Thursday, July 2, 2020

Well we are here but why are we here?

Cars of beauty: Yeah, another Edsel

Thursday’s stuff:

First to answer 2 questions:

Why are we here?....We are looking for a place with 2-3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, preferably a trailer (for tax purposes). I would love one on a canal, but must keep in mind what Woody said about flow, depth and cleanliness.  Most likely we will not find anything in our budget on the water.

Did we have Alligators when we lived on on Lake Dora?

 YES we had alligators close to our pier often. WE had a sea wall but neighbors with no seawall had gators in their yards.


We left a couple days’ worth of food for the cats (Michelle, our neighbor, will be back today.) She feeds the cats better than I. We left Belmont, NC at about 6AM. I drove straight thru stopping for fuel and two rest stops. It is about 530 miles. We arrived at around 4PM, and only got lost once. It is fun getting lost in a town with 55 feet of vehicle that cannot back up. We saw some new places in Brunswick Georgia. LOL

Many more RV’ers are here than I expected. Wildwood will be our base. Today we are on our way to Sebring, FL.  We will be doing a lot of talking on our drive and down time. The question in both our minds is…. WHAT DO WE REALLY WANT TO DO?

We sure enjoyed the drive down. BTW we were not stopped driving into Florida, although there was a SIGN COVID 19 CHECK POINT



But no one was there traffic passed at 60-80 mph going south.



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Susie said...

My brother in law used to live in Sebring. Have fun while there, but please be safe. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Dar said...

You really do love your Edsels. Me too...classy car. I'm glad your point A to B went smoothly. I do wonder too, what do you really want to do ? I know it will involve travel as long as you can, but are you comfortable with settling in one spot?....I think not. You two kids continue to follow your hearts as long as you stay safe and healthy. Alligators? No thanks. We have black bear, wolves, cougar as our least favorites. Love the deer tho.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun is bearing down on us again. You'd think it was July! Stay safe and healthy!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you find what you are looking for. I have friends that winter over every year and stay in a mobile home park while they are there. They love it.

Woody said...

I enjoyed the fact it was a smooth trip down. You will be near "The Villages", I think offhand there are 25 to 30 people I know, lot of relatives who go there or did during the winter and also Lady Lake area. , some have bought houses and some have Rental Contracts, My Friend from School lives in Ocala on her farm. I don't like the Villages, too many people in too small an area. But it is full of "Swingers" ! Keep us all Posted as to What's Up ! Good Luck in your Hunt, I am trying to Talk My Honey into another Florida Trip this coming Winter but will depend on some issues going on !! Take Care, your in our Prayers, Wear Your "Masks" ! Love, Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

Lots of time to talk and think about what you might want to do and where you might want to settle. Just be safe down there!



stay safe. enjoy your weekend. happy 4th of july

Lisa said...

I think a trailer would be a good medium for you two. It would be a cross between a house and the RV and you love birds can stay close and comfy.

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