Thursday, February 16, 2012

News and a Thank you

(Cars from the Studebaker Museum)

Most folk who read, or run across this BLOG know we live on the road. We sold and gave away most of our ‘stuff’. The rest is  rotting away, or mildewing in a Trailer (as in tractor and trailer without the tractor). Had I known we would be gone this long, (I think we started in ‘98), we would have probably gotten rid of all of it.


The trailer is in the woods (Moved 2-3 times), it is not sealed so mice and snakes make their way in. Yeah we are careful every time we enter. I sing to them and make a lot of noise. haha!

Anyway we are in our motorhome full time, it is a 2000 Monaco Diplomat. For more room it has two slides. Yesterday we had a great time. We put all the awnings in, retracted the slides, raised the jacks, unhooked the water, elect and sewer and moved to Rainbow Springs. This is a lovely repeat park. We enjoyed it a few weeks ago.

This park is unusual for a State park because it has full hook ups for RV’s.  Anyway we have moved, but as always our address stays the same. We have a mail service in Eustis, Florida that takes care of all correspondence for us.


The fun came in because of a call from our son, Jack. He was on the road from Tennessee to Daytona. Naturally when Sherry heard that, she said, ‘we are having Lunch with jack in Daytona’. That is fine with me. Once the RV was set up at Rainbow we took the TOAD (RV slang for the Towed vehicle, ours is a 2004 Odyssey) . Jack is always such a joy, so we drove 200 miles to say hi and have lunch. Yeah it was worth it, even at $3.65 a gallon.

I just wanted to say to anyone who drops by the LOG, thanks. We are into living life, as some folks say, in our AUTUMN.  Yeah our kids and grand kids think we are old. LOL


(They think the one on the left was our first car, and the one on the right will be our last!)

I noticed just off  I-75, a car museum that we must visit, it is in Ocala, ‘Carlings Museum’ I think.  Anyone been there? Looks like a good day trip.


Well we are off to see Mz. Sadie. A senior who needs some bathroom work.  Will report on that later.

Thanks again for coming this way, YOU ARE NICE!

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From our picture window of the world, near South Bend, Indiana. Below is the beautiful 1935 Stude used in “The Color Purple”, at the Beautiful Studebaker Museum in South Bend.



BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for being you....Love to you and Sherri from the high country....
PS....there are full hook-ups at New River.....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So good to hear you got to visit with your son. I'd say that was definitely worth any gas money you had to put out. Sorry you missed seeing me on the beach. I was the one with the large floppy hat on. ha ha! When I was shopping yesterday I did find a lamp that is called a HAPPY LIGHT. Supposed to make you feel like you are out in the sunshine anyway and that does make me HAPPY. I have it sitting right here on my desk and almost feel like I need to put my sunglasses on! Hope you are able to help with the bathroom work. Wishing you both a happy Thursday!

Cindi said...

Just stopping by to say hello! Son + lunch + 200 miles = WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT! glad u had a good time!

Anonymous said...

that's the thing I loved about our motorhome...toss off all the shore lines and you're ready to go! Once when a hurricane was headed toward Corpus Christ...I had us completely ready to roll in about 15 minutes...did the same thing when I was bit by fireants at Eglin AFB in Florida and had an allergic reaction. Didn't have a TOAD then I think I managed that pack up in about 5 minutes with my throat and ears swelling shut! always happy when the campers are on the move! don't you just love mail services when you're on the road!

Paula said...

Just thought of something. With your mail service you can kind of let the bills slide can't you? Oh and you don't have as many bills as we do probably. No house taxes, no electric, water, gas. Probably expensives I don't even know about too, huh? Going that far to have lunch would be something I would do at the drop of a hat.

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack and Sherry! I'm so far behind with blogging I'll never get caught up. Had a rough week last week - but - Because of prayer and faith by so many others, my blood work yesterday was all the best it has been since the start of chemo. I am very happy about that. Plus - I woke up this morning feeling better than I have for a full week. Eating better too. Tell Jack Jr that he needs to stop by here anytime he is in the area. Give him our number - just tell him to leave a message and we will call him back. O.K.? Love you two special friends very much.

Jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry glad you got to have lunch with your son, yes I would have done the same. We're having some more rainy messy weather here today. I think I would love the life living in a motor home traveling around not much house work to do. Lol. The only trouble I couldn’t drive one. Lol. Grover hasn't drove much in years I don't think he trust himself driving. I’m just dreading the day that I get that away. I’m sure it will be if I live that long . Take care. Jean

Cher' Shots said...

There is a part of me that is so intrigued by your lifestyle of travel! But then there is another part of me that likes to just settle down and stay close to home.
'love & hugs from afar'


Your life style is full of wonder to those of us who just stay at home, instead of on the road. You are living your dream. It's fantastic you got to see your son today. What's 200 miles or the cost of gas when you can do that. SERIOUSLY. I spent the day on the beach with MA on her blog. It was delightful. LOL Take care.

Anonymous said...

It is not letting me comment again.

I have had 2 leave the screen.


Louis la Vache said...

After Packards, Studebakers are «Louis'» favorite cars - so he especially enjoyed this post!

Lucy said...

For you ans Sherry, your life style ,suits you. If Joe and I did that he would probably drop me off in some far away place because I would be backseat driving way to much. Glad you got to have lunch with your son.

Anonymous said...

I definitely need to thank you 2 more than you need to thank me.
So glad about lunch with Jack. Worth it at any cost.~Mary

Rose said...

Love,love those cars!

Hugs, Rose

Ken Riches said...

Love the Studebaker pictures, it is a great museum.