Saturday, June 6, 2020

People do get old

 Cars of beauty:

 Grandson Josh sent me this one he shot when out and and about. It is a beauty it is between 1929-32 model Roadster.  great car. (Some old man and his sweetheart remembering times past)

This jewel was sent by Lisa, She and Nick saw this at the beach lately, An Older Caddy converted to a camper. neat. I bet that rides good!

For Sunday:

As my brother Junior got older (Not as old as I am now) but reached the age he needed some help he bought one of those chairs that with the press of a button will raise you from a sitting position to standing.

I have heard a lot of old folks tales, like looking for your glasses while you are wearing them. Forgetting why you went into a room, etc.

Well as the Saturday progressed I was waxing the motor home. I began to sweat removed my hearing devices. You hearing folk would be surprised how easy you get used to NO NOISE. I have removed them a lot lately.

Sherry was out in the swing on the phone. I was going over to sit with her when she got off the phone. I glanced over every few minutes and as long as her hands were moving I knew she was still talking.

So when she was off the phone I joined her and we visited in our favorite spot, the swing.

Later I said I am going to gather up my stuff and put it away and go in. She walked by the motor home and picked up my hat. “I said be careful, my hearing devices are in that hat. She brought it over looking confused the hat was empty.  I started back to look and realized they were already attached to my head.

Needless to say my girl got a good laugh at this old deaf man. I reminded her it was not nice to laugh at old folk.

Back to Junior’s new chair. I said, “Hey Junior, Uncle Hisure has one and was in it when the power wet off.”

“Ain’t funny Jackie, ain’t funny!”

June is gone now and I miss him. I sure would like to hear him again. He was a good older brother and the most successful business men in our family.

If we live long enough, we get old. I think I made it. LOL


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Woody said...

Morning, well,first, you are not old, you are like a fine wine or cheese, you just got aged to be better, my Mother in Law is 87 and doing great, my girl friend in the nursing home just turned 99 years old, walks un assisted, hears well, can read a paperbook book in a day, eats well, loves fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes and likes to hear me sing "The Old Rugged Cross" and "some Johnny Cash songs, You Chief are like a fine aged bottle of Rum, May you cork stay tight, your bottle never run dry and Anchor never run afoul ! Sending down love from the North ! Gary an Anna Mae !

NanaDiana said...

I guess I never really thought about being in a power lift chair if the power went out. NOT good...except for a laugh at someone's expense. lol
Smiling to myself about the hearing aids. I figured you put them in when you went to sit and chat a bit with Sherry.
Hope you two have a great Sunday. Pretty quiet (and cool) here today. Hugs- Diana

betty said...

Lol with the hearing aids. Good to have a reason to laugh! And good to laugh at ourselves! Age is just a number. You aren't old Jack!


Susie said...

Jack, I love this post. It fun to laugh at ourselves. We can all get old but let's not think old. Blessings to you and Sherry. xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

Oh, that's funny about Junior and the lift chair! And you! ... thinking they were still in the hat. Imagine the look on Sherry's face!
Tom's been having a dickens of a time with his aids. Long over-due for another one-on-one with his VA audiologist, but I think he's weary of all docs right now. Happy Sunday!

Chatty Crone said...

Funny about the hearing aides and the chairs - gotta laugh. And yes we are growing old - the only way to keep growing is getting old! lol

Lisa said...

I have an ear that is almost deaf due to the Tinnitus and Meniere's. Though never diagnosed with Meniere's I have every symptom from vertigo, to Pressure to now the deafness. Even with a diagnosis, there is no cure. BUT, I have to say, I find it comfortable at times from not being able to hear sounds. Especially at night. I just turn my head one way and there is silence. Other times I get frustrated when I cant hear someone talking to me.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yws, we all get old, no choice about ir. I've been guilty of ooking for my glasses and on my finding them on my head. . We just have to remember to keep laughing at ourselves. We're not really old till we stop laughing.I think.