Saturday, February 18, 2012

Iron in the water

I am not sure if you have ever experienced it, but it is rough when you do not have beautiful clear water.  We are at Rainbow Springs. Every day 490 million gallons or crystal clear and safe water flows from the Rainbow Springs. Our new friend Sadie lives a scant 15 miles from here, and has a well that pumps tinted (red) water.  It is not fun to live with this.

There are many buildings and fences in Florida, that sprinklers are too close, therefore stain the buildings and fences red.

The tub itself would have cleaned up, but there was a whole rested nearly thru here and some wood damage. If not for this space here, The tub could not have been replaced with a 5 ft. tub.

tub replacement 002

You will notice in the photo, the red stains on the tile and tub. Now these things can be kept clean, but it is an every day task. Once it gets ahead of you, it is tough.

tub replacement 005 - Copy

Since I was not going to remove all the tiles, I took time to scrub, bleach and clean the tiles before I removed the lower ones. It is impossible to clean the top with re-staining the grout below, so I climbed in the tub and gave it a cleaning.

tub replacement 006

After removing the lower tile I had to cut the drain out, because in a tub, unless you are building you cannot see the drain below and I did not want to damage plumbing that is set in concrete. Once the drain was cut loose, Sadie had a hand truck handy and we removed the corpse. I knew Sadie could use the tub, but she told me anyway, “I can use the old tub”.

If you know cattle country, no one destroys bath tubs. (Paula & John are examples in Texas, they are used for feed or water for cattle,not sure Sadie’s intent, but you cannot take the farmer out of an 80 yr old).

tub replacement 009

(New tub is set in place, awaiting drain and new faucets)

Sherry is doing the clean up and hauling the residue outside. In between she is enjoying visiting with Sadie.

Once the clean up is done another trip to another Lowes. This one had the two handle faucets Sadie preferred. Note NEVER install the cheap (no-name) tub shower faucets, when there is a problem they cannot be repaired, they are ‘replace only’ and a VERY expensive task, if you must hire it done. I am installing Moen, I also like Delta but any ‘respected name’ is good.

We are gonna work Sunday after church. maybe we can have the tile installed ready to grout. That would be nice. Thanks for coming by the log.

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T-Bird with skirts and a continental Kit. 1956


Anonymous said...

if I had iron stains and leak probs I'd hire you and Sherry in a flash! ;-) How fortunate Sadie is to have you both to help her...blessings!

Paula said...

Wow you did a good job on cleaning the upper tile. Oh yeah John would never throw a bath tub away. So many houses in this county have those rust stains on the side of the house from watering their lawn. The farm house has those and when we lived there I wanted to paint over it but the owner said you can't paint over asbestos siding but I know you can. I don't know if the rust comes through the paint. Bless you and sherry for doing this job for Sadie. I bet she even likes the company.

Louis la Vache said...

YIPES! «Louis» has experienced water with too much iron in it. It is rough, indeed!

Nice '56 T-bird!

Jean said...

I know Sadie's so glad she met to wonderful friends like you and Sherry. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

What s wonderful deed you are
doing for Sadie. Not a surprised
from my Brother and Sherry you both
are really kind souls. You have
helped so many people. I think
about family where would be without
your help. GOD love you and so
do we.


shirl72 said...

I made a mistake the s should have been an a.

I didn't say anything about our
water. The only thing I have notice it hard water. When you
wet things they become very stiff when they are dry. Like the wash rags that you wash your face with after taking your make-up off. Nothing you can't live with.
Thank goodness no iron in it.
Just ring around the tub. I can
clean that.



Bookncoffee said...

Wow, that looks like a job! Snow coming here! Hoping Kate gets back to school ok tomorrow. She refused to go back today ahead of storm. grrr.


Looking good. You're doing GREAT. It pays to hire an expert. Sadie must be so pleased with the way things are shaping up. You too. It was brave to tackle it. Keep us posted on your progress. Take care.

Rose said...

I've seen stained walls on buidings from the sprinklers but I've never seen it in the house.

Sadie is surely lucky to have you correct that problem for her.

You're the best!

I wish you lived close by me to fix all my stuff.

Hugs, Rose

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I usually take clear clean water for granted but not any more. That would be a problem I wouldn't want to deal with. Glad you got the tub put in for her. Hope your Sunday is a great one!

Anonymous said...

Ok, for a second that looked like a tub in a crack house....

Fred Alton said...

Great work, Jack and Sherry! Looking good. I'd love to be there and be able to help. What a wonderful thing you are doing.

shirl72 said...

Remember we had two boys in Valdese
that had T-Birds. One became a
policeman in Charlotte. One his
Dad was a member of our Church.
You could take the top off and you
would have a convertable. I bet they wish they still had them. That was in the 50's,



Ken Riches said...

We have iron here, use iron-out in the water softener, and frequently need to clean the porcelain. Glad you were able to help out!