Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Evening with Sticky & Jo then:The super breakfast by Sherry

Using HER left over steak my girl produced a great breakfast of Steak & Eggs.

dinnerwithSticky 006

(Along with my favorite coffee cup from Boot Hill at Dodge City, KS)

Look at the grits on the side smothered in ‘Get Smart’ or something like that. The eggs are really Egg Beaters. That is Parsley (the green stuff). Now there is a little story with that. We were gone off for a little while, came back and on our step is a ‘baggie’ full of little green leaves. Now having two boys and grand kids, I know most ‘POT’ is transported in baggies.  But having never seen it growing or raised any, I was not sure. I thought I remembered pictures with sharp pointed leaves maybe in groups of 4-5, like a hand. 

dinnerwithSticky 007

(Over on Sherry’s side, I interrupted her when I thought of the camera)

Later Mary, Mark’s kids other grandmother, stopped by to ask if we found the ‘parsley’, end of mystery. The tomato came out of Shirl’s garden. The steak came from a dinner with Sticky and his wife at the Texas Roadhouse. Notice I said Sherry’s left overs, I seldom have left overs. I think restaurants go to the trouble to fix that stuff, you should eat it to keep from insulting them. (grin)!

dinnerwithSticky 004

I had been planning to take Sticky & his wife Josephine out to dinner, and Finally Sherry did it. Made the date. We had a great time. I had spoken to Jo over the phone many times when contacting Sticky for upcoming jobs, but never met her. I have commented so many times at how pleasant she sounded.

dinnerwithSticky 001

We ended up at the ‘noisy’ Roadhouse. I could not hear but thankfully my girl was able to carry most of the conversation.  But we did spend sometime visiting and talking at the motor home before heading out.

dinnerwithSticky 005

Sticky himself is a pleasant guy, and a good singer. He has been a part of a men’s quartet for many years. I got him to sing a few lines. He asked me to sing and I declined. He said, “Come on jack, sing a little you will sound just like… well you will sound like yourself anyway!”  Everyone got a big laugh.

dinnerwithSticky 003

(Finally me and a new girlfriend, Sticky (like me) credits his wife with what  success they have enjoyed!)

Thanks for coming by for my report.

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Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult!

(Below Cars from China, yeah they use sex to sell also)



DD said...

Mmmmmm, the breakfast your girl made looks good, especially since I am sitting here eating just dry cheerios...ha.
I was in Dodge City once, years ago. Wish I had brought out a cup!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now you've done it! Made me very hungry and here I did so good going for my morning walk. I think a big breakfast is now in order. Glad you had dinner out with your friends there. I never finish all mine either so I always get to enjoy it a 2nd time too. Your Sherry is such a good wife!

Paula said...

I love left overs. Sometime they taste better the second time around. Sherry did well with her's.

betty said...

yum on breakfast with leftovers! You wouldn't have known the eggs were from egg beaters! they looked so authentic!! Glad you guys got together with Sticky and his wife; they make a nice looking couple (like you and Sherry do). Always good to spend time with good friends with good food with the added benefit of leftovers!

enjoy the day!


shirl72 said...

I posted something and it was lost, will try again tonight. They said service lost--- 503 what ever that means.


Lucy said...

Sherry, you are a good cook. I can tell because normally I can't think of steak and eggs but you made a believer out of me. They do go together. Your friends look like fun people. Enjoy every minute you have together. It is simply sizzling hot here today.

Fred Alton said...

Man! What a great breakfast!!! But I'm with you on the leftovers - they will always be Frances' leftovers as I don't want to insult the cook. ☻ And what an honor for you to get to eat dinner with the hero who worked the Alaskan Highway with that old yellow sucker. I know that was a thrill for you.

Glenda said...

What a wonderful time you had with Sticky and Josephine, her smile lights up the photos! And
wow, breakfast is making me hungry -- just when I started a new diet today --- that protein shake doesn't hold a candle to Sherry's cooking. When my mother moved to Missouri in '48 they didn't carry grits in the grocery stores up there, needless to say, that changed real quick. We had them with her homemade biscuits just about every morning...yum!

Rose said...

You're a lucky guy! Sherry creates great stuff with leftovers!

Your pictures with Sticky and his wife looks like a great time had by all.

Hugs, Rose

Amelia said...

The breakfast looked yummy :-)

Ken Riches said...

Loved the bit about the baggie on the stoop :o) Glad it was edible, and not in a brownie!