Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anyone who reads me or knows me, knows that on-the-road is where I want to be.

Before we left, we had a great visit with Son Jack up in Greensboro. We had coffee at Star bucks (Yeah he is cool), then to his office where he demonstrated the robbery he interrupted last week. He was not hurt, he ran back to his car, but by the time he got behind the truck it was too far ahead to get the license #. His company delivers the stuff ordered from online shipping/shopping. the lost ten large screen TV’s. OUCH!

lunch with jack 001

(did not get a pic of Sherry, but there she is in the reflection behind Jack as she took the picture).

lunch with jack 003

(Jack and I at lunch, I forget the place but they have square plates!)

Heading South from Belmont, NC we took I-85 this time, I love the highway in my picture window, but oh, what is this in the distance?

Grassy Pond 001

the famous Peach Water tower of Gaffney, SC.  It is actually very pretty, but too realistic. It comes across to most viewers as a giant ‘rear end’.  But I like rear ends, hahaha. When traveling with my dear departed sisters in law, Lennie and Colette, if they were getting in a van in front of me, I always warned “When I get too close to one of those things, I bite it!”

Grassy Pond 002

(I noticed I need new Windshield wipers)

But now we are in Lake Park, Georgia. The lake is Grassy Pond.  This is our home for a week. Our Son Mark is with us. The last time I was here I bought license at the office.  NO Longer. I had to do it over the internet, the only  permit I could get was a three day one, so we will fish WED. THURS & FRI (I hope)

Grassy Pond 006

View of the small lake. My dear departed BIL Dick, said of this place, “Jack, this is the Bassiest” pond I have ever seen.”  He proved correct.  I am not a big fan of BAss for food, I prefer Perch or the Crappie (Both are the same family, in Floridathey are the ‘Speckled Perch’ or ‘Speck’ for short.

Grassy Pond 008

Grassy Pond 007

We are hoping for a good week here. When we get home A friend of Sticky’s will pave our new home-port.

Grassy Pond 009

But this is home for a week in Georgia.

Supposed to be 100 here today, could be hot. hahaha

Thanks for dropping by,

Nite Ships


To make half a kilo of honey, bees must collect nectar from over 2 million individual flowers.

(Now I do not doubt that statistic, but who counted ?)

1906 Mason car

1906 Mason car.


Paula said...

You and your son Jack could be brothers. No really I'm not trying to make points. Interesting entry.

~mel said...

Those waters do look 'bassy'. Take lot's of pics of the big ones! So what are you using for a boat these days since the fold away is no longer?? Take care and stay cool ~ like you already are:) Enjoy that life on the road again... and for pete's sake stop somewhere and spend some of that money before it gets moldy and buy some new windshield wipers! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paula you do look like brothers ~ your pictures are lovely ~ and you sound like you are having a good timer ~ Ally x Life withally

Sheila Y said...

I think Jarin takes a picture of the 'peach' everytime we pass it. It looks like a hiney to me too...ha. Good luck on the fishing, hope you catch a lot. Stay cool, love from south Bama, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a good time with JJ. He is looking
good. Hope you catch lots of fish. Maybe you
will see some crappies or perch if the Bass will
let them in the water. If is hot here, stay cool.


Amelia said...

I hope you catch something! Enjoy your time there!


Dar said...

I agree with Paula, you do look like brothers...making points here!
As for the bass'y waters, absolutely looks fishy.
I prefer the perch and crappies too. Best pan fried fresh outa the waters.
Had a great time reading all of your past entries since I have been so lax in that department. Am I forgiven?
Love the look of that breakfast Sherry conjured up for you and just finished a huge hunk of watermelon too! Mercy, so good!
Have a great vaca with your son, Mark. I want to see the wall-hangers before you eatum!
As for that new deer stand for Mama, she'd love it!

betty said...

That peach is too funny looking!! I hope you catch lots of fish and enjoy your time with your son accompanying you!!


Lucy said...

I bet that peach catches a lot of eyes. We were fairly cool here yesterday but very humid. Supposed to be cool here today but I would not bet on it. Then back in the 90's to hundreds. I am not much of a fish lover. Once in a while I will buy some.. I hope you all enjoy your time together.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm here on the Gulf Coast this morning. It's been near 100 here the past few days. Quite a change from Ohio. Enjoy your visit!

Fred Alton said...

The best pictures were of Jack, Jr, with Sherry in the reflection - and of the lilypads on the lake. Hope you catch lots of fish.