Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday was a good day

Cars of beauty:

 Most folk that know me know this would be my lifetime favorite, the 1955 Chevy, their first V8 to compete with Ford for take off and speed.

But this '34 Ford, before my time, would be my pick for a toy to drive around on Sunday Afternoon

Entry for Monday:

McDonalds is open. We made our regular (used to be) trip  for a half biscuit with jelly and coffee before church. We had a good church service about ½ regular attendants.

Afterward we checked on our roofers, they needed an hour to finish so we took a quick trip to see one of my heroes who is also Sherry’s brother Vernon. It hurts to see a vibrant man in his late 80’s who could run 35 miles a few years ago; and did hundreds of jumps as a paratrooper, lying listless. He acknowledged us being there with a lot of effort. He has given up, refuses any meds and doctors. I get it, but it is hard. His family will be there for support until the end. It is still tough on Sherry, all of her life he has been her hero. I never knew anyone with a bad word about Vernon. Sherry is handling it ‘fairly well’ knowing him and his determination to do things his way and cause the least waves possible.

We then went back to pay the roofers for a good job in such a short time.

Then we drove a few miles across Charlotte to visit Josh & Megan and their kids Rose Mary and the newest dude, Oliver Jack.  He is 3 weeks old and of course a cutie.

Josh & Meg bought a home lately and he wanted me to look at some things on the ‘Inspection Report’. There is nothing on the report that would reflect a structural danger, easing his mind.

I did hook up the water to the ice maker and got it making ice, they B happy ‘bout that.

Great visit ending a very full day. Hope Y’All are well and safe. Us ole folks was beat!


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betty said...

Wow, you did have a full day Jack! Congrats to the family on the new addition!! I like the name Oliver! So sorry to hear about Vernon; prayers for the family during this time!!

Glad to see a McDonald's open for sitting I'm thinking?? Ours haven't yet here. Our church has yet to reopen so I'm not sure what the attendance would be. It is slated to reopen August 2nd.


Dar said...

Our sincerest prayers for Sherry as she accepts her brother's decisions. I'm sure it's difficult. My prayers for you also, Sherry and Jack. A new addition to the family is comforting, especially with such a strong name as Oliver Jack. It's wonderful you got to actually sit inside the church walls for scripture and prayers. Our church doors are still closed. You got to share your biscuit again. You did have a busy but lovely day. Glad the roofers did a fine job. As for your choice in cars, I'm right there with you. If I had my drothers, however, it would be a 55 Chevy truck full of flowers. You have a wonderful week. It's going to be in the 80's for us.
loven'hugs from our north central WI countryside where it's raining and I didn't get the garden weeded yet.....oh dear, it's going to be quite a job but Bill will help. At least his garden is looking good.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with Darla - some people are just ready to go and it is his decision. I have another gal whose husband is suffering so much and can't give up. I don't know what is the right answer.
Sounds like you made the rounds - sounds like a nice day.

Mevely317 said...

I'm very sorry to learn about Vernon! What a strong-willed soul, living and dying on his own terms. And then, a new life! I love that name, Oliver Jack. But what? No pictures? Owing to its tiny size, our church doors will have to remain closed for the time being … yet, Pastor Janet's going to hold services this coming Sunday out back in the gardens. Have lawn chair, will pray!

Susan Kane said...

OUr churches are still virtual and we have not been for a long time.

McD is still drive through only, which is fine since we never ate there anyway.

I am sorry about Vernon's death. A paratrooper in WW2?
Keep well, safe. Calif. is more restrictive in quarantine and it is wearing on everyone. Us included.

yaya said...

So sorry about Sherry's brother. That has to be hard for her and for him. Prayers and hugs to you guys. You did have a full of ups and downs but you manage to find good in it too. Enjoy your week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for sure ! Glad you got to get out and visit family . They are so very important. Will keep Vernon in my prayers. Not easy to see anyone give up. But sometimes you have to let go and let God. He does take care of the impossible.