Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your best idea

One of the many Auto Ideas:


(1956 Ford X2000, an idea that never happened)

Everyone has an idea for something new, a modification or an improvement over a product..  Some work out some do not.  What has been your best idea? I have cleaned a lot of house gutters.  Have you   ever seen a bush or tree growing out of someone’s gutter?  I have many times but I never thought of this, and I should have:

Gutter garden

Yep Gutter garden. When I saw that I loved it.  I might do this this spring.

In a motor home we are always looking for ways to save space. I have a couple compartments that have plastic containers, but the one I am most proud of is the hand tool section. (of course).

cake and ideas 011

(I took this flat section that was not being used to hang some often used tools.)

Sherry wanted this, so I installed it for her, an easier to put groceries away, the sliding shelf:

cake and ideas 010

(Also on the back of the door is a needle point map of the Appalachian Trail. Look closely you will see my girl in the mirror at her computer)

I have never come up with an idea that is earth shaking, but many ideas have made our lives better. I admire someone who is continually thinking of a better way to do something.

Again, what is/was your best idea?

Keep your mind alert. There may be nothing new under the sun, but what is here can always be improved. Make your life better. THINK! 

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Observations on Growing Older

***** Notice everything they sell in stores is "sleeveless"?
*****Many of the people in People Magazine you've never heard of.
*****Your lipstick bleeds.



Part of our nomad ancestors.


There have always been folks on the move.

new motorhomeold_TxRV_lge

We spotted this one in the back country of Maine:


Life on the road has changed, but the feeling is the same. sometimes we ‘Boondock’ which is RV’ing for ‘roughing it’, without the ‘shore’ hookups.


Paula said...

I thought up something that made my life safer and Mel built it and installed it. We lived on a very busy street and people were always stopping to ask to use the phone or for water etc. I had him drill a round hole from the inside to the outside going out to the front porch. On the outside he put a radio speaker that I could see through. On the inside he made a cute little door to open with a little knob. When someone knocked I could open the little door and see and talk to the person without being too close and then agree to call someone for them if they had car trouble and then close the little door and the big door stayed locked. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Love the old "caravans"!

Happy that this Ford never made it to production...with all due respect to the engineers, it's UGLY! Just saying!

You know where I saw the gutter idea...on Pinterest! Was looking for ways to grow things on my little patio! Sad thing is I can't attach anything to the exterior wall :(

I wasn't as handy as you, but I did pretty well stowing every thing I needed onboard our MH...I like your your hanging tools...excellent idea!

My best idea...did I even ever have a "best" idea? I'm thinking...I once had an electrician run cable from our main TV to our those days sometimes Don didn't feel like sitting up in the LR...and he could watch the same channel that was on the main TV in the bedroom. This was before DirecTV did all kinds of fancy things with their receivers. The only problems is I forgot to tell the man who bought the house how the whole thing was set up, whoops, LOL!

Yeah, here I've got these flabby old lady arms and everything is sleeveless...I know Michelle Obama has beautifully formed deltoids but as for me, not so much! (When I looked up Michelle Obama I discovered she's pregnant!)

I haven't heard of MOST of the people in People Magazine! But then I don't watch TV or go to movies!

I haven't worn lipstick consistently in years...but the last time I put some on it was like the Mississippi tributaries all over the lower part of my face! LOL

hellooooo Sherry!

shirl72 said...

I have the ideas that only make
my live easy but wouldn't fit
others lifestyle.

Just wondered if you are thinking
about trading your motor home for one in those pictures? LOL


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
You can see the grill of the '58 Edsel evolving out of that grill on the X2000....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know that I've ever had any best ideas that I thought of all by myself. The few times I did think I had an original idea I found out later on that someone else had already done it. But I like seeing what others do to make their life easier and better so I do read a lot. Hope by now you've been for the mail and are enjoying it too. Sunny day in Ohio, in the 30's but it's about to get a whole lot colder the rest of the week.

Lucy said...

Now, I call this an interesting post.
From lettuce to rickety. Love your ability to build things. Joe can if it doesn't have to be brought out in public.

Woody said...

I love those side gardens, just might try that on my little garden.
Hope things are going great guns for you 2, wishing you the best from down here on this end,
love ya's;

Gary an Anna Mae


GREAT ideas, one and all. Love the rolling cabinets for the groceries. My hubby likes the place you made for your tools. As an engineer he's invented all kinds of neat things too. But I have only had a couple of ideas. For kids... I came up with the concept of animal Pillow Pals in a college marketing class a gazillion years ago. Complete with a commercial. Someone else took the idea and made millions. Pillow Pals are everywhere today. Should have kept my ideas to myself. LOL take care.

Rose said...

Love that cool tool compartment for storage.

Great photos.


Jean said...

Love Sherry neat storage cabinet and the neat way you have your tools. I'm like some before me I don't like the ugly car, lol. But love reading your blog. Take care. jean