Thursday, February 23, 2012

We moved again, yeah I know, what is new?

Well for one thing, this year we have been close to good friends a couple weeks out of every month.  That is new. Usually we do not know anyone in the RV Park. So when we arrived, Evelyn came over and invited us over for supper. I have mentioned Evelyn and Don several times, they are from our town of Belmont. Sherry and Evelyn graduated in the same class.

When they get together the HS Year books come out and they start saying do you remember so and so.  At our age they have lost several of their class mates. They go thru the obits and usually know someone from Belmont every month.


(Pictures are from a Turkish Flea Market)

One of our favorite pastimes here in Florida is flea markets or yard sales. Plenty of times I have found just what I needed. When I started working for Sadie, I knew I would need a tile saw, or at least a tile cutter. So I had hoped to run across a cheap one. When Sadie said she would also like to have a grab bar, I said I would need some wood for backing to secure the bar. So Sadie’s daughter took me to the scrap pile and we found an old broken wooden ironing board, perfect for the backing. I looked down and there on the ground rusting was a tile cutter. I knew I could clean it up enough to use. It worked.


(Nuts for sale)

There is something sorta divine, about a thing like that, what are the odds of finding a tool, exactly what you need, lying in a scrap pile rusting? It is not an expensive tool, but necessary when working with ceramic tile. Every thing fell in place for the job.


(All flea mkts have food!)

Anyway I got off subject for a moment. We plan to go to Webster with Don and Evelyn, a flea market famous for having over 4,000 vendors, I haven’t made my wish list yet, but I am thinking haha!


I have been to flea markets in Jamaica, Haiti, Italy and Spain.  My first Flea market ever was in Istanbul, Turkey (1957).  I believe that is the one that gave flea Markets their name. HA!


(My meerschaum pipe bought at the flea market, yeah, I quit smoking and lost my hair, mmmm)

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1954 Kaiser Manhattan


If I am not mistaken, Kaiser left the Automotive industry and went Medical. My Brother owned one and liked it.


Paula said...

A very nice picture. So lucky you found the tile cutter.Glad you stopped smoking. John smoked for years and has stopped for years.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great that you have your friends there! That should make the flea market even all the more enjoyable. You may even have to make more than one day out of it with all those vendors. More snow here this morning but it melted off by noon and now they say tomorrow night we'll get some more. Have fun and enjoy your visit with friends!

Anonymous said...

Don and I use to go to "swap meets" in Arizona...same thing as a flea market! We'd also check out base thrift stores. He always wanted me to buy new clothes...I found some really good deals though at the thrift stores! Haven't been to a garage sale since back in the dark ages when I'd go with my ex MIL (now deceased). Now I check out eBay too!

Anonymous said...

No thanks on the nuts for sale.
I am nuts enough already ;).
You moved? It would actually be news if you didn't move...~Mary

Ken Riches said...


Bookncoffee said...

Happy Flea Marketing! We love those.. Just end up doing more yard sales than anything.

Louis la Vache said...

This version of the Kaiser car was designed by Brooks Stevens who later did the '62 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk. Stevens' original of this body design was introduced in 1951. One of the problems the Kaiser cars had was they were always underpowered. They used a six cylinder engine built by Continental. Kaiser fitted a supercharger to the '54 Manhattans, but the V8 race was in full swing by '54 and Kaiser was left, so to speak, in the dust. Although Kaiser had tremendous resources, he never fed enough capital to his auto operations to be truly competitive. The Kaiser-Fraser cars were launched at the close of WWII in a plant that had been used (if memory serves correctly) to build airplanes. Henry J. Kaiser had his hand in many things: shipyards, steel, concrete, cars... He started the Kaiser Permanente Health Organization primarily to benefit his workers. The first Kaiser hospital was in Richmond, CA near the Kaiser shipyards that built Liberty and Victory ships on WWII. Kaiser once said that Kaiser Permanente would outlast all of his other operations, and that has proven to be the truth. Some disagree, but «Louis» thinks that the Kaiser health operations are among the best.

shirl72 said...

Billie and I went to The Bargin
Store today. I love to get
things on sale. Remember what
a flea market we had with our things. People could not believe
it was one persons thought it was a neighbor sale.

Hope you have fun at the flea market.



I would think I died and went to heaven. I love seeing what I can find. A flea market with over 4,000vendors. My goodness how long would it take to navigate that? You better start early. LOL ENJOY!. Take care.

Lucy said...

My brother in law owned a Kaiser. Have been trying to remember the name of that car. Thanks for the memory nudge. DD and I decided if she has a sin room or a sun room she can grow cool flowers most all winter, if she knew what winter was. You have a really interesting post. That is a lot of nuts.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I just jumped over from Blueridge bloomer, you have such an interesting blog. How wonderful to be able to travel like you do. I look forward to following you! I have lived in Florida my whole life and never been to Websters, but plan to soon,thanks for reminding me! Elizabeth

~mel said...

I read you post and now I'm craving nuts ~ thanks buddy :) ... Wowza! on the pic ~ what a head of hair!! I used to smoke and quit and my hair didn't fall out..hahahahaha - it just smells better.

I think you're right on with the divine intervention by finding anything and everything to help you with your project. Good people are awarded that way :)

Love from the frozen tundra! Send me some sunshine!!!

Helen said...

Strange that you found to do that job in the trash pile. I used to love to go to yard sales.

Lindie said...

Don't want to turn your head but I bet you turned a lot of females heads when you were smoking that pipe!

Rose said...

I love flea markets.............

I, too stopped smoking in 2007. The hardest thing I ever did. An addiction is terrible.

Hugs, Rose