Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Living on a Florida lake

Cars of beauty:

 1969 GTO, the Judge!

Entry for Wednesday (Posted early because we hope to be on the road first thing in the AM):

I thought I wanted to live on a lake. A few years we went searching for a place. We found a nice senior community in Tavares Florida and we bought a Trailer on Lake Dora.

WE had a 70ft (socket) pier. A socket is a U shape at the end that allows disembarking either side of your boat.

Son Mark brought his boat down for us to use until we got what we wanted, and later bought. It was an older pontoon boat.

Florida lakes I am familiar with are fairly shallow from 4 feet to 20 feet on average. I didn’t realize that allows for large waves quick in the wind.

At times I thought this one would jump out of the water.

After a few months I felt sorry for the boat, it was getting beat. The HOA did not allow lifts and boat houses saying it deprived the interior residents of a lake view. I watched the boats do this, pulling against lines and wearing the boat ties. I signed on knowing the HOA rules, so I did not complain, just hurt for the boats.  The HOA also did not allow for renting or leasing your property, so we sold when we decided we had more fun on the road. LOL

I am thinking it would be better to be on a canal rather than on the lake proper, in Florida. Not that we will be looking at either this time.

Now I did enjoy the sunrises and Morhens that shared our pier and boat.

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Susan Kane said...

A canal, a small river, but never a lake!

I am more of a mountain girl, myself.

Woody said...

Good Article, We lived and rented on Canals in Florida when we were there and got crazy and moved back to New York State !!!! Canals are OK IF they are deep enough and get a good inflo and out flo to flush them out, I fished every day ! I think that is why I liked Okeechobee and Buckhead Ridge ! Take Care you to and good Luck Home Hunting ! Love from up North, Gary an Anna Mae !

Dar said...

We never lived on a lake, river or canal but we do love our cabin on the creek. It can be walked for trout fishing, but we have never ever seen anything afloat on it. I've wondered if the small kayak's could traverse it safely being narrow and full of areas of overhead brush. Hmmmm. Now I wonder!
It's blistering hot out so we spend a lot of time either on the deck at the cross-wind or in the cabin that instantly feels cool as a/c with the thick logs. Have a beautiful 4th staying safe and healthy.
loven'hugs from up north where we help make hay while the hot sun shines.

Lisa said...

I would love to live anywhere near water. It would bother me too to see the boats taking a beating.
I could not help but think about the alligators while I read this post. Did you see many of those?

Take the scenic rout.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The views would be nice on a lake, but since you've already tried that, I'm wondering just what you are looking for. Maybe the perfect camping spot for the winter? I saw a few of those when I was at my sons house. Hope you show us what you are looking at on your trip.

Mevely317 said...

Wow on that dock! That photo looks more like the Gulf than a lake! I think Tom still misses being able to walk out his back door in New Port Richey and fish from his pier. (They were off Trouble Creek Road, on Swallowtail -- maybe Mark knows where that's at?) I recall back in the 1900's (LOL) seeing some nice canal properties in Punta Gorda. Exciting times! I'm looking forward to peeking over your shoulders in future posts!

Chatty Crone said...

I too would hate to see boats taking a beating. Well you got your ocean experience and now you know more of what you like and don't like. A learning experience!

betty said...

Beautiful sunsets there! I am not sure I would actually like to live close on water; in the neighborhood of it but not directly on it. Safe travels!


Rick Watson said...

My column that I turned in today was about being close to the water.