Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love Cornbread and milk

(BREAKING NEWS: We just recieved an e-mail from Corey! He apologized for worrying us and his family there. He says he feels like a pickup truck is parked on his chest (from the reviving). He is tired and now resting. We are very very happy for the news, God be with Corey!) I didn't tellhim but his little brother will probably go up side his head when he is better!!! LOL

Sherry brags on my soup so I will make more of it. Not that she minds cooking, just that it is a break for her. Usually she doesn’t allow me to cook when we are gonna have company. But I did fix soup when we had Mary Ann down. Sherry offered to bake a pone of cornbread, but I told her I would fry it on the top of the stove.

Well, that became a mess. I usually make about a half amount so I can flip it to brown both sides. But I forgot and made a bunch. I used the cast iron pan on the stove top, but when it came time to turn it, I knew I could not flip that whole thing so I took another frying pan, put it on top and tried to turn it over you know I lost some of it into the stove top. Shucks. Anyway it did not turn out too great so I got out the old standby soda crackers. Both girls ate my crummy crumbly corn bread, I did too.

I had the left overs in a ziplock bag and dropped it in the trash. Knowing I love Cornbread and milk, Sherry smiled and said, “You would love that with milk later!” I retrieved it.

cornbread2cornbread and milk

(This is not my snack, I stole this from ‘Blind pig and the Acorn’ Blog.)

She was right. I just finished it and it was delicious, I was proud of the crumbly stuff! For some reason I prefer to eat my cornbread and milk out of a glass instead of a bowl, I have no idea why, except it allows me to drink the last part. LOL

Another country thing I like is molasses, we hope to find some up here in the mountains. Maybe we will go to a flea mkt and check.

Wear glasses? I think everyone has hunted them and they were wearing them or they were up on their head. I was looking for my drying rag (drying towel) for the dishes, it was no where to be found. Sherry said, “why not use the one draped over your shoulder.” (grrrr you gotta love that girl)

Thanks for coming this way

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Rose said...

So, you are a good soup maker! Cool!!!!!!!

Laughed that you finally found your drying towel over your shoulder.

Hugs, Rose

shirl72 said...

I make cornbread but usually muffins. Also
use a iron pan sometime. Don't make it to often.
You make good soup I bet you could cook for
Company. Hope you are enjoying cool weather.
100 yesterday 99 today. I think we are having
a heat wave. Stay cool


Anonymous said...

My mother used to do this EXACT same thing, but only as a "treat" as she was a diabetic. A very warm comfort memory for me. Thank you. ~Mary

Sheila Y said...

Yes it is hot here too...Jack I eat mine in a glass too, don't know why either...but you know I use buttermilk...Mmm Mmm...don't fling any cravings on me...ha. Love from the hot part on NC, Sheila

Helen said...

First I want to say thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog.
Now I love cornbread and milk but prefer it to be buttermilk. I prefer a glass also. Think maybe that was what we used growing up so it has stuck. My grandmother used to eat her bread with buttermilk so I am sure that is where I got that.
You and Sherry have a nice weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love cornbread but haven't had it with milk. It is good with most anything and I used to make it in an iron skillet too. Since all the kids left home though I gave one of them the skillet. I don't know what ever became of it after that. Hope you find your molasses. It's pretty pricey in the store. I used to use it in baking more than anything else. Hope you both are having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether I have eaten it so far. Nevertheless, sounds good and I'll have to look for it over here.
Please have you all a good Sunday.

Paula said...

My Daddy used to eat cornbread and buttermilk in a glass. I like the cornbread but not the buttermilk.

Glenda said...

Did ya ever crumble buttered cornbread on a bowl of pinto beans & ham? Mom's cornbread was almost as good eating as her biscuits....yummy. (Makes me hungry just reading your blog) Good to hear that Corey is on the mend, hope all goes well, will ask Aunt Nee to put him on her prayer list today.

Fred Alton said...

Cornbread in a glass of milk is the only way to eat it after it gets cold. While it's hot, I want to put butter on it about an eighth to a quarter inch thick. Them's mighty good fixins.