Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday with Sadie

We ate with the Colonel today. then came home for an hour. We gave Sadie time to have dinner and get eveything done.

We started a bout 3 and quit at 7.

SURPRISE! As in most remodel or repair jobs there is always the unexpected. Today was no exception. The newly manufactured wall tiles are 1/8” smaller than the original tiles. This causes a slight problem, the grout lines do not line up, so it looks like a ‘bad’ tile job if I continue as normal. It also leaves 5/8” gap in the tile. Which means you need a tile saw which I do not have.

today take 007

(I didn’t think about taking a picture until after Sherry and I had filled the tub with tools.Also in the picture is my other birthday present, the wet/dry vac, the red Milwaukee is there too.)

I have jury rigged my Makita saw with an abrasive blade to cut for the faucet set and short pieces at the end of the runs.

Anyway I decided to go with a 5/8” gap BETWEEN the tiles, there fore breaking up the fact that the vertical grout lines do not match.

We will put some kind of color or decorative strip there.

So it is done, faucets and drain installed, 99% of tile in and nearly ready for grout.

I am tired.

Hope you have a good evening and thanks for coming buy the LOG.

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scan1982-84 033 - Copy

My first work truck. 1953 Chev p/u  I do not remember why the truck is backed into the woods for a picture. Maybe that little pine had fallen on it. I loved the old truck. It hauled me and Grandsons Ben and Corey around a lot.


Paula said...

Its looking great. Mel was such a doityourselfer and we bought an old house for $4,000. I know everytime he got ready to remodel something there would be an unexpected surprise but like you he always figured out something to make it look nice.

Anonymous said...

you done good!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it looks great. I can imagine you were tired, but a good tired as you were doing something you love to do. It's Monday morning so I'm a little late in commenting on your post. Hope you both have a wonderful day there!


You put in a hard day of work. It is looking GREAT. Sadie is going to be sooo happy. Rest up. You have another day to tackle tommorrow. Take care.

Lucy said...

Compared to my bath it looks super great. In fact I can't see anything wrong. Of course , you are like Joe, even the slightest tilt and he is bound to make it as right as can be.