Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1945… Burlington, NC The RED BOX

Miss Cherry was my first grade teacher. I got in trouble quite regular and became quite familiar with that stool in the corner.  That was before they knew that it could ruin our self esteem to be called out or punished. I DO NOT remember a pointed hat with dunce written on it as I see in pictures, but the stool? Yeah, little Jackie knew about that.

No red cars in  1945, BUT

:The 1946 Triumph 1800 Roadster

Something I did not know about was the red box with a ribbon on the top and a slit in the top. It appeared on Mrs. Cherry’s desk sometimes after Christmas. No explanation was given, it just sat there for a couple weeks. In due time Mrs. Cherry asked if we all knew what Valentines Day meant?

1968 TR250

Her explanation as I remember was that it was a day to show folks we cared for them. That day she turned the box around and it had a beautiful Heart shape on it, She said, “This is our Valentine box. for anyone in the class that you want to send a valentine to, get your mama to help you write their names on the card, but you can write your own name now, so I will expect your name at the bottom.


Valentines day we will have a little party and give out the Valentines. I will have a memo graph list of the class for each of you!  WOW!

25 people in the class and 25 cents would buy everyone a card. Most of us done that.  We hadn’t developed the attitude, “I don’t like George or Hattie” yet.

That was exciting, we made valentines for our mothers and of course mother said you must give Miss Cherry one.

Later of course Valentines Day became more interesting when I learned what a valentine really was.

All thru grade school that valentine box was exciting. TODAY AS A SENIOR and with the internet, I can wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. There comes a little sorrow with age, because so many have lost their true Valentine over the years. But Ahhhhh how nice the memories must be.

Right now, young love is easy for me to remember, how amazing, how my heart soared. How light my head would get and how I floated on to my house, after walking my baby back home!

So love to you all, What a wonderful time of the year. LOVE IS IN THE AIR.

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In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted.


RED cars for Valentines Day!




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Leave it to you to have red cars for Valentines day. I love your memories of Ms. Cherry and the valentines box. Yes, I do have some wonderful memories of Valentines past. Too many people in my life have passed away, but loving is what makes life worth living. Still I have some wonderful family and friends that I care about. Love is in the air...3 things remain and the greatest of these is love. HAPPY VALENTINES to you both today. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Paula said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Jack and Sherry. My first teacher was Miss Winnie and we had the decorated valentine box with a slit to put in cards to our c lassmates.

Jean said...

My fist grade teacher was Mrs. Darrell and she was also my 4th grade teacher. I always loved a party at school that meant no class for about a half hour. Lol.
Yes everyone got a Valentine if we couldn't afford to buy them we love to get hand made ones. I just happen to think I better go make Grover one. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

LOVE the red cars and a Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sherry!

shirl72 said...

Beautiful red cars.. Hope you and Sherry had a wonderful Valentine
Day. When I opened my door this
morning I had a note and box of
candy from neighbors. Brooks the
teenager is into that. I was given
present and taken out to Lunch.



What a wonderful story about school, your teacher, friends and Valentines. The red cars are sweet. We have only owned one red one, throughout the years. Didn't want to let the day go by without wishing you and your sweetie, A very Happy Valentine's Day. ENJOY! Take care.

Louis la Vache said...

What a fantastic (and eclectic) selection of cars!
«Louis» has always liked those Triumph TR-4s. He noticed the Triumph TR-3s in the background of that photo. When «Louis» was in high school, he traded his trombone to a retired professional trombone player for the trombone players' 1955 Triumph TR-2! When it ran, it was a lot of fun, but the Lucas electrics on it were notoriously unreliable and you never knew if it would run or not - or if it DID run, if it would continue to do so!

Sheila Y said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sherry! I am enjoying the stories from my fellow bloggers today. Hope you had a great day. Take care, Sheila

PS. We've had a red RX-7, a red mustang, and counting his latest truck, Rick has had 3 red trucks...if a wine or burgundy color counts I had one that color too.

Anonymous said...

I am having such a hard time believing that you regularly got in trouble.
Not. ~Mary

Rose said...

Red cars for Valentine's Day....only you would think of something so special.

Love all the photos....wish I had one of those red beauties!

Hugs, Rose