Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you have a debt ceiling?

This country’s politicians make me sick. They play for votes with people’s lives. They play for their jobs by using blame.  Americans are so used to blame, we think that fixes something. I’m sort of a logical person. A couple things happened in my life to ‘open’ my eyes early.

I never played cards growing up. If a deck of cards had been in our house, it would have been considered a ‘sin’. On my first cruise I was a married ‘man’ of 17. Aboard ship card games were one of the biggest past times. Time and time again I heard the words, “Hey Jack, a seat is open, pull up a pillow and join the game, We are playing 5- card stud.”DogsPlayingCards1xzzc

That always sounded exciting to me. ‘Five card stud’. Sounded sorta Cowboyish, and I have always wanted to be a cowboy. I saw guys raking in pots of $30, $50 and even around a $100. My monthly pay was about $90, the USMC took $50 of that and added $41 and sent it to Sherry to live on, so my monthly pay day was about $39-$40, a little more than a dollar a day.  Therefore winning a pot sure looked good.


I knew the names of cards and knew the Ace was a high card and a 2 was low. Face cards were good stuff, but nothing about the combinations. Hey,I’m a fast learner, so what the heck, I finally gave in. They promised they would take it easy on me and teach me. Within an hour I had lost nearly a month’s pay. As I said, I am a FAST LEARNER, so I quit.


“Aww come on back jack, you are just getting started, you will win it back on the next hand.” When you are losing that sounds like it will work, but most of the time it does not.  I never did learn to play cards  but I learned what the word gamble meant. It means you do not always WIN. I licked my wounds, but learned you should never gamble if you cannot afford it.

million dollars

(This is a million dollars in $100 bills)

I had plenty of offers of loans to get back in the game, but something said, “You have to pay that back, what if you do not win?”

Loan sharking is real and rampant in the military. They loan $5 for $10, $10 for $20 etc. Many guys owe their entire pay check when they get paid. Then borrow more.

I read today that our government politicians borrow 40% of what the gov’t spends! ARE  THEY STUPID? AND THEY (we) ONLY PAY THE INTEREST, the principal never goes down. 

TRY THAT AT YOUR HOUSE, many do and they go bankrupt, and the banks lose. When the banks lose, the investors lose, when the investors lose, the public loses.

It has come to a head, time to look at what you owe. Some one figured that if 14 trillion $1 bills were stacked up they would reach to the moon and back.


(Those are regular size pallets doubled stacked with $100 bills, we owe 14 of those now, think we can pay it back?)

Are we gonna pay China back the money we have borrowed? Not on your life or in your lifetime, we cannot, unless we quit spending. And then still not in our lifetimes, or even our children's.

Every penny earned in the USA for a year is 10 trillion dollars. So if we all send in everything we have for a year and a half, not pay a bill and not eat a thing, we could pay China back. Are you ready?

The entire planet has $30 trillion dollars earned a year. We owe half that!

A sad state of affairs, and the fools still argue back and forth, it is not about the country, it is about REELECTION!!!

Reelection of a president and congressmen, not the country. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU, UP IN WASHINGTON!

I may never publish this, I just wanted to get it off my chest!

Nite Shipslog


Will Rogers, who died in a 1935 plane crash, was one of the greatest political sages this country has ever known.

There are three kinds of men:

The ones that learn by reading.

The few who learn by observation.

The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence

and find out for themselves.

I have put this on before, but it makes me feel good! So here it is again.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This whole debt thing has me more than a little puzzled. We spent a good bit of time around the campfire Friday night talking about what could happen to us and our country if our nation defaults. What a mess. I do have a debt ceiling and it's called buy what I can pay for now. Wish those in government could do the same.

Fred Alton said...

It's ridiculous that politicians think they can play these games and continue to be re-elected. I hope nobody has to pee on the fence! Makes me mad too.

Paula said...

I like to play cards but I'm smart enough to know not to gamble more then I can afford. It's so sad when people have it so bad they lose everything. We know a lady here who, after her husband died lost her house, her car, everything from that habit. She now lives in public housing and has no car and not much of a life.

Y said...

It's time we stop electing pretty-faced career politicians. We should elect people who have lives that exemplify wisdom and discipline in their personal and business dealings. Let them serve like our original congressmen did, then go back home to their own businesses, without continued benefits like free healthcare or lifetime pensions.
It should be against the law to campaign while we're paying them to be in Washington working for us. We can study their records and see what kind of job they're doing, but we all seem to accept their full-time game of liar's poker. Are we that gullible?

Lucy said...

All I can say is it still sounds like a bunch of kids, Every one thinks they are right. From the day Obama got into office their has been no effort for the republicans to even compromise. I would vote for the one that I thought could do the best it democrat or republican. Politicians are just that, and there will allways be politics first and we the people second except when it is time to vote.. I heard a freshman republican on CNN speaking in a way no one should speak about a president and I think it was either Gloria Borger or the blonde girl, called him on it and said regardless of what you think of him, you do not come on here and use language about any one who is president. What happened to respect. And by the way would any of you like to step into any presidents shoes?. I would not. All I care about now is I will get my Social Security check, and let them fight..