Monday, February 6, 2012

She said, follow me!

(Everyone knows I am the luckiest guy in the world. We seldom have secrets, just now she looked across the table and saw this title and said to me, “I said, follow me, but not take pictures of my butt all day!”  Exact quote. (That may be the last thing I EVER type, just in case, it has been fun! LOL)

About the year 2000 (remember when things went crazy)  Well they didn’t miss Sherry. She said, “Hey come on and you follow me this time, we are gonna hike the Appalachian Trail!”

077 - Copy

I said okay girl, you lead I will follow. After all it is my time to follow you have followed me all over the world. So we started  I followed her over creeks..

Under trees

201_0010 - Copy (2)

Up rocky slopes as we climbed hundreds of mountains.

201_0018 - Copy

Down the other sides of mountains. She did many mountain downs, on her pretty behind.

She descended Mt. Katadin(partly), like that, but it was at night also.

201_0025 - Copy

Up some falling apart laid stairs. Laid by workers on the trail years ago.

08172009 031 - Copy

This is about the time she started complaining, “you only take pictures of my behind.” She is sweet, but I had to explain that is my view from following and I ain’t complaining, (why should she?)

027 - Copy

So at my sweet hearts request, I tried to resist taking pictures of her Back side. I’ll admit it is a good side, but not her BEST! So on the tops of some Mts, I took some leisure shots.

032 - Copy

These are atop some of the beautiful White Mts in New Hampshire. By this time we had hiked about 1850 miles. (Over 5 or 6 different summers)

049 - Copy

We have had some physical complaints, mostly muscle/joint/heels. From this point.(Picture above) We went down a big Mt., Rocks were the size of cars and trucks with a small stream part way falling with us. These took a toll on my girl. To the point where she would throw the pack down the Mt, and then follow it. TRUE.

Yet we want to finish the Trail we still need to hike about 350 miles. It is a good feeling out there on your own, Beautiful! (behind and all.)

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog.

PS:  Sherry has wanted to do a couple things. One was hike the AT, the other we drive thru a tree.

scan1998 020 - Copy

The other times we had been in California, the snow was too deep where the tunnel trees were. This time we found the Chandler tree, disconnected the car, and she got to fulfill her wish.


Scanoldpic9 025 - Copy

This is our first Motor Home. It was great!!!


Anonymous said...

wow love your first motor home! Over the years Don and I camped out the back of a Ford Courier, out of an RV, a pop up tent camper and a motorhome! The most fun was the rough camping out the back of the truck...we could put up a camp that would make people cry from envy! Remember this is my logistics guy...and I was a former Girl Scout who had a Mom who could pack more in a suitcase than my son can (and my son's pretty darn good)! Wow do I applaud the two of you for walking the Appalachian or what! I first read up on this trail back in the late 60s (semi hippie, back to the earth, Mother Earth News type gal), my favorite story in the MEN was about a 60 something grandma who walked the trail from beginning to end, by her self, with her stuff in a pillowcase! Blew my mind away...Don and I would have tried it...except by the time I met him in the early 80s his legs were shot from 26 years in the Army. He did a lot of walking for me, no attempts at the AT though...I know you'll finish it...ONLY 350 more to go! YAY!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You both have definitely got more spunk than I ever had. Just looking at those trails was enough to tire me out. I've got to say congrats to you on doing that and still wanting to finish. I guess you do know what is ahead of you after your past experiences so you can be a good judge of what you can do . As for me I'll be taking the low road...Ohio's gentle hills can sometimes do me in. It's another sunny day here and in the 40's for a high.

Fred Alton said...

Man! Proud of you two and your ability to rough it on the AT for all of those miles. I love hiking and camping. Unfortunately, Frances never did like camping out - except for a day trip. Now it would be impossible for her - but I still feel that I could do it...even at my advanced age with my decrepit shrinking frame of a body. haha. What 300 mile stretch of the trail do you lack? Could that be accomplished in three months?


KUDOS to you both of you for tackling the Appalachian Trail and ever other mountain you came across. Tell Sherry my husband took pictures from behind too. LOL I fear my walking days are over, though. You guys continue on. LOVE that picture of your wife driving through a tree. That is very neat. And your first motor home looked lived in and loved. Take care.

Anonymous said...

But in her age group, she would win the butt contest for sure.

shirl72 said...

I walk from Pizza Hut to Vistors
Center. LOL I don't think I will
try the trail...I found my map
the other day where I would follow
you on the trail. I like it when
the trail went way in the back
of some homes. Was one where the
President took vacations? Get your
feet and back in condition before starting out again.


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Those tress aren't all that far from where «Louis» et Mme la Vache live - but they have only been there once!

Rose said...

You both AMAZE me! I don't know if I physcially would be capable of all that hiking.

Love the drive thru tree! Cool.

P.S. You got some great butt shots!

Hugs, Rose

Y said...

Laughing OUT LOUD funny! My son has the same tendency in his photos of his wife.

~mel said...

What you have finished is a HUGE accomplishment in itself! I can understand though that yearning to "git er done". What remains of the trail ~ how far between points where you could get off? Is it nasty climbing or easier navigation? If you go I think you should buy yourself a mule first :) Or hire on some young strapping guy in his 20's to carry your stuff - if needed... and make sure he wears tight jeans or better yet football pants. Tell Sherry to take LOTS of butt shots. Jack, you either stay in front or way behind Sherry. Who would want to look at your saggy ass for 350 miles!!lol

You know I LOVE YA!!

~mel said...

... you know I was referring to the pack mule I told you to buy!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Looks like you two were having a great time ~ and she had a very pretty behind ~ Ally

Lucy said...

I was ready for a nap just watching you all climb or hike the trails. Just don't forget you both are getting older, so BE VERY CAREFUL.