Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls know things. Some tastes just go together


I have always (it seems) had a problem selecting the right container for left overs. Usually I pick one too big.  Now I just hold the two up that I think might work and Sherry will nod to the correct one. She never misses. Right size every time.

She knows Navy Blue ain’t black, and that navy blue don’t match black. What?

So I cannot wear navy blue socks with black pants if I plan to cross my legs and show my socks. AND what if I have an accident and some nurse laughs at the old man who can’t tell Navy from Black.

I take her word for the matching stuff, cause she knows things that I don’t.  Did you know jeans sheets get dirty?

WE normally do not give birthday presents, this year the girl done something different. I opened my card and there was a hundred $20 bills.  Okay not a hundred of ‘em but $200 worth.  So yesterday I finally spent my present. I ordered a spanking new Milwaukee cordless  drill and impact tool from Amazon. I mean, they sell my books, I should do business with them. Wow whata deal, $202.


(My buddy Sonny would be proud of me, he preferred Milwaukee, I was always too cheap to buy them)

What is this $202 on the credit card?” SHE ASKS!

“Honey, that is my Birthday present!”

Didn’t I give you CASH?”  Women know too danged much (as my buddy Sonny would say).

“Okay, it is next years present!”

And how do you know that you will get a present next year?”  I guess she doesn’t need a lesson in logic, so I will shut up until I find a good response to that.


Tastes? As I sit here I am eating salty peanuts and an orange. Orange and peanuts seem to go together.

cornbread andmilkcornbread milk 2

(I stole these from ‘The blind pig and an acorn’)

At our house we called milk Sweet or butter. Cornbread and sweet Milk or butter milk. Crackers and sweet milk.  Now don’t ax me why. It is what mama said.

Sardines go with crackers and water. Growing up I ate sardines. Dad loved them. Once while grocery shopping (not long after we were married), I grabbed a couple cans of sardines. When I got around to opening one, it was yellow. I threw the can away, knowing it was rotten (you know you cannot go by the smell of sardines. haha).  Then I read on the other can, PACKED IN MUSTARD! How could that be? God created sardines packed in oil, not mustard, not ketchup, not hot sauce; OLIVE OIL, for heavens sake.  Oh well, live and learn, maybe?


Thanks for coming by the crazy log.

Nite Shiplog


Observations on Growing Older

**** You use more four-letter words -- "What?"..."When?"
**** Your husband has a night out with the guys but he's home by 9:00 PM; next week it will be 8:30 PM.
**** You read 100 pages into a book before you realize you've read it.



1954 Packard Panther, GRP (Glass reinforced plastic or fiberglass) body. straight 8 engine, 275 HP and done 131+ MPH at Daytona.  Never made production I think.


Louis la Vache said...

You are quite right that the Packard Panther didn't make production - but five of them were built. One was extensively modified to show off the "cathedral" taillights that designer Richard Teague put on the production '55 and '56 Packard Patricians and Four Hundreds. (The Clippers did not use the "cathedral" taillights.)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember those yellow sardines, my dad loved them. I could never get up the courage to even taste them. Glad you got what you wanted for your birthday! Whether it's this years or next's I know you'll be enjoying it. A little snow, not much here today.

~mel said...

The Big Slim is a fan of the sardines and crackers for a snack. He likes the ones in olive oil too; but on occasion will have the ones in mustard. Did you know you can get them in salsa too? We tried them once and weren't too crazy for those. Slim's problem though is he likes to eat them right before going to bed. I don't care how much he brushes his teeth - his breath stinks from those little fish. I always tell him, "Don't breathe on me!" His response is usually, "I won't breathe on you if you come over here and give me a big smooch!"

shirl72 said...

Ladies just learn how to choose the right continer to save left
overs. I just say milk and crackers
but don't eat crackers very much
because of the soduim. I want
get into the things that are bad
for us. LOL


Anonymous said...

That's some Packard!

Your Sherry is an I pick the biggest container cause I know no matter what it's going to fit :-)

She's definitely right about Navy Blue and Black...aren't the same, don't go together!

I loved my cordless drill...gave it up when I moved and just had to buy a corded one to put drain holes in the huge planting tub son gave me for Mother's Day last year. He filled it with dirt and beautiful plants then all the rain came last summer and drowned the lot cause apparently there are NO drain holes! Never had me an impact tool but loved my reciprocating saw, had that in Arizona. I could use it now to cut down the dying Hibiscus at one end of my patio (course I need to get management permission to do that don't I???)

Did you just try to double dip on that birthday present (what happened to the cash?) I know none of my business!

Never tried eating salty peanuts and with an orange...haven't eaten salty peanuts in years (sodium). Used to eat creamy peanut butter with apple slices!

Yep, milk at our house (years ago) was sweet or butter (and I mean real hunks o'butter...not this homogenized stuff you buy now)! Cornbread and buttermilk yum!

Sardines with crackers, definitely! And definitely pack in oil, don't really like the other kinds.

Well I must not be to old, I can usually tell by about page 5 or so that I've read the book.

Say hi to Sherry!

Woody said...

Sardines must be packed in Oil !!!

Paula said...

Pew I don't eat sardines. I just like that expression packed like sardines.

Dar said...

Sherry is always right! Ya gotta love her! And no Jack, Navy Blue does not go with Black!
Sardines~~~Bill loves them, I do not. but only in oil~~~now, if only we could get them packed in crude oil converted to diesel for the tractor, well, that man would be in 7th heaven.
That Packard is OK but it isn't a '55 Chevy V8 dressed in turquoise
Sorry I missed a few entries, but wanted to wish you safe hiking if you decide to still tackle the AT.
Only you two could finish it.


We have same discussion at our house about which container. I am usually right, but sometimes my hubby surprises me and gets it first. LOL Live and learn. LOVE my clementines. Been wanting to try a honeybell but they don't sell them around here. Hubby and I are quite fond of sardines in MUSTARD sauce. LOVE them. Had to chuckle over you thinking they were spoiled. take care.

Fred Alton said...

Love the looks of that Packard. Looks heavy. Solid. And smooth running too.

On the container size - if you see her at the sink after a meal while eating, Frances will say, she is just putting left-overs into a bowl! ☻ (Quote me in front of her and you're a dead man!!! ☻ Thing is - they what's left after she's through fits into whatever bowl she selected.

It's cornbread and buttermilk here. Ask me about the time I visited a share-cropper's home for dinner and he fed me what he called sweet-milk ... it had lumps in it. ☻☻☻☻☻