Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fortunate timing

Many times we decide to go to a neighboring town and walk around. If it is an unfamiliar town I always check the crime statistics and the safety factor.  It is a sorry testimony of our times that must be done.

Anyway it is amazing how many places we go and some special even is going on: apple festivals, parades, cruise ins and concerts.

A couple days ago we decided to go down town Eustis, FL and walk around the local lakeside park, normally a quiet pleasant place to walk with a great lake breeze. Imagine our surprise when we could hardly find a parking place. WOW it was my favorite thing, a CRUISE-IN!

The most cars or vintage and beauty I have seen in one place in many many years. My kind of place.

(Cursor over some photos to get the year and make, if I made a mistake let me know!)

1953 MG

The first car I saw was the ‘61 Metro, but the second one is above, my dream the 1953 MG!

1961 nash metro 2

1932 ford

A ‘32 above and a ‘33 Ford below.

1933 Ford

Oh yes, and guess who was there?

Elvis at carshow

1932 caddy1932 ford1948 Chevy coupe

My first car was this color and a ‘48 Chevy.

1932 Studebaker1948 Dodgepanel1949 Stude1937 Ford 221950 olds 51 chevy1937 Ford her yr1939 ford my yr

1939 Ford, the year I was born.

1953 MG hill climber1941 Caddy1955 Chevy1941 Caddy2

I think this is really a ‘48 Pontiac (above)

1955 Ford1956 T Bird

Sherry and a T-bird. I noticed BRBoomer used to drive a T-Bird, now she has graduated to a Pickup! I still love the T-bird.

This is just a sample. Thanks for joining us at the Eustis Car show.

The aqua car

There were 3 Aqua cars I lost one photo showing the twin screws they sport.

Nice to have you on the log with us.(Sorry the Florida sun was so bright and the chrome polished, it was hard to get a good shot)

Nite Shipslog

PS: Who wrote this sign:

In an office:

Yep, another car:

Eustis car SHOW 035

TR-6  another British entry!



I Love a good CRUISE-IN. The cars are always so much fun to see. Wonderful the way folks preserve the vintage ones. Thoroughly enjoyed the Eustis Car show. Thanks for the tour.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep....i drove a Caribbean Blue was really teal green....Got lucky with the header picture...took it the same morning t took the "shadow" picture of the cabin...just turned around and there was the sun...!!


Lucy said...

I have never been to a cruise-in. We are driving an old car now. I guess what I want in a car is that it runs and gets me to where I want to go. Joe likes old cars. Have you got that tooth taken care of yet???

Helen said...

I can see that was right up your line. Looks like Sherry enjoyed it also. Helen

Anonymous said...

makes one wonder how many stories these cars have seen, roads traveled.
always a safe journey ahead for you and a good thursday too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How lucky can you get? Something tells me this was the real reason for the visit in the first place. It sure does look like you all are enjoying some beautiful weather there. Glad you had such a great day there.

betty said...

Seems like you guys were at the right place at the right time! I bet it was lots of fun to walk around and see all the cars (lots of beauties there) and even get to see Elvis! That had to be a treat just in that!


Paula said...

Love those old cars.