Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I met a Copper head!

Yesterday I went about my task of ridding our trees of ivy. The kittens went too, and since I had a phone (that my sweetheart insisted I keep ) I took some pics. Now if I can get them transferred to this system I will post them.
Just minutes later, i reached thru the ivy  and felt a sting.  Oh no, methinks, BEES! but then something moved in the ivy, twas a small 18"-2' copperhead. I killed it  and immediately the little finger began to throb, uh-oh!!!
Long story, I called Sherry who was visiting old school friends. We spent 7 hours in the emergency room.
I am okay will be missing here maybe for  a couple days.  1 finger /1 hand is too much trouble typing lol
see u soon.
Fortunately the pain is less than I expected today! I'm good. But y'all watch 'em snakes, they cannot be trusted.

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Mevely317 said...

Oh dear God! I'm shaking, Jack. Thank God for Sherry's and the docs' speedy response. Don't worry about trying to type ... we'll be right here holding the two of you in our thoughts and prayers!

Susie said...

Hey...what the heck. you better wear leather boots and long gloves. or let that trail blazing go till winter. Buy the time you pay for meds and ER's...you could hire that done. LOL...that's what I tell Teddy. Oh just can't help myself. Please take care. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

betty said...

Oh my goodness Jack!! What a story you will have to tell your grands and great grandchildren but how scary!! Glad you will be okay!! Take care of yourself!


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my - you got bit by a copperhead - thank goodness it was little - I bet it hurt big. Glad you got help right away. Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woody said...

Good Grief Jack, sorry to hear about the "Snake Bite", Glad you had your Phone with you and you get ahold of Sherry ! Take it easy, Rest, we are keeping you in Thoughts and Prayers ! Love from New York !
Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

Oh wow! Thats so scary! I’m so glad to read that you are ok and recovering...Now that your ok...It is a pretty cool story.

Stay safe