Friday, July 22, 2011



(One of the shuttle launches we got to see)

(But first, Shirl gave us some blackberries, we were just eating them, but then this BB Pie appeared, a dual effort, I,  the filling, Sherry the crust, NOTE: the filling stayed inside, but the crust broke as I removed it from our NEW oven!)

blackberrrypie 001blackberrrypie 002

(back to the Shuttle)

I am going to miss the Shuttle.  It has been apart of our lives for many years. I am disappointed in our Space Program at present. If you will remember the days of Rocket launches, ended and the space shuttle took over. Many things have been accomplished with the Shuttle. But now that it’s life is over, except for museums, what is next.  We don’t seem to have a replacement, or do we?


(Off into the wild blue yonder)

I hate to depend on Russia for our space trips, it just doesn’t seem right for the country that was first on the moon to not have a space vehicle and have to rent space on someone else’s bus..  Can private enterprise really take up the slack?  That would be a bright spot.


(The crowd at Manatee Hammock the closest RV park to Canaveral.)

Google has offered $30 million to the first private company on the moon by 2015.  some think they can do it.

If I counted right, there are over 30 private companies working at this project.  I was surprised to know that one company has already sent 8 private citizens into space some visited the International Space Station. The ticket is a little high, $20 million was the advertised price of Mr. Tito, American Business man.  maybe the Private sector will take up the slack. That would be a welcome relief to our tax dollars.

Spacex is very successful with their Dragon craft.


The private launch by spacex.


The separation, much like earlier NASA rocket launches.


They have docked at the International Space station


And coming back is another reminder of the earlier water recoveries by NASA.  I can remember the excitement as Ships sped toward a water landing to pull the astronaut from the ‘CAPSULE’.

I am looking forward to some good stuff in space.


(I caught this on TV just after returning to the RV)

Thanks for going with me into space. I will never make it, but I sure would like to. (Sherry says I would go by myself, she ain’t going!)

Nite Shipslog



(yeah I know no one likes to have a picture eating!)

(Sherry and Glenda’s mango’s, yeah from Okeechobee FL.)


"Do not machine wash or tumble dry" means I will never wash this ever.
BUT to compensate:  Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.



(No idea what, maybe it was a Jeep?)


We know what this is (The yellow thing).


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The space shuttle era has ended and with it another era in our lives too. It's amazing all the changes we've seen in our day. That pie looks delicious for sure! Hope you both have a wonderful Friday!

Paula said...

I'm with Sherry I ain't going.

Fred Alton said...

Wonderful pie! Blackberries are "in" right now. I love to eat them - but don't like the briars trying to eat me! I love all the fresh vegetables we have for meals at this time of year. We had fresh corn on the cob, green beans, fresh fried squash, and a salad of cucumber and tomato for lunch. Lip-smaking good.

I'm saddened by the closure of the space program. Without our satellites we would not have such accurate GPS units. Also Amateur Radio Operators hitched a ride on the shuttle. We had 2 meter communication with stations on the other side of the planet using handi-talkies. Are we deliberately giving superiority in this area to Russia?

Anonymous said...

What a nice reminder that it is the inside that counts.

Please have you all a good weekend.

shirl72 said...

Jim would have been sad about ending the
Space Program. You know he was very involved
in the materials that was used. I think I
will keep both feet on the ground.

Pie looks good.


Rose said...

Love all the photos and especially the pie!

Hugs, Rose

Y said...

I'm thinking that this is how it should be, our tax dollars paying for R&D, and if there's a continued need or desire, let private industry take over, WITHOUT TAX SUBSIDIES!!!

Ken Riches said...

Glad we got to see the last one live, we were 40 miles away, but the whole beach was cheering.