Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When it rains



As an adult, I have at times got upset when it rained.  Say, if we had planned a tent camping trip, or some outside activities or I was scheduled to pour a concrete footer or slab. Yep, I have even gotten mad at the weather man especially when he had not predicted it.  Sure, I know it is silly.


Ever watched children in the summer when it rains?  (Mostly boys, girls sometimes don’t like mud and wet). But I see cartoons showing kids in mud puddles (I still call them that even if they are on pavement!) . You probably have watched them yourselves.  We were behind a lady who had her son (5yrs) walking into the grocery store. He would go out of his way to step in every puddle he came to. Mama succeeded in pulling him past a few, but not many.  What is it that draws kids to puddles?

(Sherry and I were  walking and singing ‘Just walking in the Rain’ lately)


I have said I never minding Mondays, in a blog entry. As a child I loved the thunder storms and showers. Lightning thrilled me. I loved a warm rain, thunder and loved to ride my bike thru mud holes. I learned fairly quick that isn’t a great idea if you do not have a back fender. Without a fender your whole back catches the thrown mud. OUCH, your mama notices that sort of thing, NC RED mud even resists Clorox.


(I remember this so well!)

It was also so much fun to sit on the porch and watch it rain, in the summer, and smell the freshness in the air. In a good fast down pour I have even tried to swim in the ditches.


(Are they having fun? you Bet!)

I floated little home made boats down the cement gutters in town. In the last few years sections of the country have suffered severe drought, Then when it rained you heard, Thank the Lord for the Rain. I do not remember any ‘rain games’, just the enjoyment of being out in it.


But then after the rain, this is my favoite rainbow shot of my treasure at rainbow’s end at out pier on Lake Dora:


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Iowa muddy road

(One looks like fun the other does not!)


Anonymous said...

This is what would happen to my Mom and Dad when they traveled between Norfolk, VA and Purdy, VA (Route 58) back in the dark ages (in Dad's Roosevelt or Willys-Knight)! The little towns inbetween had the only pavement!

Loved the rain...when I was a kid in rural VA afternoon thunderstorms after temps over 100 were the best. We had an L shaped back porch, the L formed the perfect place for cascades of water...so my sister and I got to go out and stand on the rocks and take showers...most kids today DO NOT have a clue!

I bet your NC red clay wasn't any redder than the red clay in northwestern Greensville County (VA), my Mom and I hated white socks, her because I always got mine filthy and me cause I got to use the scrub board and Octagon soap to try to get the stain out. It was easier to go barefooted, except I was always stepping on something (or in something) LOL!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems like summertime rains are much better than the winter ones. We've had an over abundance of rain here in Ohio this past year. I do know about rain and the damper it can put on things, but then we'd rather be on the plus side than the minus side. No drought conditions for us. Now it's really getting cold out here so we'll be having some flakes instead of drops for the next few days. Hopefully nothing that will cause me to get out the shovel.

~mel said...

I just love a good summer rain. To this day I will still go out and play in it ~ but now I use the excuse of my Grandloves to go out with me. We run around silly and jump in puddles. I can't have people thinking I'm a little crazy going out in it by myself. Thanks for conjuring up some good memories.

Anonymous said...

For two days now in a row I got incredible wet by rain falling for nearly the whole days; yet way too alluring to remain inside.

Please have you all a good Wednesday.

shirl72 said...

Rain gives me a good excuse not
to do yard work or go shopping.
Makes for a relaxing day. Helps
water the garden in the Summer.
We have had our share this month.
I am ready for it to dry up some.


Fred Alton said...

This post reminded me of a little ditty I used to sing to Frances that I learned from my Dad (I think). You may have heard it too...but I'm surprised you didn't mention it. "Courtin in the rain. Courtin in the rain. I never knew what courtin was til I courted in the rain!" ☻

Paula said...

I used to be disappointed when I had something planned and it rained but I've learned to appreciate rain more since connecting with John and his cattle.Like all your rainy pictures. We used to have a very large mud puddle at the end of our street that we played in when I was young and we never got sick. We called it our swimming pool since our town didn't have one.

Anonymous said...

We liked to stand on the porch and catch the rain in containers as it poured from the roof.


LOVED the smell of an approaching storm. As a child I loved thunder storms, rain gently falling and the clap, crash and boom of lightning. THRILLED me too, Jack. But that rainbow when it was all over, really made my day. Take care.