Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yard Sales, Tag Sales & Garage Sales

(I was surprised, Louis, was the only that referred to the catalog as Monkey Wards!!!)

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I have mentioned before that Saturday is our entertainment day. YARD SALES. No matter where we are if it is nice we try to get a biscuit at Hardees, Carl’s Jr, or a local breakfast place. A couple weeks ago I picked a place called the Cotillion, here in Wildwood.  Of course the d├ęcor was old South.  Nice, places and silver ware and what they labeled as Georgia Ice cream (was cheese grits).


Anyway as I type this I am interrupting every sentence or two to get a ‘Tom e Toe’, for you that don’t know that is a cherry tomato.  I bought a quart of them for $3 at the farmers market. I also have a glass of milk and some crackers.

I picked up two small glasses. I am so ashamed, Sis Shirl gave me a beautiful set of glasses, with antique cars on them, I just broke the last one, it was the 1957 Chevy.  They are just the size I like.


(One too many yard sales)

Down South, folks have to specify NO EARLY BIRDS, or folks will be there at day light! They normally close at noon down south, up north they stick it out until later in the day.

Sherry got her a great leather adjustable office chair. I think I will store the chair it replaces, in the back of the van until we get back to NC and put it in perm storage. I also found a new folding cup holder and a couple of good books.


As they say, you go to a few yard sales, and before the day is over you will probably find something you just cannot live without.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Observations on Growing Older

** Everything takes a little longer, hurts a little stronger, turns out a little "wronger"...

** It's harder to tell navy from black.
** Everything old is new again, but if you wore it before, you're too old to wear it the second time around.



(What I would like to drive to the Yard sales.

1956 Hawk


Anonymous said...

I want a word with the parents of that little boy...

I'm not a real fan of garage sale items, but the people shopping are always very interesting.

Paula said...

Is that a casket I see? Me, my brother, and friends used to have lots of fun having yard sales under my carport. My street was so busy we didn't even have to advertise. It was more like a party/get-together with stuff to eat.


I knew you could buy coffins at Walmarts and Costco. But I must admit I NEVER saw one at a garage sale, before. And I've been to quite a few. LOL Went thrifting today and bought a few interesting things myself. Don't you just LOVE getting a bargin?

shirl72 said...

Well all I have to go is go downstairs and I can find anything.
Just think about what we sold
in our yard sale. People thought
it was a neighbor sale.

Bill M. wants us to come and see
the 56 Hawk He bought and had it
repainted. He said he was working
under the hood and heard a noise
and it was the radio the tubes
had warmed up. He said it was a beauty. We will have to make the trip up to the Lake.


Fred Alton said...

Oh My! A casket at a yard sale? Really? Maybe I could have saved about $10,000 there. But what they told us - it's the cost of opening the grave, transporting the body, rental of the tent, rental of the chapel (what's happened to the church?)and many other hidden charges. So sorry you broke that juice glass. I know that feeling.

That Studebaker Hawk was once a dream of mine. Wanted one so bad - but of course I could not afford it at that time. Come to think of it, I bet it's too expensive for me to buy one now. ☻

Anonymous said...

great post...good looking tom.e.toes!

Sheila Y said...

I had one garage sale in I just take it to goodwill or have some other charity pick it up. Throw me a few of those tomatoes...Take care, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yard sales are wonderful. I've not been to one in quite a while...It's winter here so nothing like that goes on but do visit the thrift stores now and then looking for a bargain. I really don't need anything here but do need to get rid of a lot. Your cherry tomatoes sound like a great snack. Good for you too! Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one !

Ally Lifewithally said...

Garage sales are great ~ and if ever we see one on our travels we always stop to have a look ~ Ally x

Lucy said...

I must admit I loved all the pictures but the casket sort of threw me. We never see those at yard sales here. Observation On growing older, You are right on. When you get to my blog please scroll all the way down. Beautiful but I don't want it. You and Sherry will know how lucky you are to be where you are.

Louis la Vache said...

Ah! A Studebaker Power Hawk - fitted with the Studebaker 289 cu. in. V-8. It was a fast car.
The '56 Golden Hawks were fitted with the 352 cu. in. Packard V-8 and were the fastest production car of 1956.

Rose said...

I don't remember the last time I've been to a yard sale. I should go to one this weekend. I remember I used to enjoy them.

Hugs, Rose