Friday, July 3, 2020

Answer to Why are we here?

Cars of beauty:


WE will drive down to see Mark, Janie (granddog) and their house. Hopefully find a place to eat and celebrate quietly.
For Saturday’s (The 4th of July) stuff:
We are here for the fun of it, just to be somewhere else I guess.  That seems to be my lifestyle, I still love it. In this state alone we have lived in Key West2-4 yrs, Tavares 2-3 years and Deltona 2-3 years.  We traveled during that time also. We lived in Key West when I was in the USN.  We are pretty familiar with Florida, it is a pretty state and most of all, for my sweetheart, it is warmer in the winter.

But lemme tell you, it gets COOL/COLD in northern Florida in the winter and you need some medium heavy clothes on some days/nights. When I was aboard ship in the USN and we pulled into Jax in January and we were required to wear summer uniforms, it was C-Cold, with that wind coming off the water. We had over 5000 men on that ship and the only way to call home was a bank of pay phones. There was always a line of guys with pockets full of change.

At this time in our lives maybe Sebring is a little too far south. We would like to get a place close to a day’s drive back to NC where most of the family lives, in cases of emergency.
So far we have had only one emergency that we felt we needed to be there NOW. Jack Jr was in an accident with the twins in a van and Stephen was in a coma from a head injury. We drove the car to Tampa and took a plane. We were in Charlotte within 4 hours of hearing.
Stephen came out of the coma and did well. He now manages a Music and Arts store in Knoxville, TN.

Traveling full time always has the ‘possibilities’ of ‘feeling needed’ back at a home base at inconvenient times. We assisted a couple in Alaska while the husband flew back to the states for his brother’s funeral.  Another friend was in Germany and his wife died unexpectedly over there. Life got complicated.
But until we depart this life, LIFE GOES ON, Roses and Thorns, good and bad. But really we are in Florida this week, just for the FUN OF IT.
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Woody said...

Have a Great Fun 4th of July, Enjoy yourselves and God Bless America !
Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

Got to enjoy life while we are still living! Seems like you and Sherry are living that motto too! Enjoy the 4th with your family Jack!!


Mevely317 said...

Well, that sounds like a perfectly acceptable reason! (*smile*) Maybe on account we're not free to roam about the country right now, it makes me want to do so even more. While I claim to LOVE cold weather, there's nothing fun about being on the water when the wind starts up. Heck, returning from so many years in the desert, I'm still reaching for my hoodie on rainy days -- in the middle of summer!

Dar said...

Sometimes we just have to do things ' just for the fun of it.' I'm glad you can do that too. All celebrations are on hold except the one's in our hearts. Stay safe while there with Mark and Janie. I love the old red and blue pickup with the flag in the box. God Bless America.~!!!
loven'hugs from our very hot north central WI where it's topped 94 today.
Stay cool, healthy and safe.


you don't need a reason to be spontaneous and just do whatever. happy 4th of july weekend. enjoy.

Lisa said...

The most fun trips are the ones for no reason but to enjoy life.
Happy Fourth of July Weekend. Hope you continue having fun!