Sunday, June 21, 2020

After a death and more of Stormy


Cars of beauty:

1967 Dodge 1/4 ton Pickup didn't get off the drawing board, but should have, I could like that


For Sunday’s stuff:

First I want to thank you for Sherry & myself for the comments, all sweet and all appreciated. Final arrangements are weird now during this pandemic. This is the time no one envies the family once they have stood in their shoes. We have been there way too often in our 80+ years. The decisions immediate and later paperwork. The Doctor bills, the costs at the funeral home. Then there is retirement source and Social security to be taken care of.

Back to more mundane interests. I think I have hit on the food problem. Following some suggestions from you guys I  added some milk to moisten the  food and it seemed to do the trick. Anyway, it worked today.

The mystery of Stormy’s injured face and neck. Sherry had seen this yesterday, I did not see it until today. The swelling is practically gone. Like the bubble had burst or was burst. And now she has about 3 square inches of bare skin from her cheek down onto her neck.

This is a shot of Stormy's face & throat side, not a great shot. I is nasty  but shows the sore where the swelling burst (red) and the strange thing of fur missing. Strange, she seems not to notice. But they did like the food with milk added. The other kitties are at another bowl.


I am beat, our home here is rock and vinyl siding. I washed most of the vinyl in the last two days. And Sherry raked and cleaned the picnic area. We have been preparing for Sherece’s Birthday and a Father’s day get together today. We will order from Texas Road house. Sherece’s choice.

Wishing you the best,

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Woody said...

Wishing you a Happy Father's Day and a good gathering of the Family ! We are just sitting inside, been very Hot and Humid and hard to Breathe for me till about 7PM when I can go outside! Sad when we lose Family members, We went to Burial Last Saturday and yesterday for My Honeys Aunt and then an Uncle ! Stay well, Sending down Love and warm wishs ! Gary an Anna Mae

NanaDiana said...

Happy Father's Day, Jack! I just know you were a good dad! When I saw that 'truck' come up I thought -well, I don't ever remember seeing anything like that--and then read on to know why I didn't see anything like that.

That poor kitty-It sure looks raw and awful. The sad thing is she can't lick it and I know that cats often lick their wounds to help them heal...or maybe it's a good thing considering how bad the wound.

I hope you have a great Texas Roadhouse meal. We haven't been out to eat in months! However, I have certainly not lost any weight---I cook way too much at home. xo Diana

Chatty Crone said...

I wish you could take Stormy to the vet!
Happy Father's Day to you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Father's Day. Hope you all have a wonderful get together. Sounds very good. And Happy Birther to Shereace. She did good on picking out the meal. Hope the new kitty food is good for all the cats. Should help Stormy too. It might be a good time to get her in to vet. That doesn't look so good at all. Poor kitty.

Mevely317 said...

Happy Father's Day to you … and Happy Birthday, Sherece!
Ouch! That wound looks mighty angry; but glad to hear Stormy doesn't seem in too much pain and they're taking the milk. I know y'all will keep an eye out that it won't become infected, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to have a vet look at her?

Glenda said...

"Happy Father's Day, Jack, Sr., Jack, Jr. and Mark Darnell". Y'all have some beautiful and awesome kiddos, "Happy Birthday" to Sherece, she's beautiful and by all accounts, the best Mommy in the world to angelic Stella. It makes me so happy to see the Facebook Posts and of course, the pics on your Blog. Sherry sounds as if she's bearing the loss of Vernon very well ~ we know she's a trooper 'par extraordinaire'. Sending love on behalf of the Conrads from Missouri and Florida. David Luke, his grandson Eli, wife Holly, MIL "Mimi" surprised me at Church in the Woods today. It was a thrill to see them and made me so happy!!! Love and warm, virtual hugs from Chobee; all y'all are in my thoughts and prayers, Love you so much, Glenda

betty said...

Happy Father's Day Jack! Lots of work you did but glad you will have a family gathering today! Glad the milk was the secret ingredient to get the kitties to eat. Poor Stormy. Looks like a nasty injury she sustained.


yaya said...

Happy Father's Day Jack. I hope it's a good day with family. I know what you're talking about with final things that need to be done with the passing of a loved one. We're going through that now and thankfully Mom was very well prepared with her final wishes and funeral. Poor Stormy! Looks like she was in a bad cat fight and I think that needs a Vet visit if you can get her to cooperate!