Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garages and stuff!

I have built a few garages in my life time, attached to homes and detached. I have noticed something about southern folk. They had rather store their ‘stuff’ in the Garage, than their car.


Now me?  I prefer to push a button, raise the door and drive in out of the weather, rain, sleet, snow or just cold. I always hated scraping our windshields when the cars were parked out doors in the winter. 


Many folk close in the garage as a recreation room, I’d still rather have the garage. I was talking to my ‘hope to be grand daughter in law’ a few days ago. She is now a registered nurse, but has paid many dues like riding a fire truck. She said they paid calls on the elderly  when they had not been seen in a while. Once they answered a call that the lady had fell in her ‘stuff’ and could not get up. She had eventually died. Jennifer said there was only a path thru the house about 4” wide just enough for one foot in front of the other.

We Americans are addicted to stuff. So much so that we need extra space to store it.  The first thing to go is usually the Garage.


I am not immune to collecting ‘stuff’ even in this motor home. I have a BIG empty space  below decks now since I removed the lights, lecture and drawing material.  I hope I will be satisfied to paint and read for my own enjoyment from this day forth. But I will probably fill that hole with something.

I have a mental problem though, I want to do every thing to prove I can. Once many years ago when Sherry wanted a new dress, I said, “I’ll make you one.” She picked out the pattern and  I done good until the zipper in the back. I could not get the seams straight. My mama and sisters could zip right up the line, but not me. So I lined a ‘kite’ for the back held on by three snaps to cover the zipper.


My girl saw a small grand father clock she wanted, it was around $65. A small wall model not a floor model. So said I, that is simple to build. I built two of them.  Something in me says I can do it. Therefore, like my buddy Joe in Nebraska (who lives and puts up with Lucy (LOL)), I hold onto things, I might need. I was telling someone the other day, I still cut the tongues out of my leather shoes, in case I need to make a sling shot. hahahaha


sling shot 003sling shot 004

(This and pepper spray is the only weapons we carry)

Thanks for coming this way, and if you  filled your basement and garage with stuff, that is your business not mine.

Nite Shipslog

PSSad smileShirl uses her slingshot but I am not talking about it! hahahaha)

She sent me information by a guy named Randy Pausch, at the time he was dying of pancreatic cancer, he said:

It is none of your business what others think of you!

(Have you ever thought of that? Think on it. Really think on it!)


The ‘World’s most desired car’, a Bugatti Veytron, this one was run into a lake, one month after the owner in Galveston, TX paid $1,2 million for it.

(Not the most desired in my opinion, but if you give me one I will certainly drive it until it was sold)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You always catch me with that punch line of yours...It really doesn't matter what others think of me... I have a garage that used to house a car and hopefully before summer is over I will have another. Anyway the garage is small but still has some stuff in it. Like that bike I never will ride again...Have a terrific Tuesday!

Fred Alton said...

Heard a sermon once called, "I Got Stuff; You Got Stuff; All 'a God's Chil'ren Got Stuff!" I had never lived any place longer than 7 years before moving to Africa so didn't have time to collect much stuff ... but now ... we've been here 12+ years and it's gettin deep! I loved your slingshot fork! You find that on the trail?

shirl72 said...

Funny you mentioned sling shot. 3:00 AM the other night there was a Goonie Bird or something big doing its yell in the woods. It would do it about every 3 min. I got my sling shot went out on the deck and shot about 6 shots in the air toward the woods to scare it and make it shut-up so I could get some sleep. It shut up and I had a good nights sleep. I would not give up my sling shot. I love to use it, comes in handy when needed. I have my rocks on the deck in a container ready for action.

Anonymous said...

If I haven't used it in a few months, I throw it out. Good thing I live alone, because most people like having a heap of belongings.

Some people in NJ use their garage as a sitting room. They pop the garage door, hang out in there with a beer or coffee & chat with a neighbor or 2.

Paula said...

Darn I got kicked off now I have to remember what I wrote here before. I like my "stuff" but not at the expensence of my vehicle. I have never lived anywhere that I did not have a garage. Our first brand new car was one of those LTD's (1973, I think) with the bumper that stuck out front and a big deep trunk. We had to clean out the garage to get it in there. Wow! Shirl not only sings she shoots a sling shot too but can she do both at the same time?

betty said...

LOL, Jack, I can totally relate in this present situation about having no path to walk around in a house and stuff stacked everywhere. I don't know why we hold onto our stuff (I don't but I know others do). At our best in Montana and that was because we didn't want to scrape the windshields, we could get two cars in the two car garage. Sadly since then, we just haven't quite gotten back to that. Its like someone said, they use their garage to store their junk and their most expensive asset (car) sits in the driveway!

how neat you made a dress for Sherry! Zippers are relatively easy (LOL its been years since I sewed) but I like how you try to make something, I'm sure the clocks look great!!


Y said...

What a wonderful post...true confessions of an American Renaissance man.

Every so often, Richard declares that it's time to "give the place an enema"...Must be that he's used to using medical terms.

Cher' Shots said...

Once again you hit the nail on the head ... we've got 'stuff.' Stuff that just might come in handy some day and the day after we get rid of it you can bet we will NEED it. We just had this conversation last night! I swear! But then - GREAT MINDS do THINK ALIKE! We DO use our garage for the vehicle - and STUFF!
I love your friends wisdom - "It is none of your business what others think of you!"
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

If we had a garage you can bet our car would be in there, but all we have is a small block shed and after it got full it spilled over to the back porch and basement. Shirl I can just picture you with your slingshot during the night. You go girl. I would certainly not form an opinion about anyone based on "stuff". My opinion of you and your family is based on how much you were missed by some of us when you were tied up with the work on the house.

Amelia said...

Americans do like their stuff, that's for sure.