway, it didn’t look too bad, nature,  said.  We are on a nature trail.

Naturewalkgrassypond 011Naturewalkgrassypond 009

It was a good walk. We saw one small alligator, probably 2 ft. long. I kept looking for its mother. It was exercise. Sherry and Mark both had phone calls as we walked. Communications, it is hard to think back to pay phones and land lines to keep in contact.

Naturewalkgrassypond 005

Down South and especially near water our trees usually pull a ball of dirt out of the ground, but many of these were broken in half.

There were a couple places we really did have to climb to get thru.

Naturewalkgrassypond 007

This spot looked like the trail was eaten by Spanish moss.

Naturewalkgrassypond 012

This was one BIG hollow tree, it was about 7’thru. I coulda got in out of the rain in this one.

Naturewalkgrassypond 013

This was another giant, about 6-7’ thru.

We had a good walk, but the A/C did feel good once we finished. haha

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People in nudist colonies play volleyball more than any other sport!

(There are just some things I think you should know, cause you probably won’t go there to check it out!)


Fred Alton said...

Ha! Thanks checking it out and sending the tip about the volleyball games! That lake looks so promising! There are bound to be some lunkers lurking there beneath the lily pads! BTW - you and Sherry are really looking good (for your age)! ☻☻☻☻☻

Helen said...

Glad that you all got there safely. Now go catch some fish and beware of those alligators and broken trees. Helen

Sheila Y said...

Glad it was mostly shady, it's hot enough as it is without the sun bearing down on you. Stay away from them gators, Sheila

~mel said...

Oh I wish I could have been there on that walk with you ... even if it is hot and there's gators about. I just love old trees :) and the one you're leaning against looks like it's seen some years. I wish I had a tree like that in my back yard. It reminds me of the song lyrics: "like the tree out in the back yard, that never has been broken by the wind... our love will last forever, if we're strong enough to bend."
Take care and know I'm thinking of you two:) down there in gatorland. Happy and safe travels!

betty said...

I'm sure after all the hiking you guys did on the Applachian Trail (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), you didn't let a sign saying a trail was closed to slow you guys down! Looks like a pretty area to be vacationing in! I think I would have walked the other way if I saw the alligator! It does sound like a lot for a fishing license; I know the first year we lived in Montana we went to get a fishing license. Because we hadn't lived there six months yet, they didn't consider us residents so it was going to be $50 per license. A few short months later it would be less than a fourth of the cost.

stay safe!!!


Lucy said...

I bet it was a nice walk even though it looks rough in places.. I like all of the pictures. Good one of you ad Sherry.. I would have been passed out from the heat. It is getting hot here again. That was a lot for fishing licence. .

shirl72 said...

I was hoping you were catching some fish. Our
weather has not been as hot today, but still
warm. The trail looks ruff but I know you enjoyed the walk. That is a beutiful Lake looks
so peaceful. Stay cool.


Dar said...

So, did you fish anyway? I guess the heat would have kept the grandpa fish deep where it's cooler, anyway. Nice walk. Thanks for letting me tag along in my mind. It's been known for wandering.
Those boys of yours are some handsome fellas. I was just thinking how much Mark looks like his Mama. cute!

BlessYourLuckyStars and SafeTravels