Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cars, old , Classic and just some mean metal

(I am putting the entry on early, not sure of the signal in the mountains, getting two tires for our home then heading to cooler temps.)

Shirl knows I love old cars, or just classic cars. She found a place called ‘Today’s Classic Cars’ cars on consignment. We took a tour. We had a ball. Shirl had been in Charlotte for 50 yrs. I have been in and out all my life. BUT things change. She had no problem finding the place and we walked in, awwwwww my favorite car in the world was sitting  there:

cars from Charlotte 003

a 1953 MG hill climber. Just $30,000. (I think Shirl is getting it for me for Christmas! LOL)

Walking down the line we saw a Studebaker Lark

cars from Charlotte 004

And some older VW’s

cars from Charlotte 005

The girls love the Corvettes

cars from Charlotte 006


cars from Charlotte 007

Especially this 55 or was it a 60? There were so many beautiful cars. Thunderbirds when they were actually THUNDERBIRDS!

cars from Charlotte 009

This Monte Carlo was the most perfect car.

cars from Charlotte 012

For all of us, this Rambler Ambassador was a treat, That was Dad’s pick of cars.

cars from Charlotte 032

We had a discussion on the ‘57 Chevy below, Shirl was tellling me about when she and dad were looking for her a car and he was not about to pay $3000 for a ‘57 Chevy

(This one was priced at about $60,000)

cars from Charlotte 014

My favorite car growing up was the ‘55 Chevy this one was only $45,000,huh?  But the red is nice!

cars from Charlotte 015

This Hot Rod had a flat, Shirl wanted to fix it, She is a fixer.

cars from Charlotte 020

Like this Jeep she wanted to fix where the Squirrels had eaten the fire wall:

cars from Charlotte 023

This was  great shot of my girl and the ‘40 Ford Pickup

cars from Charlotte 025

A yellow 1941 Pontiac, a neat classic, I never remember seeing one.

cars from Charlotte 026

But the real classic, a 1940 For Coupe. Bobby Ferguson of Belmont had one of these, a jet black one, the nicest in town. He would probably frown at this color.

cars from Charlotte 031

There were more cars than I can show, BMW’s, Mercedes, Ford 500’s etc. You can see the corner of a beautiful ‘49 Ford here beside the ‘56 Chevy Nomad.

cars from Charlotte 024

The funny thing was when we left. We decided to stop at Starbucks to be ‘cool’. But we could not find it. Shirl took us a tour of that side of Charlotte until we found it. We had a great time laughing and cutting up as Shirl whizzed and done u-turns in traffic. 

We found it, had a snack and headed home. It was a good day. I just love old cars.

Thanks for riding and walking with us.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. What a perfect place for you seeing all those great old cars all in one place. Hope your trip to the mountains is a good one and you have a great Wednesday!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

How high in the mountains are you going.....??

Dar said...

What a wonderful tour of the old cars. I wonder tho, if Shirl is getting you the 53 MG, are you getting her a Corvette? LOL
Sorry I missed so many of your excuse is good enough for you, my friend so I humbly appologize, with sad eyes and pouting lips.

Tho you'd like to go, stay grounded with Sherry. You're already pretty outa space already, my friend. Ha!

You say you don't care, but you do, just as much as your Mama and are as good as they get. It's others like stupid politicians that make us want to throw in the towel...our friend Truman said it right, "The buck stops here."

And as for Iron Mike...the audacity. What the h*e** is wrong with who ever did such a thing. It burns me too. So sorry to hear about that vandalism. I hope they catchum and do the same toum'.

Now, about that 53 MG again, you look right 'sporting' next to that car. Go get you one!
Spend that money. You can't take it withya!
You deserve such a cool car for all of your kindness and service.
BlessYourHearts and your sweet sister Shirl'sToo

Fred Alton said...

WoW! What a treat to get inside and see all those great classic cars sitting side by side!! However, U make every visit to anyplace sound exciting, come to think of it. ☺

Lucy said...

That tour was great. Although you did not have the 32 Model B. I bet you are a cool camper today. It is hot, hot, hot. Spunky ate a baby rabbit and I had to rescue him from a belly ache. Put a teaspoon of salt down his throat outside and waited. Nearly a whole baby came up. Thank goodness Joe came home in time to take care of it even though it was outside. Now, why did I just use your space top tell you that?? I had to tell someone and already wrote my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful measurement of time and life. Always a safe road ahead for you all.

shirl72 said...

I think I will go back and put a down payment
on the MG for you, get me the Thunderbird and
Sherry the Corvette. We can cruise through Belmont on the week-ends. I think we will be
cool in our convertibles. What an enjoyable


~mel said...

I bet you felt like a little kid in a candy store walking amongst those cars! I'm happy to see you so happy doing it!!

Anonymous said...

You know how to have a good time. I'm really seeing you in the MG. ~Mary