Friday, February 17, 2012

Once upon a time

I built a complete house by my self, digging the foundation by hand on to nailing the roof cap. I was a builder, once upon a time.


Once upon a time the scent of lumber was one of my biggest thrills, Back then a house built by J. Darnell was known to be built well.  Once upon a time I could build a house on a hand shake and no money change hands until the attorney finished the closing.


Once upon a time a lady sat in our house and said, “I have looked at your house plans, I want this one, built on Powerline Ave, but I do not have a down payment.” Once upon a time I said, I said, is 90 days soon enough? As long as the interior colors meet my approval, you pick the light fixtures, floor covering and cabinet style and colors, I will do the rest. If you like the house and the bank likes us, we will give it a try.  100_5165

It all worked out and she got the house. Years later she would say to me, I cannot believe you did that. Three builders refused to talk to me, without a down payment. My answer to her, It was no gamble, I knew you picked a good floor plan. You saved me the trouble of picking light fixtures, appliances, floor coverings etc. You made my job easier. That was the truth. I knew the house would have sold easily, she had good tastes.

Now? There are times I feel useless. Being deaf sometimes I get to feeling sorry for myself. But I try to shake that off. I volunteer when I can to assist folks. Now I have met Sadie. A wonderful lady of 80. She has a good home, but the upkeep hurts her. She has a bathroom that needs replacing.

When we told her we could do the job, she said, ‘I need to know the cost.’ Of course we said nothing. She tear’d up and said,’I don’t feel right not paying something, I have paid my way  all my life, this is the first time anyone has offered to do something like this.’ I laughed and said, ‘Sadie, lets wait until we finish to see if you are still that thankful.’ hahaha. We delivered the bathtub, tile and plumbing stuff last night. We started this morning. This lady is a Florida farm girl, a jewel with a million dollar smile. The smile reminds Sherry and me of my recently deceased sister Kat.

We will keep you  updated on our progress. Thanks for coming by this way.

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Every great man was thought to be insane before he changed the world. Some never changed the world. They were just insane.



I ran across this picture, it looks like a 1959/60 Buick, but not sure. I just liked it.(Louis will probably tell me! Dat guy is smart on cars!)



I remember my parents house being built. Most exciting moment in their lives. And at the time, mine too. We got to pick out the tile, fixtures, lights, vanities, appliances, etc. So much fun. You are one in a million Jack. Sadie sounds like a real sweetheart. Good Luck to you all. Take care.

Anonymous said...

good looking houses you've built...Don and I built one...mostly by ourselves, a neighbor built the cinderblock nephew did a lot of the wiring and helped with shingling the roof...Don and I did everything else. It was hard work, but a lot of fun...creating something from the ground up! When it's done we stepped back and took a look and said WOW we did that!

Paula said...

That is such a nice thing you and Sherry are doing. Sadie is going to appreciate it sooo much. It will be fun for us here to follow along.

shirl72 said...

YOu didn't show the beautiful
Condo I am living in.

That is so nice to help Sadie.
I know she is thankful for
someone who cares. When we get olded we get pushed aside. Will
be glad to follow progress.


Jean said...

What A nice thing you're doing for Sadie. The homes you've built are all lovely homes. I look forward to your pictures. Take care. Jean

Lucy said...

Jack, you and Sherry are great, giving people. I know what it is like not to be able to afford a bathtub that if I have knee surgery I can get in and out of. I have a son that could do things like that for us,but he is to busy. Ron does enough. I know Sadie will appreciate it.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» thanks you for the "tip o' th' hat" about his knowledge of cars...
That is a 1959 Buick.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When you said you were doing a little bathroom work, I thought maybe some plumbing work like a clogged drain but here you are doing the whole bathroom. It is a blessing to be able to help someone like that. Take care and don't work too hard!

Anonymous said...

What thoughtful entry. Once upon a time I used to work with my dad in the garden, back than I did not kow that I would miss it today. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Rose said...

You are such an AMAZING person! The world would be such a better place if there were more people like you and you lovely wife in it.

I love all the homes you have built.

Hugs, Rose